Crossing Zebras Episode 52

We’re back! After the aural car crash that was Episode 51, we attempt to strip things back to basics this time round and get the train back on track. By this point, Jeg and Xander have given up trying to keep HVAC away so he joins the show as the official third host of the show and there’s plenty for the three of us to discuss. Despite HVAC being desperate to be considered a permanent host, there was some in the CFC who weren’t as keen and we open the show discussing this little bit of meta nonsense with it’s successful resolution courtesy of Mittens. Conversation then goes on through the recent CSM9 dev blog, the upcoming Winter Summit which Xander will be attending, the launch of Proteus on TQ and some developments in the 0.0 meta. Plenty to get through… Crossing Zebras Episode 52.mp3 video_games_outer_space_planets_EVE_Online_Drake_Proteus_1280x800 (0:07) Introductions Meta Nonsense – We discuss some ‘awkwardness’ in a situation that recently developed where for a short while, it appeared that CFC personnel were not allowed to work at CZ until The Mittani steps in with some clarification… CSM9 Dev Blog – This dev blog has caused some interesting discussion. You should go read it before hearing what Xander has to say on the matter. Winter Summit – Conversation naturally rolls into discussing the upcoming Winter Summit. (32:16) Proteus – The latest Eve update is now live on TQ and we discuss what it brings… (55:17) 0.0 Meta – Some of the 0.0 power players are stirring and we look at who may be heading where in the coming weeks and months. What We Are Up To In Game Shoutouts Please consider donating to Thomas’ Bucket List GoFundMe page to get the dude to Fanfest and thanks to everyone who has done so already! Keep on RTing us on twitter (@midi2304@jeg_elsker and @HVACRepairman), telling your corpies and friends about us and posting reviews on iTunes! We hugely appreciate you spreading the word. You can subscribe to the podcast and post reviews here: You can subscribe to the Crossing Zebras YouTube channel here: This episode’s playlist is as follows: 5 Seconds of Summer – What I Like About You Mike Mago & Dragonette – Outlines Madeon feat. Kyan – You’re On
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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • Alphax45

    Great show as always gang. So glad to see you give Thomas bucket list thing a shout out. Wish I could go to FF to shake his hand and buy him a pint. I did give and try to get the word out. Please give my best when you meet him (Xander). Can I get a shout out on the next show please? I think you kinda know who I am (I don’t want to say I’m a “big guy” in the game by any means but I try to be active on the social (Reddit, FB, Twitter) side. Thanks and fly safe 🙂

  • Speedy

    Regarding Sion’s situation.

    I get the impression that perhaps CCP doesn’t trust at least some of CSM to keep to the NDA?

    • xanderphoena

      I have zero issue with Sion’s ability to not breach the NDA if that is what you are inferring.

  • Liner Xiandra

    Poort show regarding csm devblog. You go straight past the issues raised by Sion and instead of trying to get some objective discussion on it (difficult, granted as you’re sort included in it) it is waved away as campaigning PR or worse. Quite a different CZ from your CSM interviews 2 years ago.

    • xanderphoena

      I’m confused by this comment. My interviews from two years ago were done because I was staunchly positive about the CSM process as a whole. I still am (with caveats).

      Sion is clearly less positive about the process atm and that’s fine. He has his perspective and I have mine. It’s not a case of ‘brushing by’ it’s a case that I disagree and I explained why on the show. It’s absolutely fine for two people on one CSM to have a different opinion on how things are. I certainly wasn’t going to speak on Sion’s behalf or put words in his mouth when he has already explained his position.

  • Peach Tea

    First off, nice episode. Just for a bit of clarification – certain members of the CFC in the past have been stopped after asking their superiors for permission to write for EveNews24. That’s a fact.

    I really honestly can’t blame them. As a volunteer for the site, I have seen how its really been branded in a negative way by a lot of folks. There are A LOT of reasons for this too! Mostly due to a lack of internal process (which has been addressed) and a rush to get things pushed to the front page of the site before some of the editorial guys could have a chance to look at an article by a bunch of horrible writers. The results were shit article after shit article (I hate to say that but its true). It would drive some of the editorial guys crazy!

    Yep. It would happen all the time and it sucked. This pissed a lot of volunteers off in the process as you can imagine. Many of which left for other websites or quit writing completely.

    Needless to say, EveNews24 has turned around a lot in the past few months. Issues have been corrected, new writers have been writing a lot of great stuff, new forums are going on, traffic has been increasing, and the future looks positive for a change.

    In closing, I’d like to say anyone is welcome to write for EveNews24. The door is open for anyone who wishes to do so from any corporation, alliance, or coalition.

    • xanderphoena

      PeachTea what’s your in game name? Like to chat to you more about this off the record.

      • Peach Tea

        You can message “Sif Danger” if you have any questions.

    • Niden

      “…have been stopped after asking their superiors for permission to write for EveNews24.”

      This is utterly alien to me. I would never dream of asking anyone’s permission to do anything outside of the client and when not specifically representing my corp or alliance, neither would anyone I choose to fly with dream of telling me what I can and cannot do when it comes to contributing to the community. And if they did, I’d tell them to fuck off, to be blunt. Nor would I ever try to stop anyone in my corp or alliance from writing for an EVE media/community site even if it was run by my worst enemy in-game. Ever. I would never confuse my in-game allegiances with those IRL, nor would I ever allow any such in-game ties to dictate what I can and cannot write about as an EVE journalist.

      There is a point beyond which you’re no longer part of your space empire and just a person that likes EVE and wants to write/talk/make videos about it, why do some people seem to have difficulty in seeing that line? We had a massive discussion here on CZ with the editors of TMC, EN24 and CZ (back when Marc Scaurus used to have my job of EiC) about ethics where we touched on the subject. Sadly, the thoughts expressed in those CZ Minutes (which were massive!) are not shared by some people.

  • Akrasjel Lanate

    lol and if they have cloak…

  • petwatch

    Is ‘some in the CFC’ code for Goons?

    I love the line ‘they’re allies not pets’ is still rolled out despite the fact it’s pretty clear that senior people in Goons feel it is within their rights to tell so-called allies to boot their friends over some petty grudges they hold with websites.

    Are Goons lead by 14 year old high-school girl cliques?

  • Midknightdragon
    Lost in Eve is back online and has been well before this episode came out. Just an fyi