Crossing Zebras Episode 48

And we’re back! Jeg was supposed to be on but got sidelined by his better half leaving Xander to hold things down with trusty lieutenant HVAC Repairman and new member to the CZ team, PL’s finest, Oh Takashawa. Coming straight off the back of the first CSM9 Summit, there’s plenty to get through so we waste no time in discussing and bickering over null at large, sov, power projection, ship rebalancing and the spate of recent bannings both CODE and Titan-bumping related. And a reminder that one listener to this episode is going to win three PLEX courtesy of Eve Bet by simply explaining in the comments below what they would most and least like to see in the CSM9 Summer Summit Minutes. Get writing! Crossing Zebras Episode 48.mp3 hulk-mission-mining-2 (0:32) Introductions CSM9 Summer Summit / nullsec – We take a varied and winding path in the first part of this episode of the podcast discussing the CSM, 0.0, sov, power projection and ship rebalancing. It gets a wee bit heated at points… (56:10) Bannings – CCP have carried out two controversial sets of bannings in recent weeks. The first was a group of players taking part in actions considered by CCP to be ‘harassment’ with some connected to Erotica 1’s infamous ‘Bonus Room’, the other banned for a recent Titan bumping incident. We discuss the consistency involved in the application of the rules by CCP What We Are Up To In Game Shoutouts Eve Bet Competition – As mentioned above YOU could win three PLEX simply by explaining below what you would most like and most fear to see in the CSM9 Summer Summit Minutes! The winner will be announced on CZ49. Keep on RTing us on twitter (@midi2304 and @jeg_elsker), telling your corpies and friends about us and posting reviews on iTunes! We hugely appreciate you spreading the word. You can subscribe to the podcast and post reviews here: This episode’s playlist is as follows: 5 Seconds of Summer – She Looks So Perfect Childish Gambino – 3005
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Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.