Crossing Zebras Episode 48

And we’re back! Jeg was supposed to be on but got sidelined by his better half leaving Xander to hold things down with trusty lieutenant HVAC Repairman and new member to the CZ team, PL’s finest, Oh Takashawa. Coming straight off the back of the first CSM9 Summit, there’s plenty to get through so we waste no time in discussing and bickering over null at large, sov, power projection, ship rebalancing and the spate of recent bannings both CODE and Titan-bumping related. And a reminder that one listener to this episode is going to win three PLEX courtesy of Eve Bet by simply explaining in the comments below what they would most and least like to see in the CSM9 Summer Summit Minutes. Get writing! Crossing Zebras Episode 48.mp3 hulk-mission-mining-2 (0:32) Introductions CSM9 Summer Summit / nullsec – We take a varied and winding path in the first part of this episode of the podcast discussing the CSM, 0.0, sov, power projection and ship rebalancing. It gets a wee bit heated at points… (56:10) Bannings – CCP have carried out two controversial sets of bannings in recent weeks. The first was a group of players taking part in actions considered by CCP to be ‘harassment’ with some connected to Erotica 1’s infamous ‘Bonus Room’, the other banned for a recent Titan bumping incident. We discuss the consistency involved in the application of the rules by CCP What We Are Up To In Game Shoutouts Eve Bet Competition – As mentioned above YOU could win three PLEX simply by explaining below what you would most like and most fear to see in the CSM9 Summer Summit Minutes! The winner will be announced on CZ49. Keep on RTing us on twitter (@midi2304 and @jeg_elsker), telling your corpies and friends about us and posting reviews on iTunes! We hugely appreciate you spreading the word. You can subscribe to the podcast and post reviews here: This episode’s playlist is as follows: 5 Seconds of Summer – She Looks So Perfect Childish Gambino – 3005
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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • Allawa Phantom

    i like the sov changes the most i least like the banning/ fixing of the titan bumping exploit it should be allowed after all its a “Sandbox”

  • Carlos Gallifreyan

    I want to read in the summit minutes, as close as Xander and the rest of the CSM and CCP can skirt the NDA, what was discussed about Null Sec that excited them so much and why, and to hold nothing back (again, caveat of the NDA skirting) concerning the input specific CSM members had on that discussion for voting in CSM 10, as it may apply should people run again. Comments from Xander Phoena, Mike Azariah, and CCP_LeeLoo have hinted that it is paradigm shifting. There’s really no words that can adequately express how much the community is looking forward to changes of that nature.

    The things I’d like to see least are anything like very specific changes to modules or ships that can influence the markets. While I understand it’d be beneficial to me as someone who makes a good portion of my ISK trading, I think speculation on things that can make entrenched marketeers even more wealthy than they already are should be kept to a minimum until the changes actually hit SiSi and Tranq, to keep everyone who plays the market on as level a playing field for as long as possible.

  • Gigan Amilupar

    For the thing I am most interested to see in the minutes, I would have to say the sov discussions. Specifically how CCP wants to make sov more open to small groups. Ideally I would like to see a sov with brush fires everywhere as opposed to just big coalitions slamming against one another (the biggest reason I will not go to null until I things have changed is because I don’t feel there is any local independence to be had, I’d simply be another +1 in large fleets).

    For what I want to see the least, I would have to say any art sessions covered. While it is great that CCP is developing new code to allow greater access to modifying ship appearance (see this devblog: ) most of the assets and the like that the art team develop never make it to the servers (i.e. UI concepts shown in panels from previous fanfests). While I love what does get implemented such as the new mordus ships and the coming cloaking effect, it’s not really worth looking at until new assets are guaranteed to hit tranq.

  • Asa Stenier-Tian

    I would like to see great changes in sov, mostly to break the impetus of forming massive coalitions. I hope this means that new alliances and corps would then be able to claim at least a small area in null, but would have to work hard to keep it.

    I fear the introduction of destructible stations, due to the mentioned burning of Providence for example, but also this creating an unstoppable advantage for those powerful enough to hold their stations.

    I would like for an alliance or corp to be easily able to hold one system easily, and have increased penalties for more systems held. This does not mean an afk corp will be able to hold sov, daily interaction would be needed. I am imagining that each alliance/coalitions would hold about 1/5th of their current sov. Therefore isk earning opportunities would have to be increased, perhaps in number of opportunities but not in straight isk amount.

  • Ambo

    Most like to see in the minutes: CCP have had a crack team working in secret for the past 4 years on making the server-side code multi-threaded/multi-process and soon, server resources will be allocated dynamically based on load.
    Least like to see in the minutes: CCP have decided that what they really need to do is diversify, so they’ve started work on a ‘revolutionary’ MMO based on brand new IP.

    Also: good show, keep it up. 🙂

  • Kat Ayclism

    Only listened for the Childish Gambino at the end. Gib monei

    • Forlorn Wongraven


  • Niden

    This is what happens when you put 3 massive-ego loudmouths in one room o

    • OhTakashawa

      Majesty is what happens.

    • Pew Pew

      Yeah I couldn’t listen to this after a while. These guests just talk over each other and Xander to say things like “I haven’t thought about what sov should look like I just want change”.

      Which is ridiculous.

      Also their whole “I would love to burn providence just because it would be funny. Null bears are so lame.” attitude sucks. They are the biggest bears of all, they are members of the biggest coalitions there have ever been.

  • Markus Wittner

    What I’d like to see from the minutes? The minutes themselves before the next meeting.

  • Max

    What I’d like to see: “We’re going to fix [feature] because [reasons] with [possible solution] because it might work out.” .

    What I’d not like to see: “We’re not going to touch [feature] at all because it disadvantages [some group].” or “… [some group] has a solution so it’s not an issue for the rest of the playerbase.” which was the response to fleet pings iirc.

  • OSX989

    in game: OSX989

    As I was listening to this week’s episode, specifically the null/lowsec. I kept thinking about Ratting and Combat site running and this is what I came up with in terms of fear. One of the coolest/scariest things I could think of would be a multi pirate faction combat site in null/lowsec. This pirate site would have pirate capitals. A new pirate titan that would also be apart of this site. and just crazy amounts of all kinds of ships. Frigates, Cruisers, BS, carriers, and capitals. It would be Guiristas-Blood Raiders-Sanshas. a Site that would have all possible combinations of pirate factions spread across new Eden. I guess it would be more or less entertaining to me as i do not do a whole lot of pvp yet and mostly run missions and combat sites for quick cash

    that’s the kind of shit I day dreamed about during this episode. idk if it will count or not for the plex giveaway thing. But I figured I would share.

  • Saint Michael’s Soul

    Well that was a fairly shouty podcast, but a good listen. I’d happily listen to that same group argue after 5 pints each 🙂

    The single item that I would most like to see in the minutes is a solution to corp permissions nightmare. Personally I’d like to be able to see, as the CEO of a corp, every single asset, hangar and station in space, in the form of a tree, logically rolled up, that would allow me to create roles based on permissions I select from this tree. If you imagine the tree working much like a file-explorer, with each node being clickable to display all the types of access available for that node and to expand the nodes to see what’s below them. It would become easy to view what access people had by selecting a role (which would expand and highlight the tree to indicate what access was granted by that role) and indeed to create roles simply and securely.

    The item I really don’t want to see in the minutes is a big suggested nerf to jump ranges. The problem in null is that people (huge fleets) can cross the map very quickly, NOT that the jumps can take you a long way. I live in Null but am by no means an expert (yes, yes I know “STFU” says Mittens). A creative solution needs to be found to the issue, not just nerfing titans (and to a lesser extent BLOPS BSes). Something like the inability to jump into OR over enemy sov, but only to a system within an initial buffer zone of that sov, until objectives were completed by subcap fleets having to travel gate->gate to enable the jump of caps further infield into that sov territory (quite separately to cyno inhibition). The size of this buffer zone would be a small percentage of the number of systems held in that are, rounded up to the nearest whole number. I’m not suggesting this is the solution (and god knows its half-baked and uninformed), but it would mean that deploying to somewhere would require the systems were cleared en-route, that sub-cap fleets would have to be employed alongside the inevitable wrecking ball, in order to get that ball where it needed to go. Formed correctly it would seriously help the “cross the entirety of Eve in 20 minutes with 1000 carriers” ..or at have the potential to make peoples routes a hell of a lot more inventive and circuitous.

  • eveisunreal

    “I don’t follow the CSM that closely”

    Immediately proceeds to rage about a lack of a CSM schedule. Not actual content, a schedule.

    • OhTakashawa

      You don’t have to follow the ins and outs of the CSM to know they usually publish a summit schedule, and have never failed to do so. Unexplained departure from normal behavior should be noticed by even a casual observer, like me.

  • ToAlReb

    As a long time player that is awful at this game, but still enjoys it and wants to see it grow I most want to see stuff on the new player experience. The long term requires new blood, and the people I’ve have introduced the game to find it to confusing. Maybe that says something about my friends.
    Least want to see? Discussion on more staff cut backs at CCP. Not sure if they would even discuss that with the CSM.

    Great show and as long as you make then I will be listening!

  • I have to agree with a lot of people here (and on Reddit for that matter) – what I’d like to see the most are nullsec discussions – i.e. “your move CCP”. What we have now is pretty much the Cold War equivalent in New Eden where megablocks are not willing to change status quo in any larger way. At the same time, it is increasingly harder for newer people to get into null without joining an existing Alliance (some people would like to remain independent). I’m afraid nothing will happen in this respect until CCP changes stuff themselves.

    I wouldn’t like to see any further emphasis into the new player experience. So far I know CCP’s trying to implement a cool unified notification system (not that anything’s wrong with the one we have) to that end, but seriously, Eve is not *that* hard if one’s willing to actually read up. This never was and never will be an easy game for the masses – I have played only played for 2 months and sometimes I feel like I know more than 1-year old players. People’s behaviour and WoW-style expectations need to change, not Eve.

    o7, Victor Orzhov in-game.

  • alan shroue

    I would like to see a clear road map for the future of Null sec sovereignty mechanics on how it could possibly change over the next few years. So the pubbie renters can throw off the shackles of the renter Over-landlords, as a few will be able to hold space against many.

    I would not like to see knee jerk reactions, to the greater problem of fleet X+1 beats fleet X. So really I’m saying I don’t want logi’s to be nerfed, changed yes but not made redundant.

  • Dr. Dranch

    For the Minutes, I would like to see a few things.

    First and foremost are the Sovereignty changes. Specifically I’d like to see some sort of move to incorporate a system that rewards occupancy but doesn’t require it, a situation in which you would have to be down to a total of 3 brain cells to not occupy and stay active in that territory.

    Secondly, if we’re going to delve into the bag of caltrops that is Sov, I think it would be nice to read something that provides a more clear timeline for rework of POS code, mainly because I don’t expect there to be any fleshed out plans or working models of improvement at this time.

    The final thing I would like to see is if some kind of marketing discussion took place and members of the CSM told CCP that 80% of the time their streams come off as poorly done. If they (CCP) want EVE to have a fanbase that increases via the Alliance Tournament and the NEO, they need to put a bit more effort into the production and promotion of their product.

  • MannyBothans

    Hi, I am Manny Bothans. In regards to the questions posted by you contest and what I would like to see and not see in the CSM Summit minutes:
    What I would like to see in the notes is some of, NOT ALL OF, the null-sec discussion. Now I am quite aware that most of that information is in NDA Purgatory destined not to see the light of day till it is no longer relevant. But I would like to see some of the input provided by my elected representatives, even if it’s just stuff CCP said straight up no to. What I do not want to see is pages upon pages of color commentary about irrelevant things like what you had for lunch. If the subject MUST be discussed please shorthand it so I dont have to skip through several lines of text and possibly miss something that I may find important. “We had lunch and Xander cracked a funny joke about your momma and how she looks like a titan sticking out of a POS shield” That would be an acceptable way of going over something like that. Well there’s my two cents, for what it’s worth. Great show guys!

  • Hornbori

    Please, your banter sucks. Just discuss Eve.

  • Rens

    Please, please don’t let the PL guy back. I LOVE PL. This guy just love the sound of his own voice.

  • High Drag Lover

    Just got finished listening to this episode. Had a hard time following who was saying what as each of the panelists talked over one another. Listen to High Drag if you want a podcast which is both informative and where the participants are care about their audience – not just being heard.

  • Ajo

    I know this is an old podcast but I just wanna say that banning people for things that happen out of game isn’t what CCCP should be doing.

    They can ban people for trying to get people to do things IRL if they do so ingame but everything that happens on some voip server is none of their business.

  • Sticker Jim

    Funny how many people didn’t like this cast. I enjoyed it. 3 informed and articulate (mostly) people who had explanations or justification for their opinions. Very refreshing from the null-sheep “you mad bro” losers whos primary response is “duh, go die in a fire”. As a high sec indy player, I certainly didn’t agree with all their opinions, but I enjoyed listening to the discussion.