Crossing Zebras Episode 43

It’s been a busy old week for Xander as he gets his first seven days of being a CSM under way in the wake of Fanfest 2014 while also negotiating a move for Zebra Corp in the light of recent events at an alliance level. Unfortunately, Jeg is still down and out because of real life but we have guests in the form of two of the very best podcast hosts out there. First up from new kid on the block Legacy of a Capsuleer, we have Tyrant Scorn who already has stamped his place in the podcasting scene with some great work during the CSM9 election. Next up we have the Godfather of Eve podcasting, former host of Lost in Eve, founder of the CFC alliance Li3 Federation and now plying his trade over at Eve Overheated, Jadecougar. And there’s plenty to get through this week from the first week of CSM9 and the actual STV results themselves, the collapse of both Gents and L3F with the formation of new CFC alliance The Bastion, the concept of burnout through Eve and the recent departures of a a number of high level staff from CCP. Two hours of  everything you wanted to know about Eve Online but were afraid to ask awaits! Crossing Zebras Epis..> Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 07.34.42 (0:32) Introductions CSM/CSM9/Election Results – In part one, we discuss a variety of CSM topics including CSM9’s first week, the recently released STV code from the CSM9 election, the poor turnout and what can/should be done to combat this in the future (42:05) Gents/L3F/The Bastion – Gents and L3F are both in the process of disbanding within the CFC and some of the corps from each are forming a new alliance under The Mittani named The Bastion. We talk about the loss of two big CFC alliances and what The Bastion means and could be Burnout – This leads nicely onto a question asked my one of our listeners, Esha Amphal. on the concept of burnout, something that Jade has spoken about extensively before (1:23:19) CCP Departures – In the past few days, we have had confirmation that both CCP Dolan and CCP Bro are to leave CCP. This follows some other high profile departures from the company including Unifex, Soundwave, Sreegs and Navigator. Is this a trend? Should Eve players be concerned or is this part of the natural churn of a software development company? What We Are Up To In Game Shoutouts – You guys are reaping the rewards of our awesome news sponsors with some amazing weekly columns. Show your support by pointing your browser to Eve Bet and having a wee flutter! Spring Fling – Mangala has been doing amazing work organising the Crossing Zebras Spring Fling FFA in Hysera this Saturday, 17th May. We have thousands of free ships to give out as well as countless prizes courtesy of many donations, most notably, our sponsors Eve Bet. Make sure you are there for what is guaranteed to be a fun event. Full details here Keep on RTing us on twitter (@midi2304 and @jeg_elsker), telling your corpies and friends about us and posting reviews on iTunes! We hugely appreciate you spreading the word. You can subscribe to the podcast and post reviews here: This episode’s playlist is as follows: Conchita Wurst – Rise Like A Phoenix Foxes – Holding Onto Heaven Zedd feat. Foxes – Clarity
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Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • draekas .

    Terrific show.. I was crying by the end of part two. LOL

  • Saint

    This is the single funniest podcast you’ve done. Genuinely hysterical at times and a great dynamic between the three of you.

  • Forlorn Wongraven

    The middle section was pretty much an attempt to adulate three rotten shells of former semi-decent/ decent alliances. At some point people should simply accept facts and looking at some lists from former glory really doesn’t help.

  • Yeah, it was a good show. I am happy it’s been so well received.

  • NoizyGamer

    I agree that just telling people they have to vote doesn’t work to increase turnout. People need something to vote for. I’ll admit that I probably would have just ignored the election entirely if I didn’t want to see some low sec representation on the CSM. As it is, any content I put on my blog for the election was more because I was supposed to do it more than I wanted to publish anything on the subject.

    Xander, since you were one of the outside people keeping a close watch on the CSM, perhaps you can answer a question. What do you think were the 5 biggest accomplishments of CSM 8? I’m really curious to know.

  • Sticker Jim

    Isn’t the other guest that “red” guy that was kicked off podside? That guys says in 10 minutes what could be said in 30 seconds and I rarely can follow what the hell he’s saying, mostly because he usually has no clue what he’s talking about. Thankfully, his podcast is mentioned so I can easily avoid it.