Crossing Zebras Episode 34


Time for a HUGE episode of Crossing Zebras in which Xander and Jeg announce a brave new future for the site. Strap yourself in because it is going to get a little bumpy… As well as a couple of massive announcements for the site (not going to spoil them here – listen in!), we also talk World of Darkness layoffs, the CSM Summer Summit minutes (I know, right?), the New Eden Open II, CCP’s Advent Calendar and the recent Gentleman’s Agreement deployment.

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CZ Announcement Part One – Not going to spoil this one here but it’s a biggie and we want to hear all your feedback on it once you have listened in!


CZ Announcement Part Two – And while Part One may be a little contentious, I’d imagine you are all going to be VERY excited about this announcement. I know Jeg and I are…

World of Darkness layoffs – CCP has announced some layoffs from the World of Darkness team based out of Atlanta. Here’s some conjecture about what that could mean for the future of the game


CSM8 Summer Summit minutes – We recorded on 13th December and the Summer Summit minutes still aren’t in the players’ hands. We have some very choice words to say about this situation

New Eden Open II – CCP has officially announced the second New Eden Open. We discuss some of the changes to the format and rules for the event in March

CCP Advent Calendar – CCP are getting into the spirit of Christmas by giving players lots of free stuff! You can get yours here

Gentleman’s Agreement deployment ends – Gents deployment to the Kalevala Expanse to fight with EMP has now come to an end. We discuss what went right and what went wrong

What We Are Up To In Game

Shoutouts – Our new sponsor has a very cool new roulette feature on the site. Should you be the gambling type, now would be a good time to go check it out – At last you can get your own Crossing Zebras merchandise! The guys over at have done some amazing custom artwork t-shirts for us so I highly recommend going and checking them out and get yourself kitted out in the coolest clobber in all of Eve Online!

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This episode’s playlist is as follows:

Blue – One Love

Awolnation – Sail

London Grammar – Strong

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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • Poetic Stanziel

    DIIIIIEEEEEE!!! Sell-out fuckers!!!!!!!!!

    • Poetic Stanziel

      (Of course, if you’ve read my series of #CZBreakingNews tweets, you’ll know my real feelings on this turn of events.)

  • Poetic Stanziel

    Awolnation is not a boy band. Is this one of the new changes with CZ? Music worth listening to?

    • Jeg_Elsker

      I for one would welcome that as a permanent change! NO MOAR BOYBANDS!!

  • blackhuey

    Another cracking episode lads. Literally got me almost looking forward to the gardening, and got me through the front hedges, edges and mowing without wanting to kill myself.
    Interested in your comments on the GENTS “strong independent woman” deployment – do you feel that on balance it was good for the alliance?

  • Tubrug1

    I, for one, welcome our new Eve-Bet overlords.

  • HVAC Repairman

    watch out tmdc i am coming for you

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    A transparent ploy to get into PL

    • Forlorn Wongraven

      No, both Xander and Jeg are way too low on skillpoints to actually enjoy PL.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        To be fair I’ve been in fleet with Xander so I can see your point.

      • Jeg_Elsker

        wait, you actually fly shit in PL? I thought most of you dudes just talked spaceships, or have I been doing it wrong.

  • HugeGnards


  • Yugo Reventlov

    I think 2.5 minutes of talking about “the new features of eve-bet” (read: a 2.5 minute commercial) is a bit much when compared to – for example – Declarations of War. In DoW it’s already a 20 second cringe when they mention their sponsors, but 2.5 minutes?? I guess I will have to fast forward them.

    I hope you at least get more ISK out of it than DoW does 😉

    Besides this sidenote, I have no problems in you guys getting some sponsorship if it helps you create more content.

    • Jeg_Elsker

      Hopefully they wont be so obtrusive as to be annoying, we will be working to make sure that it doesn’t spoil the format we have. Of course, the option of fast forwarding is always available!

      And hopefully the first bits of new content as a result of this sponsorship will be up on the site shortly! Hopefully it will make it all worth while 🙂

    • xanderphoena

      2.5 minutes is a little on the long side. I think the length of time we talked about eve-bet and their new roulette feature at the end of 34 would be pretty ‘typical’. That was what, 60-90 seconds? But yeah, the ISK is being recycled into more content for fans of the site.

      • Yugo Reventlov

        I only listened to the first 45 minutes this morning. With a bit of luck and a nice traffic jam tonight, I will get the rest done on the way home 🙂

        I thought you said they were going to be about 2.5mins, that’s where I got that number.

        • xanderphoena

          Yeah I did say that. In practise, I don’t think it’ll be that long. In my head, when I said it, 2.5 minutes didn’t seem that long. In practicality, it’s quite a while. Tell me what you think when you hear it at the end of 34.

          • Yugo Reventlov

            Okay, I listened while driving home.

            It was not as bad as I feared. I didn’t time it, but didn’t feel like 2.5 minutes of advertisements. I guess as long as you keep it fun and light (instead of an awkward forced commercial) I won’t be bothered by it enough to fast forward 😉

          • xanderphoena

            That’s good to hear Yugo. It won’t ever be scripted or anything like that.

  • Heraklion

    Another great episode. If the sponsorship means you guys put out more articles, great. If it means you fly more ships and get more stories, great. If it keeps the podcasts coming then that’s all i care about.

    • Jeg_Elsker

      The podcast was always going to continue, this just means we can expand our horizons a bit, and hopefully remove a little of the time requirement we need to play the game so we can focus on the more fun stuff! Thanks for the feedback, and continue to watch this space and feed us your thoughts!

  • Kimon

    Glad you guys took the sponsorship. Love the podcast, and I’m looking forward to the blog posts.

    • Jeg_Elsker

      We expect the second of our new writers posts to go up tomorrow, even I am excited to have a read!!

  • rek

    Scots always sell out to the man!

    Seriously though, as long as the podcast stays good, i don’t think anyone that matters, cares.

    • Jeg_Elsker

      We think this is a great opportunity for us to expand the content we provide, as well as add a little liquid to our wallets for when we play. It should be win win for everyone! Of course, we will be monitoring feedback closely to make sure that it works for everyone!

  • why

    you just sold your souls…

  • Btek

    Best of luck to CZ and your new contributors. I’ll definitely be checking back several times a week now. I think you guys have earned a decent level of trust, so as long as you keep the sponsorship transparent I think this can work out well for everyone.