Crossing Zebras Episode 30


For the first time in what feels like forever, a stripped back, old school episode of Crossing Zebras with just Xander and Jeg kicking back and shooting the breeze. Since we last recorded over three weeks ago before Xander went offshore, an awful lot has happened from CCP with some serious foot-in-mouth incidents to confirmation of the winter expansion details to the announcement of a huge Crossing Zebras in-game event this coming Saturday. There’s plenty to get your ears around in this action packed episode. Hopefully Xander and Jeg don’t end up banned from the game for TOS breaches come the end!

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Terms of Service changes and fallout – Around three weeks ago, CCP announced some changes to the terms of service. We discuss not only the implications of these changes but the surrounding missteps from CCP regarding the announcement of the changes

Somer Blink promotion – In the past week, CCP announced some very ‘generous’ prize support for Somer Blink in support of their sponsorship of Eve Vegas. Without consulting either the player base or CSM8, they had originally planned to reintroduce a ship in-game that had long since been extinct. We discuss the original announcement, the changes CCP have made and the response from the communityCSM8 and CCP Pokethulu.


Rubicon – The 2013 winter expansion has been confirmed as Rubicon. We discuss our own personal feelings on the announcement as well as talking about all the key features that were confirmed by CCP last Thursday.


CZ Community FFA – We have organised a huge in-game event taking part this Saturday (5th October) in Asakai at 2000 Eve. You can find all the details here and with prizes, free ships and attendance from many of the pillars of the community as well as (potentially) CCP themselves, there’s no excuse for not showing up!

Valkyrie update – This piece on Eurogamer in which Hilmar is interviewed at the recent Eurogamer Expo gives some new and surprising details on next year’s new release Eve Valkyrie.

What We Are Up To In Game

Shoutouts – Particular shout out goes to Jade who has started his follow up to the community defining Lost In Eve podcast with EveOverheated! I highly recommend you check it out. – At last you can get your own Crossing Zebras merchandise! The guys over at have done some amazing custom artwork t-shirts for us so I highly recommend going and checking them out and get yourself kitted out in the coolest clobber in all of Eve Online!

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This episode’s playlist is as follows:

Westlife – Uptown Girl

Tinie Tempah feat. John Martin – Children of the Sun

Sub Focus feat. Kele – Turn It Around

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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • Mat/Seismic Stan

    Just listening in and enjoying the banter as usual. For your info, the first Alliance Tournament was actually the Caldari State Capsuleer Tournament in December 2005, won by Band of Brothers.

    The Gold Magnate was indeed a prize in the Amarr Imperial Succession Championship, which was an RP event in 2003 (YC105) won by Ecliptical representing House Kor-Azor. The ship was subsequently sold to Tyrrax Thorrk, who was the pilot who famously got it ‘sploded.

    • Poetic Stanziel

      Xander would have known that if he read my history articles:

      • xanderphoena

        I had read them, that’s where my (lack of) knowledge on the fact came from. I just didn’t remember your pieces word for word very well 🙁

        • Poetic Stanziel

          I was planning to eventually write about the 2003 Amarr Championships … never got around to it, tho … and there seems to be a total lack of any video from the competition.

  • Poetic Stanziel

    Don’t be a pussy. Name the CSM member. It was Ali Aras.

    • xanderphoena

      I debated naming the individual involved. Had the CSM not (in my opinion) handled the Somer fiasco so well, I probably would have done it. But their Somer statement suggests they made a mistake and learned from it. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

      • Poetic Stanziel

        I guess the CSM corrected their mistake by telling Ali to be quiet. Because she was silent during the Somer issue.

        I’m sure she’s a nice person, but she obviously has a number of Hans Jagerblitzen-like qualities, especially getting defensive over anyone attacking CCP Games and feeling the need to defend them.

      • Poetic Stanziel

        The reason you didn’t name her is because a) she’s a she, and maybe because b) she’s lesbian. A double EVE minority. I think you might have been genuinely fearful of some backlash calling her out. I know I took time to think it through before calling her out myself … something I would not have done if it had been a dude.

        If the perpetrator had been Ripard or James Arget, you would have named them.


        Hey, your next CSM interview … get to the bottom of who is not pulling their weight. Look in on Ripard’s posts on who is writing what for the Summit Minutes. That’s a good clue concerning who is actually working and who is not.

        Don’t feel afraid to call out some non-starters, like Kesper.

        • xanderphoena

          The reason for not naming the individual – whoever it was – is after seeing how CSM8 handled the Somer fiasco, I didn’t see what the net gain would be. The sex or sexual inclinations of the individual had fuck all to do with it Poe.

          But yes, I will be asking CSM8 who isn’t pulling their weight in the next interview. I’ll also be pushing on the minutes.

  • Troy Wexler

    I’ll tell you exactly why CCP had such an issue explaining their new anti-scamming TOS. The GMs are obstructionist assholes. They refuse to answer a question in the same way a normal person would. Instead of giving real answers, they quote the EULA and then say to make up your own mind. If you ever have the misfortune to petition to see if something is an exploit or not, you’ll see exactly what I mean. I recently had this experience, and I understand why CCP is located in Iceland; if they provided this poor level of customer service anywhere else in the world, they’d get the shit beat out of them in the parking lot on a daily basis.

    • xanderphoena

      Yeah. By answering with sections of the EULA/TOS/whatever, they give themselves the get-out clause in any scenario.

      • Troy Wexler

        But it doesn’t make any sense from a customer service perspective. If I ask a GM, “Is it against the EULA to run 2 EVE clients on the same computer?” , I am looking for a yes or no answer. But they just parrot the EULA. The GMs are literally too stupid to understand what violates the EULA and what doesn’t.

  • Poetic Stanziel

    The Gold Magnate is less of a problem for me than putting money in Somer’s pockets. Don’t get me wrong, the Gold Magnate was a problem, but less so that CCP just shoveling actual dollars into Somer’s Swedish bank account.

    Which is why I still have a major problem with the replacement prizes.

  • Riel Saigo

    Can you put a list of the podcasts you were recommending in the shownotes?

    Please and thank you.

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  • kysh

    To my knowledge, CCP never openly admitted that the reason behind the NPC ai change (retrribution) was to shut down afk drone ratters in plexes. CCP sometimes doesn’t share all their motives to the fanbase. Because they want the backstory to be kept quite ? Because no company is talkative about their own failures ?

    So what’s the secret motive, or maybe the sparkling event that made CCP change the TOS ?
    On the jester blogg and on there is speculation that this might be the story behind the tos change.

    DId the change happen because CCP community managers wanted to protect chibba’s 3 party titan service against such scams in the future ?