Crossing Zebras Episode 29


Jeg’s back! After an extended hiatus, the terrible twosome are reunited once again on the best CCP CERTIFIED podcast in all of Eve Online. And if that isn’t enough, we are joined by the CEO of Goonswarm’s Dust 514 corporation Goonfeet, HVACRepairman (seriously, click that link and follow him on twitter right now).

There’s plenty to talk about this episode starting with the latest addition to the New Eden family, Eve Valkyrie. Next up, following his two amazing articles on Dust 514 on this very website, we take HVAC to task on the current state of the game and whether the situation is salvageable for CCP. And finally, we wrap things up by discussing the current state of nullsec following the end of the Fountain campaign. I’m jealous of you all getting to listen to this with fresh ears!

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Eve Valkyrie – CCP have confirmed the latest addition to the ever expanding Eve universe is Valkyrie, the full game based on the EVR demo that we got to play at Fanfest. We discuss the potential, whether we are likely to get an Oculus Rift to play this and where it could fit into New Eden.


Dust 514 – Dust is suffering from some pretty huge issues. The Executive Producer recently left the project while the CPM have released a statement confirming their concern at the direction Dust development is currently going. Is the game salvageable?


Nullsec Update – Things in nullsec have changed dramatically since we recorded CZ28. We take time to discuss where all the major players currently are at, who is in the ascendancy and who has suffered a dramatic fall from grace.

What We Are Up To In Game

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This episode’s playlist is as follows:

*NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye

Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA

Meat Loaf – Nowhere Fast

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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • Troy Wexler

    The obvious place for a Valkyrie/EVE/Dust514 linkup is Ring Mining. Imagine this: in order to mine the rings around a planet, your alliance has to control the planet via Dust514. Ring mining platforms are permanent fixtures in orbit of a planet, and ownership changes based on who controls the planet. In order to cause harm to the controlling alliance, you have 2 options: take control of the planet by playing DUST514, or disable the mining platforms.

    The mining platforms are target-able from space, but they have heavy shield domes that make them impervious to orbital bombardment. The only way to take down the shields is to assault the mining platform with the Valkyrie ships. They fly in the shield domes, giving them a clear arena-like boundary. They can attack the mining platforms, and the defenders can field their own Valkyrie ships. Each side would be limited to 5 or 10 ships, thus eliminating blob tactics. If the attacker wins, the shield drops and EVE ships can attack the platform. If the platform’s armor hitpoints drops to 0, the platform shuts down for 24 hours, and the owning alliance has to either pay a fee for repairs or let the platform remain disabled.