Crossing Zebras Episode 26


A very quick turnaround since CZ25 as Xander is headed off to an oilrig for a few weeks in the next day or so. Because of the very short notice, unfortunately Jeg wasn’t available. The good news however is that he is ably replaced by two very special guests indeed. First up, we have CSM7 alumni Two Step who wants to get some things off his chest regarding what CSM7 got up to and my previous interview with Alekseyev and Seleene. Our second guest is here for the first time ever on Crossing Zebras and it is one of the organisers of the amazing Syndicate Competitive League, Aegon Blackfire. Aegon is here to discuss the ever-increasing profile of the SCL with Xander in the lead up to SCL4 on 22nd and 23rd June.

As well as CSM7 and the SCL, we spend some time discussing the DDOS attack on CCP infrastructure from a couple of days back as well as the launch of Odyssey. So buckle up for another thrill-ride through the very best podcast in all of Eve Online GUARANTEED*!

(*Not guaranteed.)

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DDOS – CCP’s infrastructure was forced down for the best part of 24 hours on Monday because of a hostile DDOS attack. SiSi, TQ, Serenity, Dust, the Eve Online website and forums all brought to their knees by someone with some serious intent. We spend some time discussing the security implications both actual and implied.

Odyssey – The latest Eve expansion Odyssey is now live! When we recorded, the new expansion had been live for a few hours so we spend some time discussing some very early first impressions and we also learn why it wasn’t all a bed of roses for Xander… 


CSM7: Two Step’s Take – Two Step had a few bones to pick with some of the topics I discussed with Seleene and Alekseyev Karrde. He’s joined us to discuss what he felt went well and what went very badly with CSM7. Expect some controversy…


Syndicate Competitive League – The SCL has been going from strength to strength since it was started a few months ago. We discuss why it has so quickly gained the favour of the community and CCP and look at where it may go in the future.

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One Direction – Kiss Me

Tessellate – Alt J

Contact – Daft Punk

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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • Aegon Blackfire

    Man, I’ve got mic issues. Thanks Xander for having me on!

  • Alekseyev Karrde

    My issue with Two Step’s job as Sec clearly does rest with a different interpretation of what the Sec’s role should be. TS clearly believed in a strict reading of the White Paper whereas in prior CSMs the Sec had been more active in communications. Ironically, by the standard of doing the minimum in the White Paper Seleene did a perfect job as chair (which I think both TS and I agree would be a bit of a chuckle)

    As far as the transition, the idea that TwoStep put that all on his shoulders is simply not accurate. Several people were helping our newbros get acclimated and helping them with who is who. With Ripard’s help I uploaded all Odyssey planning materials and CSM summit recordings so everyone on CSM8 could get completely caught up on what was discussed and what went into the Odyssey output. Two Step was very active in the transition process but he was far from solo.

  • Yugo Reventlov

    I approve of the audio quality. My ears thank you 😉

  • Riel Saigo

    I discovered you guys about a month ago. I played the Eve trial a year ago and liked it, but couldn’t afford to subscribe to another game. But loved keeping tabs on the game just because Eve has some of the most interesting news of any game out there. Great work guys.

    Went through about four of your episodes and couldn’t figure out why the hell you talked so fast. At first I thought it was a Scottish thing. But the guests were talking super-fast too. So I started thinking… “well, I guess Eve players all have ADD or something and talk too fast…”

    Then I noticed some jerk had turned my iPhone playback speed to 1.5x.

    I have no idea who did that, I promise.

    • xanderphoena

      Ha! Glad you are enjoying the game. Are you subbed to Eve now? Where are you in game? What are up to in New Eden?

      • Riel Saigo

        I’m not subbed yet alas. I’m seriously getting the bug to do it though. So far, I’ve been meeting my PvP itch with World of Tanks, but would kind of like to resub.

        So far, I just follow the news in Eve without playing it.

        I was moving towards the Exploration path when I was a trial. I may wind up ninja-salvaging in high sec for a bit to build up ISK when I do sub.

        It’s not a bad time to do it either since I’m doing on-site legal work for oil exploration which takes me away from home. I need something to do in the evenings.

      • Riel Saigo

        Oh, I went ahead and subbed. So I’m in game now.

        I’m working on training up an industiralist alt in the Gallente training area. He might eventually do the ninja-salvaging in hi-sec or gas mining in wormhole space.

        My main character “Riel Saigo” is going to be doing exploration in wormhole space hopefully (maybe hacking and stuff). But for now, she’s currently stranded in Caldari hi-sec space with only 50,000 ISK and two Condors. I made the mistake of transferring all her assets to another trial account I’d set up at the time. So she’ll just have to wait until my alt character can make enough bank to bail her out.

        Should be fun!