Crossing Zebras Episode 21


Been a bit of a delay since the last Crossing Zebras proper due to Xander being stuck on an oil rig. But New Eden stops for no man and the delay has ensured there is much for Xander and Jeg to discuss in the latest episode of the Best Eve Online Podcast Ever (TM). The CSM8 race continues apace with Xander continuing his attempt to catch ’em all while Jeg finished the design of the new CZ site which you are looking at now.

Topics up for discussion this time round include the new CSM voting system and what it could mean for the make-up of CSM8 and in the longer term, the recent Battle for Caldari Prime, changes to TEST and HBC leadership and confirmation of Eve Online’s nineteenth expansion, Odyssey.

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Correction to CZ20 – We made a bit of a booboo when discussing the EULA. CCP Fozzie pointed this out to us shortly after the episode aired and we were happy to clear up any confusion

CSM Voting – The new voting system for the CSM has been confirmed as the Single Transferable Vote. We discuss the long and short term ramifications of this new system and what it could mean for the composition of CSM8


Battle for Caldari Prime – One of the largest Eve Live Events yet occurred during the weekend in Luminaire where Caldari and Gallente fighters battled for control of Caldari Prime both in the space above and on the planet surface itself. In the biggest event yet comprising both Eve and Dust, we dissect what went wrong, what went right and how Live Events could evolve in the future as a result of this

TEST/HBC Leadership Changes – Montolio has stepped down as the leader of TEST and HBC with some rather surprising and politically intriguing changes taking effect at bloc level


Odyssey – The 19th Eve Online expansion has been confirmed as Odyssey. Appearing to focus on the concept of exploration, we pick apart the information that was announced at PAX East over the weekend

What We Are Up To In Game

Confirmation (at long last) of the winner of the PLEX from the competition we had in CZ20


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This episode’s playlist is as follows:

5ive – Everybody Get Up

Frank Ocean feat. Earl Sweat – Super Rich Kids

Felix – Don’t You Want Me


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Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • 1. CCP is a EU company soo… deal with it
    2. Chars are played by devactors that fly in real ships like normal player.
    3. This event was more a PR thing for PAX, especialy teling about it few days before it happend thats why it was scripted.
    4. Also don’t look on live events from the perspective of Battle for Caldari Prime… normal events are done mostly on weekly basis from few months(are not scripted), normal events arent sticked in front of the face of the masses in form of the devblog.

    • xanderphoena

      ‘1. CCP is a EU company soo… deal with it’

      No. Any company is based, TZ wise, where the customers are. I can base a telephone call centre in India if I want because labour is cheaper than in the UK but unless that call centre works UK TZ, it’s pointless. Location of the company doesn’t matter – where the customers are is what matters.

      • Also i remember they have done “few” events closer to the US tomezone(what eve time does actualy US prime time starts? )

        • xanderphoena

          I think around 5 to 6 hours behind Eve time? So say, 2100 Eve (ish)?