Confessions of a Goonwaffe Line Member


Recently, a member of EVE Online’s reddit community asked a serious question in /r/eve – how can any self-respecting capsuleer remain in the Imperium, let alone in Goonwaffe, given some of the behavior of its leaders? Well, in the tradition of our Fabian Strategy, I’m not about to answer it over on /r/eve. What follows is my attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions to the best of my ability. The opinions are my own and do not reflect the official policies, or positions of Goonwaffe, GSF, or the Imperium. I’m a line member these days and sometimes a backup FC. I’m not a member of the Illumittani, nor do I see myself as ever being in such a position.

From the HBC to Space Refugee

I’m a Goon because those who I once knew and called ally in the old HBC parent organizations wanted nothing to do with me after its dissolution. I was a worthless Insidious Empire (EMP) pet to them and had outlived my use as line fodder.  No one would communicate with me, vouch for me, nothing. Back then, I didn’t have well over 60 million skill points. I didn’t own three capital ships and an additional two suitcase carriers. I didn’t have billions in ISK on my accounts in reserve. NC., PL, and TEST all refused the feelers and applications I submitted to them. So I was essentially sent packing to lowsec and highsec – an exile. For me, it was a fate worse than being podded on the Jita 4-4 undock.

From Refugee to Imperial Grunt


A few months into my exile, my old corporation from my time in the HBC had negotiated with the Imperium and gotten into CO2. I was a line member as well as an FC there for a time. Overall, it was a good experience, but the time zone wore me out so I shifted to DPG, the Bat Country. I wasn’t sure if I would actually be accepted into any GSF corp, but after a rather comprehensive interview with Digital Ebola, AKA Digi, I was allowed to join the Imperium proper. I was of course watched carefully for a time. This felt logical rather than insulting, given my corp history. I’ve been a member of GSF corporations since then, and not looked back. Furthermore, I’ll always be grateful to those crazy Bats for giving me a chance. Thank you Endie and Midge especially, even though you are now space enemies. As we all remember from last fall though, BAT left the Imperium. I chose to stay and I needed a home. Sion Kumitomo and The Mittani sponsored me into Goonwaffe.

The Metagame in EVE Online

In general, I don’t like the metagame as it’s played by most people currently. It’s a bunch of pointless dick waving and posturing that has copulated in an incestuous tryst with social justice warrioring and pastebin wars. I never had any interest whatsoever in recruitment scamming, suicide ganking, or other such activities that Goons are infamous for throughout Eve Online. I don’t particularly enjoy inflicting misery upon others through trickery either. My view of the Something Awful forums is that it is no better than Reddit and 4chan with a $10 paywall. If you want to see how real life interactions and metagame interactions between players should be conducted, look at Lazarus Telraven and Elise Randolph. They’ll blow each other to hell in space, but when they meet in real life or talk outside EVE Online it’s like watching a nerdy bromance. It wouldn’t be an article on the life of being a Goon and the metagame without mentioning a bit about controversies. So let me briefly address this sack of shit that’s been hammered to death. Recently, people on both sides seem to be taking the game a bit too seriously and that’s one of my critiques of the Goons with major interests in TMC. For example, I wasn’t a fan of the IWI article implying criminal actions or civil liability on the part of CCP, IWI, or it’s users. To me, that was a low blow and there seems to be a bit too much tail wagging the dog in general over there in the past months.  


Years ago, as we all know from endless shit posts on /r/eve, a highly intoxicated The Mittani suggested a player to kill himself, and then encouraged others to harass him to the same ends. At the end of the day, It was an ill-timed joke at someone else’s expense that was later blown out of proportion and has frequently been used as a weapon in the assassination of his character. We’ve all been there, done that, made the joke in poor taste. I personally don’t believe for a moment that The Mittani meant any harm by it. For him it was simply basking in the sweet tears of the space vanquished, as PvPers will often do. However, been docked in Amarr watching hundreds of people spam local in celebration of Vile Rat’s death was equally reprehensible. Local chat thought it was funny, at least a lot of non-Goons seemed to agree. I thought it was disgusting. Why is there all this outrage over The Mittani’s lapses in judgement at Fanfest a few years back and not so much on these other things? One could argue that it is because he is space famous, a public figure, with a greater community responsibility. However, that seems to me like a weak argument. Do a person’s words matter less because they are less space famous? Visibility is a factor, and no one is going to remember every line of text from local. What they will recall, and exploit, is a video from Fanfest. The answer for me is a bit different, because it seems to this Goon that people love their hypocritical selective outrage social space justice warrior fuckery when it suits their ends. Just like blobbing and blue balling – making offensive statements and pseudo-doxxing is only bad when the other side does it. It’s why I caution anyone on claiming the moral high ground in real life and in EVE Online to think twice. It has a tendency to bite nearly everyone doing it right in the ass at some point. What I find most amusing about most of the criticism out there is that we in GSF have very deliberately aligned ourselves against Gamergate types. We have initiated several internal reforms to create a more friendly environment for our LGBT, minority, and female players in the past years. The cultural revolution was very real. We just won’t use it to give out SJW I win cards.

Is there anything you disagree with your leaders on?

I’ve had some great times with The Mittani in EVE Online and in the real world. I consider the player behind him to be a friend. Sadly, 2015 was the year that The Mittani may have dug his own space grave. Some of his conduct has made him look like the Martin Schiralli pharma bro of gaming media and EVE Online. Nobody likes that asshole Martin Schiralli, and the image The Mittani put forward via TMC and the Imperium hurt us all in the same way pharma bro’s congressional testimony hurt him. Like George S. Patton got told by Omar Bradly, “The problem with you is that your men don’t know when you’re acting”. I know that the vacation The Mittani and others took to Mexico last autumn had nothing to do with EVE or TMC, but he seemed to project that the trip had everything to do with gaming journalism and being space important. It left players, and even some of our own members with a sour feeling about yachts and GSF leadership. It’s time for my friend Alex to stop acting and start taking a realistic look at the situation we’re in, because from the fireside chats and articles so far it seems he’s stuck echelons above reality. The focus he’s had on the war and what he talks about most makes The Mittani sound like a bitter person because he didn’t get what he wanted from the toy store – book deal, CCP feuds, naming rights. This makes us look like we’re all just the tool of one man’s ego – not something I care for.


I have a lot of respect and even awe for what Corps Diplomatique has accomplished in EVE, but the way that they apparently went about an attempt to forge the Goonhammer was diplomacy on par with the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq – the absolute worst way possible to do things. It’s caused a hell of a lot of damage that we’ve not felt the full effects of. Accusations that Sion had been levying threats of disclosure of personal information for those who don’t comply with what Corps Diplomatique and The Mittani wanted are very disturbing. Anyone who could see the trends in mechanics changes under Aegis knew mergers needed to happen, but how Corps Diplomatique went about it was shady. Digi, the head of Counterintelligence (CI) is very good with interrogations. He has really good interviewing techniques on par with the instructors at the military intelligence schools where I used to work. In spite of his reputation he is very professional. However, this is a space video game and our CI program is a bit creepy. Internet spaceships is not serious enough business to warrant a pervasive OSINT based CI network outside of the usual spy games of EVE. Scraping data for a metagame virtual drone strike on the character of others, again rather creepy. Skyteam, our strategic leadership, signed off on this whole Fabian strategy. Thankfully, it seems to be coming to an end. It was killing our morale as much as the enemy’s. It’s cancer, AIDS and ebola for everyone and if this game is to survive we need to limit the use of such dumb assery.   All of the above are things we need to disavow, and discontinue as part of our operations. Having said all of that, I may disagree with various leaders on some things, but I’m an adult. Part of being middle-aged adult with some experience in life is being able to disagree with your leadership, but also being able to continue working toward collective goals of an organization within the scope of leader intent in spite of some differences. You stand by your friends for as long as you can, even when they don’t always stand by you, or you disagree.

Friends, Fleets, and SIGs



Moving on, it isn’t actually Something Awful that binds us, at least not now. Sure, that forum is important to some Goons, but not most of us these days. It isn’t our hate of all things not-Goons either, though we do ham that up a lot. Goons have a unity that outsiders frankly seem unable to grasp. So what unites us? It’s the fleets and SIGs – Blackops, Bomberwaffe, Hole Violence, MINILUV, the alleged Reavers who do not exist, Space Violence, the various other swarm channels on Jabber. Kill the imperium, kill GSF, and what do you have left? Pilots with mutual interests or cultural backgrounds and identities. Goons step to the beat of one drum – though at times it’s slightly off key because Xel’thuric won’t stop masturbating with an open mic. We march to of one vision – except for when Asher Alias forgets to check boosts before a fight. We do this with an with an awful purpose and a terrible resolve set in our minds – awful and terrible because DBRB gets us all killed or PAPusa gets us pipe bombed. I remain in Goonwaffe and the Imperium because these people are my friends. They’ve helped me countless times in and out of fleets. I’ve become a better player of EVE and other games because of them. It’s all quite hilarious, and it’s fun. That’s it, the reason I’m staying with Goonwaffe. It’s likely the same reason you are all where you are. Fun.  

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About the author

Viktor Fel

Viktor is currently a member of Goonwaffe, and has actively not existed in the Reavers SIG since its founding in 2014. His EVE hobbies include aborting baby titans, making renters miserable, mass murder in space. You know, just Reaver things.

  • Provi Miner

    LOL I stopped after ill timed drunken joke. That is the party line that is the excuse. That however is BS 100% watch the clip again ignore mitten, ignore the pointy hat, ignore everything but the screen behind him. so lets say its a joke because he was drunk…. then how did the prepared slides magically appear. No the truth is he wanted to express his concept of power, it just happened that he got drunk prior to doing so. That was not an ill timed joked, that was a prepared talking point. Also watch mittens in vegas either 2013 or 2014 in there he directly references a race of people in very unkind fashion. Now lets skip to your vile rate point, I agree no one should be happy about the loss of life of another player. But lets consider the victim “Vile Rat” about year before his murder at the hands of his boss. Vile Rat was in chat when informed that an eve adversary had died… did Vile commiserate? Did Vile pause? What would/did the great Vile Rat do?????? oh he lol’d it and said good riddance to space scum.
    Honestly revisionist history is the worst history it creates an illusion that should not be allowed to stand.

    • Ashterothi

      Hey, I am going to step in and hopefully be a more balanced view of things, remember I am part of the “enemy” of the Imperium, and with good reason.

      That being said, I think we should all be about done with the whole “Mittani Alliance Panel” thing. The truth of the matter is that was a totally different time culturally for EVE, and if such things had been said at the Alliance Panel exactly one year earlier, no one would have batted two eyes. The big difference was the number of non EVE players (IE Playstation/Dust dudes) there. Let me be clear, I am not saying that doing that wasn’t a stupid decision, but it WAS consistent with the kinds of things one could expect from such a panel, it was the height of shit talking, with a bunch of leaders trying to openly one up each other in how ridiculous they could be, Mittens just won.

      As far as Vile Rat is conserned. Regardless of anything else, his impact on the face of New Eden is unprecedented, and the outcry of support and unity within EVE that came from his passing wasn’t revisionist history, it was real people, really impacted by the efforts of this dude in our spaceship game.

      I think the discussion of VR and him impact shouldn’t be taboo, but neither should he be posthumously villainized or trivialized. His efforts in forming Red Federation, and the later coalition blocs we saw is well documented, by third parties. I think that the real issue with VR was his passing was so sudden, and such a blow to the collective psyche, that it may have never recovered. Clearly his impact was significant, and unifying.

      All that said, this is a voice of a line member with far more insight as to the inside then I have, and I find reading it interesting. Yes it is his side, yes it is spoken from his perspective. That is the point. Some of it will be true, some of it will be misremembered, and some of it may be manipulated to better serve the writer. This is human nature. All I can do is recommend that all readers remain critical in their thinking when reading these kinds of articles, or in fact any article anywhere.

      • Liner Xiandra

        C’mon now, are you really suggesting that there wouldn’t have been such a fallout about Mittani’s talk if there were less Dust514 dudes in the audience? Really?

        • UnkleTickles

          Well, he was there and would know. Can you say the same? What Asher just said was said a lot by many of the top people at the time. To be clear, nobody was saying that what Mittani said was perfectly fine, just that there was context that went along with it. Context seems to be lost a lot these days and is important.

      • Provi Miner

        did I forget ” I agree no one should be happy about the loss of life of another player” oh no I didn’t. That vile is gone was a huge blow, but he wasn’t all that and a box of cookies either (not how they like to talk of him now).

      • ashlynn

        the question is does he need to be on the plinth forever? It has been 4 years, in that time many has died, many are still dying, one of my friend is takes his laptop to the hospital to get his chemo for late stage stomach cancer, he will probably die. Why is vile rats memory more important than him? I get it it was violent, he was well known, but again it has been 4 years. let it go.

    • Viktor Fel

      And this sort of response, right here, is exactly why you don’t see many Goons talking to outsiders, let alone wanting to deal with them.

      I had a non-goon friend who died right alongside Vile Rat, his name was Glen, I know him for a few years through a military social group.

      I freely admit the organization I’m with has some flaws, that my leaders have some flaws in the article. What I am not going to do placate paste eating shittlers like you who would settle for nothing less than a complete smear post of my friends, my space colleagues, and my entire alliance.

      That’s not how this works, that’s not how I work.

      • Provi Miner

        then prove it, I used 100% known facts you spout.

        • Viktor Fel

          I’ll chose the reddit option

          • Provi Miner

            see this is the problem, I know what was there, I seen the logs where vile lol’d a dead eve member and said good riddience, I know when I am drunk on stage I normally can’t make a slide presentation suddenly appear out of thin air. so yeah if you are goon you have to ignor some nasty stuff or come up with excuses or create revisionist history. Shoot the ony thing provi has to be sorry for is bad role play.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            It’s shameful that you are using VR as some eve totem. The man is dead leave him alone.

          • Provi Miner

            me? grouchy wrong person the writer “injected” VR into the question. At least reply to the correct person. Goons hold Vile up as a totem, not me. I am simply saying VR wasn’t all that and box of crackers when he was in game.

          • Rob Kaichin

            What’s the reddit option?

            Is it getting showered in upvotes according to how well you posted? 😛

      • Rob Kaichin

        I don’t believe that you can say such a thing was ill-timed or done ‘just because he’d been drinking’, unless you believe Mittens started drinking before he got to Iceland, prepared the presentation drunk, managed to navigate a whole fanfest completely shitfaced, and exit stage left too inebriated to stand.

        Yes, it was a joke he made whilst drunk. No, it wasn’t a joke he made because he was drunk.

      • fdsafd

        “why you don’t see many Goons talking to outsiders”

        I thought it’s because outsiders avoid goons. Outsiders don’t appreciate the beauty of the leper colony residents and whatnot.

        Seriously, this article cries “nobody understands us.”

      • Tanesis

        ‘And this sort of response, right here, is exactly why you don’t see many
        Goons talking to outsiders, let alone wanting to deal with them’

        Years of playing the villan and creating content at the expense of others has, naturally, made Goons very unpopular. Your above line sounds almost like your playing the victim but to be honest your reaping a kicking entirely of your own making.

        Also Mittens to non Gewns is about as popular as anal polyups.

      • Knobber

        In my 4 years in the CFC, 3 in Goons, almost two as a writer on TMC, I was repeatedly told that everyone outside of and SA are horrible shitlers, pubbies and generally unworthy people and I shouldn’t communicate with them. There’s been years of mittens going on about how reddit is shit, kugu was a circle jerk and the media is out to get Goons.

        Goons don’t talk to outsiders because they’re fed a narrative that they’re not supposed too unless it’s to denigrate and belittle them. One thing I did notice and I will take exception to your “Goons march with one voice” comment is they don’t. Boats Goat highlighted just how much certain Goons hate others, how much infighting their is at the middle management level. While Goons are told not to communicate with the outside world, their people inside Goons who will do their best to tell you about how bad their rivals are. Then there’s the whole shitting on fellow Imperium/CFC alliances. It wasn’t just Goons shitting on FA or FCON, it went both ways.

    • schwaboy

      “his murder at the hands of his boss” <— get the fuck out of here with that kind of stupid bullshit. I can no longer take you seriously.

      • Provi Miner

        you have your opinion about what happened I have mine, we should have left when britian left two weeks before, that we didn’t was a deliberate monumental FUBAR by his boss that led directly to his loss of life (in most states that a degree of murder in the court)

  • Zappity

    The core of the problem is that the Imperium leadership now prefers to play EVE outside the client. For all of the noise on reddit, at least the MBC is logging in and burning your house down.

    Get some leaders who actually want to play the game instead of TMC and space politics.

    • Viktor Fel

      That’s valid criticism, though I’d say we have an infrastructure that requires a lot more out of game things form them than in game.

  • Dumbledore

    Well, to what extent do you agree with the oldest and most famous Goon motto, “We aren’t here to ruin the game; we’re here to ruin YOUR game”? Because that’s been used in connection to a whole lot of things actually aimed at ruined the game of everyone else except goons?

    • Viktor Fel

      It’s dumb and needs to die in a fire. At the same time your NaCl is kind of tasty.

      • Dumbledore

        The NaCl goes really well with the smoke flavor of Deklein burning.

        • Viktor Fel

          I think some mesquite and honey would help though.

        • Does that make Viktor the prince that was promised?

          • Provi Miner

            I can’t post on TMC bit to real about mittens, so here goes: You should talk to an in game dude W Sherman Elric about, as he says, “The One True Empress” or if you can get into CVA Forums and read he stuff very much he does not think she is gone.

    • schwaboy

      That quote belongs to one Darius JOHNSON, who after writing a piece on this site and doing an AMA on /r/eve was roundly lauded by the same community that likes to bring up that quote to use as a cudgel against us. The irony is not lost on me.

  • Montolio Was Right

    Confirming that PL NC and TEST are the only three nongoon entities operating outside of empire.

    • Viktor Fel

      The only ones worth a shit at the time, and also pulling all the strings for their pets.

      • Montolio Was Right

        This is basically the EVE recruitment version of nice guys who claim all women are bitches just because they can’t get a lay with the 9/10s and above.

        Finally a 8/10 took you in and now you’ve woven some “my angel, the only good woman in existence” narrative about it heh.

        (Though I wonder about TEST, considering they accept any warm body something suggests you disturbed some shit there).

        • Viktor Fel

          Let’s find out.

        • fdasfd

          Now now, TEST is all about weaponizing autism. Goons are about weaponizing boredom.

          The former caters to the developmentally disabled, the later requires masochism.

          A highly intelligent brown noser can only find his true calling under the caring embrace of Le Martini.

  • Rob Kaichin

    ” Well, in the tradition of our Fabian Strategy, I’m not about to answer it over on /r/eve.”

    I’m, dare I say it, reasonably well read in military tactics and history. I have no idea what you meant by that.

    Could I get an explanation please?

    Now, I’m not going to touch on you and Digi (mainly because you and I have sparred over it before, and I don’t feel the need to go many rounds with no outcome, but I’d like to challenge you on this bit:

    “Do a person’s words matter less because they are less space famous? Visibility is a factor, and no one is going to remember every line of text from local. What they will recall, and exploit, is a video from Fanfest. The answer for me is a bit different, because it seems to this Goon that people love their hypocritical selective outrage social space justice warrior fuckery when it suits their ends.”

    I think (and I don’t like the fact that I’m making this argument), that evidence is almost the be all and end all of such issues. We have a presentation, a video, an article of the ‘joke’. For ‘Fuck Vile Rat’, we have very little (barring the guy on Reddit who apologised pretty much straight away).

    So my point is: people can go back and see ‘Beep Beep I’m a Jeep, make him kill himself, scratches on the monument’ and go “Yes, that’s pretty fucking nasty”.

    But they can’t go back 4 years to Amarr local and see: ‘Fuck Vile Rat;.

    And, to abuse a phrase, the commonality of the former makes it less. (Though it obviously doesn’t, but we’re talking about ‘who gets shit for what’, and that has to be counted.)

    Now, this: “What I find most amusing about most of the criticism out there is that we in GSF have very deliberately aligned ourselves against Gamergate types. We have initiated several internal reforms to create a more friendly environment for our LGBT, minority, and female players in the past year”

    Doesn’t tie with my experience of Goons, or the other ‘views from an outpost’ of Goon line members, so without getting too much into it, perhaps it’s somewhere in between?

    Finally, ”

    Skyteam, our strategic leadership, signed off on this whole Fabian strategy. Thankfully, it seems to be coming to an end. It was killing our morale as much as the enemy’s. It’s cancer, AIDS and ebola for everyone and if this game is to survive we need to limit the use of such dumb assery.”

    From any perspective, the Fabian strategy of ‘didn’t want that whatever anyway’ was destined to fail.

    Possibly now we’ll see some of the humour and fun that got us “Reavers, whose existence is questionable”. 😀

    Finally finally, did he really charge a yacht trip in Mexico to TMdC?


  • ThePreacher

    Good write.


    Death to all Goons! Never forget.

  • IGeve

    I love the community feel inside the Imperium(CFC), having been a member of it in various forms for a long time, but the bullshit lately has angered me more than made me proud. While I disagree with the bullshit from the Mittani and his leadership team, and most of the time I just want to shoot him in the face, to leave and find another community and friends etc is asking to much. So I just lump it and play my own game and ignore mittani etc. Albeit from within the imperiums ranks.

    • Muul Udonii

      Take your friends with you…

      • IGeve

        Why should we? We enjoy the community here.

        • Provi Miner

          He is saying take the community leave the BS and start again. this time drop the hate and just pew bro

  • Messiah Complex

    I have no criticism to offer.

  • cal

    You (the author) are the worst type of goon, the wolf in sheep’s clothing the little white night who has an answer for everything.

    I really hope your house continues to burn around you because when you can try justify that shit that happened in 2011 (most recently published in the ibt article ) you have some pretty fucked up morale compass and deserve all your getting.

    • Viktor Fel

      Oh, that sweet sweet NaCl, tell me where the bad goon touched you.

      • dafds

        Touch… and be touched. Not necessarily in equal portions.

        Enjoy the war.

      • cal

        You wish 🙂 need more spite from you show us your true nature. Never had much dealing with goons truth be known but I know an apologist when I see one, always a way to diminish responsibility from being a collective cunt. I suppose you do have abandonment issues and fears of finding a place to play so I get why your doing it .

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    GSF have some amazing people, I do agree a lot of the meta stuff has become creepy. I can rip the piss out of people in game without feeling the need to attack them out of game. I really hope (maybe vainly) that attacking Eve players out of game becomes less and less acceptable..

  • Kinis Deren

    After reading this apologist drivel I’m convinced more than ever that GSF is full of subservient chickens.

    Mittens has consistently shrugged off or blamed orhers for his own failings. A quick look at his Twitter history shows his sober response to being called out on his cyberbulling: ~deal with it~. Furthermore, when CCP took action he blamed them for “throwing him under the bus”. I suspect his belated apology was the price CCP made him pay so that he could keep his accounts.

    By the way, a quick look at his SA infraction history reveals he likes to doxx too.

    I’m not sure who I find more repulsive as people; Alex for being a complete & utter nasty piece of work IRL or the cretins that blindly follow him.

    • Viktor Fel

      Really, that’s why I had a few annoyed SIG members and directors pinging me on jabber yesterday expressing their displeasure with me, because this article was all just a fluff piece about how wonderful everything is in GSF and the Imperium.

  • Endie

    You’re welcome for the place you got in Bat, but you are being rather misleading in suggesting that you left *after* Bat decided to leave Goonswarm.

    • Viktor Fel

      Thought I said around the time of. Sorry about that. It was a couple weeks before you guys officially departed.

      Endie, the writing was on the wall mate. You guys had been talking seriously about departing for around 4-5 months. You had it in your mind to leave well before November 2015, you just hadn’t announced it yet.

      I understand your reasoning for it though – and you do have my respect and gratitude for giving me a home in BAT. I miss you guys in a lot of weird ways, especially Baltac1. Also miss Steve’s fleets, best small gang I had in a long time.

      • Endie

        You are absolutely correct that the mood in Bat Country was increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of the alliance, but far from having decided to leave before the fateful leak, Midge and I had twice been within minutes of just winding up the corp and asking for it to be merged into waffe. It was only after the leaks, when the strength of feeling on the part of the core membership became clear to us, that we decided to look for other options.

        • Viktor Fel

          Well whatever the past has been Endie, you’re a good man.

  • anonymoustroll

    Yeah, so here’s the thing about alcohol. It lowers your inhibitions and, because of that, you end-up doing things that you would otherwise never do (but probably would like to). I think most of us have been there at some point in time and understand the shame and regret that can go with it.

    But alcohol doesn’t fundamentally change a person’s nature. It doesn’t transform ‘nice guys’ into rapists or pacifists into murderers. If alcohol brings those things out in a person, then you can be certain that they were there to begin with.

    That’s the problem with the whole ‘Mittani was just drunk’ argument. Trying to convince someone to commit suicide just isn’t something a normal decent human being would ever do. It speaks to a fundamental character flaw.

  • Bozo

    Thanks for the article, twas an interesting read.

    Regarding Vile Rat, maybe the problem is making him a mandatory Goon hero figure. Most of the current EVE playerbase wasn’t around when he died. People who have been in the Imperium have been treated to the celebrating VR day, i.e. sort of mandatory grief over someone they never met.

    Given EVE demographics, most of the playerbase has already experienced the loss of someone close. I would never think of insulting a dead person in local, but as an Imperium member, neither would I undock for the mandatory-voluntary celebration of some random guy’s death being force-fed to me as a stratop.

    Everyone handles grief differently. I see no reason to doubt Mittens’
    sincerity, however his very public stance will be taken as some as
    simple posturing for EVE-political purpose. If the Mittani truly cares about Vile Rat, maybe he should keep his grief private. Maybe he shouldn’t associate his in-game character with it, not after working so hard to make himself the most hated avatar in New Eden.

  • Durandal

    Enjoy faction warfare, you’ve chosen to go down with the ship.

  • Oserik

    I can respect your reasons for wanting to stay, I might do the same in your shoes. Most of my previous interactions with Goons were in like 2008-09, around the time y’all invaded Delve. I was in a small-gang corp/alliance and we did a lot of camping around YZ9. Was awesome fun and Goons were a lot more entertaining than our previous neighbors. I’m just now coming back after years away from the game and reading all this stuff: that ludicrous gambling law article, leaked chat logs, the various attempts at propaganda etc. really makes me wonder what the hell happened.

    I understand you want to fly with your friends and stick with them, and I have never been a Goon so I may be wrong about this, but y’all never seemed like the sort to take anything lying down- whether it was from a pubbie or your own people. And based on the evidence, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    I understand that Imperium is a humongous organization and you can’t just change it overnight, but I’d say it’s high time for a Stalin-esque purge or a coup d’etat.

  • Kevin B.

    “We’ve all been there, done that, made the joke in poor taste.”
    No dude, no we haven’t. Not like that.

  • 5pitf1re

    Not a bad article, however, towards the end, when you described what is unique about GSF, namely SIGs and Squads, it kind of reads a bit odd. From an outsiders perspective with a lot of insiders experience I can tell you that a big chunk of EVE operates like that. Sure, not as organized maybe, but still very close.

  • Pixelmancer

    “we in GSF have very deliberately aligned ourselves against Gamergate types. We have initiated several internal reforms to create a more friendly environment for our LGBT, minority, and female players in the past years.”

    And you claim to not like SJWs despite blatantly being one, or at the very least swallowing their propaganda hook, line and sinker. I’m a bisexual white mexican indian mutt. Gamergate has never been unfriendly to me, not to any of the women I know. Try taking a vacation from your echo chamber once in a while.