Community Chest (Part 2)


Whenever I run out of things to write about, or feel like the game is starting to stagnate for me, I turn to the community for ideas and inspiration.  Sometimes, I’ll ask in local of whichever random system I happen to be in.  Sometimes, I’ll ask on Twitter or Facebook.  Occasionally, I’ll stumble across something serendipitously that drives me to writing a post.  So it is this week.

So what’s up with the community, Sin?

I’m so glad you asked.  First, I want to announce all of the community events that are coming in the next few days– both in and out of game.  The Toronto Eve meetup is today, February 21st, at 8pm.  I’ve never been to the Toronto meet, but I know they have a large group that meets regularly enough to have door prizes and the occasional, wayward CCP dev.  More details can be found in this forum thread.

Our next out-of-game event is the Eve London meet happening on March 7th.  Festivities start at 6pm and include a sneak peak at Eve: Valkyrie, door prizes, and shenanigans featuring CCP Guard and CCP Xhagen.  It doesn’t stop there, though, because y’all will spend the 8th and 9th nursing your hangovers and watching the New Eden Open live.  Check here for more details about the player meet.  I can’t find anything about the NEO viewing, so hit up CCP Guard on Twitter and make him give you details.

This is all fun and stuff, but what about in-game?


This Sunday (February 22nd), we have RvB Ganked 105: Ragnarok.  It’s a common misconception that you have to be a member of RvB to participate in their FFAs and Ganked fleets.  Totally not true, family.  The great thing about RvB is that they don’t care who you are; they’ll happily shoot you in the face.  The other great thing is that their fleets always have a theme, a background story, and a list of suggested ships/fits, so that even the greenest of pilots can come and have fun.  More details about Ragnarok can be found here.


I love reporting about these events.  You guys are really the best thing about this game, and I appreciate the content you provide.  Even if I haven’t spent as much time playing Eve as I normally do (Dude. Titanfall.), I still value our community above any other MMO I’ve ever experienced.  It’s rich and diverse and gives players the opportunity to explore and to bond, both in and out of game.  I do not know any other game that can boast that.  I am proud to be a member of this community and am honored to do anything I can for the people in it.

I try to be as genuine and as neutral as I possibly can be.  I always have, and anyone who knows anything about me can attest to this.

That is why, with a very heavy heart, I am announcing that this will be my last post for Crossing Zebras.  I was thrilled with Jeg and Xander asked me to be a part of their “experiment” last December.  What started out as a small, ragtag bunch of relatively-decent writers who were recruited to provide perspectives and opinions about this stupid little game we all love, has turned into a tiny media machine, complete with deadlines, editors, and site statistics.  I am truly proud of what we have managed to accomplish in the last 2 and a half months, but I’ll admit, I’m a little tired.

Someone asked me last week– after I finally located the legendary Eyjafjallajökull– what my next goal was.  I stared at that comment for a few hours, irritated, unable to come up with a reply.  This is the same someone who asked why I bothered with keeping a blog of my own if I concentrated my efforts on Crossing Zebras.  Normally, I have some snarky response ready for him.  This time, I had no idea what to say.  Frustrated as it made me, I had to admit, he had a point.

Another person with a point I agreed with was, surprisingly, DJ Big Country of Eve Radio.  Earlier this week, he was talking about the upcoming elections for CSM9.  As you probably know, our very own Xander Phoena is running.


He was talking about how there would be no one to do interviews of CSM candidates this year.  Xander did them last year and he was declared that it would be a huge conflict of interest to do them now.  I agree.  But I can also see BC’s point, that the community has a hole in it now, since no one has stepped up to fill Xander’s shoes and run all of those interviews.  Without such amiable and interesting interviews, the community will know less about the candidates and everyone will suffer for it.

Am I going to do it?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  I might want to talk to a couple of them (potentially more), but I can’t in good conscience volunteer to hold interviews with potential candidates while I’m working for one of them.  That, as my dear friend Xander says, is a conflict of interest.

So here we are.  In a way, I don’t want to go, but for now, I think it’s best.  I’d still like to drop an occasional post for these gentlemen, but my site has been seriously neglected, and I know it was never their intention for that to happen, or they probably never would have asked me to join them in the first place.  It’s time to go clean it up.

I guess that’s your answer.  My next goal is to get back to what I know.  Myself.  Whatever follows is anyone’s guess.

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