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War spurs innovation.


It drives us to invent, to improve and to race our fellow man to ever greater heights – not just in destruction but also in infrastructure and perhaps most of all, in communication. Since even before the war banners of the structured regiments of the medieval period, the need to clearly, yet covertly, communicate with one another has driven ever more sophisticated methods of doing so. Many of these innovations have since gone on to improve the lives of the general public as well.

the need to clearly and quickly communicate between members is paramount

In EVE, as in war, the need to clearly and quickly communicate between members is paramount. At the heart of this need, and in every fleet, sits an FC.

The FC watches the information pour in, both through their own interface and the comms. The FC’s job is to own the communication throughout the fleet. The goal of the FC is to form the very thoughts of their fleet members. To do this they must use every tactic available to communicate clearly, directly and without confusion… exactly what is expected.

Because of this, many FC’s can fall behind in being a normal functional member of the team. With so much going on, FC’s are more likely than most experienced players to be out of position, not attacking, or attacking the wrong target. This problem is compounded by the fact that the complexity of fleet fights has increased significantly in the last year. What once was simple overview watching, now has FC’s require a 3D understanding of the overall space of the fight. Even the most talented FC’s become frustrated that they are effectively giant linchpins to the fleet, a fact that can and is exploited often in a war where your enemies never truly die and never forget.

The “anti-headshot” FC ship is one that has been kicked around

The notion of the “anti-headshot” FC ship is one that has been kicked around in FC circles for quite some time, but this year at Fanfest CCP Fozzie put it on the map. CCP is driven to create the best experiences they can for EVE and they realised that while fights in which the FC is simply headshotted is an advantageous strategy, it ain’t much fun. The act of targeted removal of the brain of a fleet is so disruptive it nearly guarantees ‘cancer’ levels of popularity at all levels of play. This second part is even made worse by the fact that with a spatially aware battlefield, it is hard to communicate vocally and so FC’s have to be the anchor for the DPS ships, singling them out. This problem becomes even greater when FC’s, who arguably are the glue that holds most of EVE together as a game, begin to stop using specific strategies or even quit FC’ing altogether in frustration.

So to summarize we have the following problems:

  • FC’s and their survival are essentially required for good, engaging, prolonged fights.
  • FC’s also are often less functional than their members either do to distraction or to having to sit in super-tanked ships to avoid headshots.
  • FC’s also need better tools to communicate and command in a spatially 3D battlefield


  • Invincibility is super strong. As we discovered with the PANIC module, this can have unintended consequences.
  • FC’s will still want to contribute in a tangible way (read Killmail whoring)


The Solution: The Command and Signal Cruiser

A new type of Command Cruiser that cannot use a micro jump drive but can use an Expanded Probe Launcher, along with a new high slot module: the micro-PANIC. This new module only protects itself and doesn’t burn out, but it does last five minutes. This means that a FC can use it to lock themselves down and make them immune for the time period. The ship cannot activate any other high slots while the module is cycling, leaving it’s only real offense potential in non-bonused ewar. The cycle time means that an FC that loses a fight has to sit there as the enemies watch, however this still isn’t great. Thankfully we have a better answer.

Thats right, I am bringing up hacking in combat again

Thats right, I am bringing up hacking in combat again. Back in the long, long ago when we were discussing combat probing and such I argued that hacking could be used to disrupt off grid boosts. Thankfully, CCP came up with their own perfectly reasonable solution and the idea was not needed. However, the drive to have hacking be something that is functional as a productive thing you can perform for your team, as opposed to just a minigame for loot, has been strong for as long as the hacking has existed. Here we have an interesting opportunity.

Let’s say the micro-PANIC beacon has five redundant Cores. Every time an enemy successfully hacks your ship using the standard hacking mini game, you lose one Core. Once they all are down, the shields go offline and you are vulnerable once again. Allow the ship to see that they are under attack, by who and how many Cores they have left. You can also add a new low slot, module that will add extra Cores.

This would be very dangerous to do in an active fight, as you have to stay within 5km of the target you are hacking. Failed attempts just abort. As a bonus you could add this feature to the full sized PANIC module, maybe with some extra Cores, just to give that gameplay a bit more burn.

this package will keep our FC’s in the fight

But what will the FC’s ship do while being shielded? This will allow new probes from Expanded Probe Launcher. These new probes or ‘flairs’ will allow the FC to launch customized smoke and flares into space using the same 3D interface used for the new super weapons and drones. These can use the new firework tech to create different points that can be used to identify, distract and coordinate larger efforts. It is possible that these flairs may even be warpable, allowing you to project a warpable target a short (50km or so) distance. Because they are probes, they can be repositioned and brought back in. Perhaps the fighter interface could also be used to identify and customize the probes.

All of this package will keep our FC’s in the fight, only to leave them stranded and vulnerable if they fail. It allows for moves and countermoves and most of all unlocks whole new ways to play and look at the game. I am confident these simple tools could be used to allow FCs, or dedicated Control and Signal personnel to communicate and coordinate the fleet.

To close I have one consideration that may be a problem. When an FC dies, it is often a terrifying moment, but in that moment heroes are made. Less experienced, or confident leaders are forced into action and often great FC’s are first identified because of this. There is concern that by making it easier for the FC to survive the fight, that Jr. FC’s will have less reason to step up. I think this is the kind of issue that the playerbase will just have to adapt to and that a better fleet experience makes things even less pressuring to those who wish to step up into command.


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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.

  • Vertigoe

    Just no… No anti heads hot ship nothing. Here is a great way to kill the fleet instead of webbing the fc just make him activate his anti movement i am dead bubble.

    • Rook Onzo

      It would be better if the ship could still move with the fleet. I am a very amateur FC and I know that I cant predict ranges or know that my fleet is applying unless my ship is in the group. That being said I think having one ship that could fill that role with a massive tank only allowed for one single player I think it would be good for the game. Locking down and not moving would not be a good thing though.

  • I wish I’d been your editor for this one, Ash. In your rush to get to your pet idea (Hacking), you didn’t lay out your requirements for the FC ship clearly, and even those that you did mention in a side-breath (initial problems with PANIC) you didn’t cover in your proposal. You didn’t resolve the problem of an invulnerable ship using tackle to hold down a target, though that might be mitigated by the mini-PANIC halting motion. But then, would you really sacrifice motion as an FC to save your own ship? Another module you could have called on as a model is the Capital Emergency Hull Energizer, for instance. What about the need for the FC ship to be able to have a sub-light and warp speed comparable to its fleet, which might be a smaller hull than a BC+ size?

    This is a topic that is ripe for us to make proposals on, I think this one was just too rushed.

  • Messiah Complex

    Doesn’t a PANIC module leave the affected ship(s) unable to warp?

    • cloaky sniper raven

      It’s not a PANIC module, it’s “LIKE” a PANIC module. It does not exist yet, so can do whatever you want it to.

  • Tilda

    A special ship for FC’s is highly in demand. No doubt.
    The freshly introduced Concord ships would had been a great opportunity to fall in this role. What a pity to miss it…

    What if there are dedicated FC ships in three sizes: Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship. Each of them has 0 low-, 2 mid- and a number of high-slots (to be estimated later) but have no turret, no launcher, no shield and no armour/hull fitting possibility. Means: all highs are utility, one mid is reserved for propulsion + one mid for e-war utility. No Damage Control, etc. However, for survivability either by resistances or by raw hitpoints, the FC ship has 10x (or 15x, or 20x?) the typical EHP of other ships of the same ship size class. Details to be adjusted later. Furthermore, it has 2x (or 3x, or 5x?) the usual sensor resistance against enemy e-war.

    And finally: the command burst of the FC ship will apply to fleetmembers of the same ship size only!
    (Optional: small = frig + dessie; med = cruiser + BC; big = BS)

    This will give you the options:
    – choose a ship size / preferred fleet ship size
    – choose AB or MWD as preferred prop-mod (mobility assured, in contrast to PANIC mod)
    – choose one single e-warfare mod (to appear on the killmails)
    – much less distraction from the fight as there is next to no operation of active mods

    Not so clear: how to fit a command burst module on frigates … (maybe with a special fitting bonus?)

  • Inzek

    Highly disagree.
    Adding more specialized and defensive ships to be used by FCs would only flatten the quality diversity of FCs. In my opinion, FC headshot should be a valid strategy, which gives an advantage to groups that are more capable as smaller units, or plan on having more than one or secondary/tertiary FCs. This would also help developing new young FCs. If you want to put all your eggs on one basket, a golden one, then there must be a trade off.

    Nevertheless, the idea of adding different mechanics (Hacking in this case), to an engagement enviroment sounds interesting.

    • PaterFrog

      The problem of FC headshotting being too valid to do anything else most of the time still remains, though.

    • Greygal

      You cannot develop new, young FCs if they never get the opportunity to FC a fight, due to being headshot all the time.

  • JZ909

    I couldn’t disagree with the whole concept of this more. The issue is that people make themselves vulnerable to headshotting by putting all their eggs in one basket, and that basket is generally fit exactly like all the other ships in the fleet. If you’re an FC for a big fight, you should probably fit your ship with a bit more tank to avoid headshotting, or just fly a tankier variety of ship than the rest of your fleet. In addition, all combat fleets should have some sort of secondary FC, and with the complexity of the game where it is right now, I think there are a lot of reasons to delegate tasks and reduce the dependence on the primary FC to manage everything. If your fleet falls apart because your FC dies, it’s not because of game mechanics are bad; it’s because your fleet lacked leadership depth and a plan.

    • Dirk Stetille

      This is a fair point, but when you FC a fleet like Jackdaws, Svipuls, Hurricanes and the like, your line ships are fairly cheap but also not particularly tanky. Depending upon your choice of ship to FC from, you can generally get more tank than the line, but to push beyond a certain point simply doesn’t make sense from a cost to performance sense. Nobody is going to put B-Type EANMs on a Prophecy to FC armour Hurricanes. You probably wouldn’t even bother to put faction invulns on an FC Jackdaw, because it’s not worth it for the cost and the likelihood of you dying. In fleets like that, being headshot is far more likely, and generally these smaller-scale fights are what Ash is trying to answer here, because an FC Proteus generally doesn’t get headshot particularly easily.

      That said, fleets definitely only fall apart completely because you don’t have a defined command structure with secondary and even tertiary etc. FCs. But I’ve been in a couple of fights in the last few months where hostiles have headshot four FCs in a row, and while it was well-managed and didn’t stop the fight, that’s still not enjoyable gameplay for the FCs. Plus, when you add in the incoming changes to T3Cs that may make them less viable as FC ships, this question is going to need some sort of answer, but I would agree that this hacking concept really isn’t it.

  • PaterFrog

    This is a very good post and it made me think about the issues. I like the idea of a sort of HQ Cruiser. I personally think it would be slightly boring to be forced to sit still, I do think you should be able to move, if only because it feels awesome to be this scary looking ship leading your wing(s) in a fight. Alternatively, if you have to be forced into sitting still, you would have to offer some form of area control. Maybe a minor version of the tether. The effects of this tether would have to change based on the tethered ships’ weaponries. This could actually end up being a very good way of balancing close and long ranged weapons.

    An idea if did not much like, is that of hacking. I find hacking to be utterly and absolutely boring. Do not force me into it. Find a different way to disable command cruisers, if it’s really necessary.