Close Quarters World War Bee MINISODE!


Hey guys! After the war has sped up against GOONS I decided to get with JEFFRAIDER to discuss the future plans for PL and the MBC. People have been rejoining old alliances and resubbing to get in on the action and I felt the need to do a little something! Really enjoyed this short 10 minute episode. I start things off by going into the more recent events and go right into what the future may have for the MBC! Lay back and enjoy the show!   CQ Minisode!

About the author


DreamTrooperX has been playing Eve on and off since 2009. With only a short time in the game before diving into nullsec, he has been in nearly every bloc in the game, though spent a majority of his time in TEST, or OCCUPY. Now a WAFFLE, he spends most of his time in lowsec in-between deployments.