Close Quarters Episode 4 – With Vily


Hey guys! This is my new podcast that I’ll be doing hopefully twice a month depending on how much time I have after working on other things! I plan to host FC’s and the like from all over the game and all points in history. This week I’m joined by the ex-goon, current TESTie FC Vily. We go through his long history of corps and find out where he came from. He also goes into detail what pushed him to leave CONDI and move on in his Eve-career. ENJOY! CQ Episode 4 – Vily

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DreamTrooperX has been playing Eve on and off since 2009. With only a short time in the game before diving into nullsec, he has been in nearly every bloc in the game, though spent a majority of his time in TEST, or OCCUPY. Now a WAFFLE, he spends most of his time in lowsec in-between deployments.

  • okoolo

    great interview. Enjoyed it very much

  • Guest

    Vily: Supers were added to the wrecking ball because we wanted reps that could not be fucked with ewar. Aeons fitted max sebos and full reps. Also you dont usually warp the slowcat blob around, so there is no real risk of including supers in it when we bubble ourselves anyway.

  • PodcastListener

    You do realize that none of your episodes are working on the eve podcasts RSS right? id like to listen to these, but cannot download or stream them. It just a description. Please fix.

  • Sanai Nobuseri

    Guyz, you really need to do something about your volume. DUnno why but your podcasts always have super low volume