Close Quarters Episode 3 – With Progodlegend


Hey guys! This is my new podcast that I’ll be doing hopefully twice a month depending on how much time I have after working on other things! I plan to host FC’s and the like from all over the game and all points in history. This week I’m joined by a pro, a god, AND a legend, Progodlegend of Dreddit. Went in depth with his origins and the history of Nulli Secunda, and his transitions throughout his Eve Career. Was tons of fun and I hope you enjoy!   CQ Episode 3 – Progodlegend

About the author


DreamTrooperX has been playing Eve on and off since 2009. With only a short time in the game before diving into nullsec, he has been in nearly every bloc in the game, though spent a majority of his time in TEST, or OCCUPY. Now a WAFFLE, he spends most of his time in lowsec in-between deployments.