Close Quarters Episode 2 – With DBRB


Hey guys! This is my new podcast that I’ll be doing hopefully twice a month depending on how much time I have after working on other things! I plan to host FC’s and the like from all over the game and all points in history. This week I’m joined by the infamous DaBigRedBoat of Merchi Industrial, in Goonswarm Federation. We spoke a lot about his origins and even gloss over the “Great Battle of Asakai”. Enjoy!   CQ Episode 2 – DBRB

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DreamTrooperX has been playing Eve on and off since 2009. With only a short time in the game before diving into nullsec, he has been in nearly every bloc in the game, though spent a majority of his time in TEST, or OCCUPY. Now a WAFFLE, he spends most of his time in lowsec in-between deployments.

  • AkrasjelLanate

    “they part of the coalition that want to kill us”

    This is getting boring

    • Rob Kaichin

      Have you had your daily hate, citizen AkrasjelLanate?



      • AkrasjelLanate

        If you say soo

        You can believe what you want but it doesn’t make it true.

        Do not question the official narrative.

  • shadoos eyebrows

    better than the first episode 8/10

  • Joe

    Nice interview with a nice guy.

    I noticed all the FC who like to fc large fleets hate the node system. They simply refuse to split up their single blob into squads to cover the 7 or so systems in a constellation. As someone who likes smaller gang pvp I love this system.

    It seems many people in the cfc complain about npc stations. They ask why should they live in anything but npc stations? It’s an odd question, because the cfc does not live in npc stations so they know the answer. One obvious advantage of null sov is no one else can dock in your stations unless you let them.

  • cloaky sniper raven

    What was the forum he loved? started w/ an F?

    • Asher

      FYAD – it’s part of Something Awful.

  • Fat Elvis

    Really enjoyed it, but could have been longer maybe?

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  • Mike

    This was awful, dude just cried about NPC space for an hour.