Citadels Video Update


General Stargazer here with video update on Citadels. This video footage was shot during the recent mass test conducted by CCP. Enjoy!

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General Stargazer

General Stargazer has been around since 2003 and served in corporations in almost every type in the universe. He has a keen interest in Eve developing story through live events and background in the lore. His pass time in Eve now is more of community interaction, documentation and video making.

  • Tiberius_StarGazer

    Outstanding video there buddy, nice work!

    • Kamar Raimo

      Shoulder patting among the Stargazer brothers? 🙂

      But seriously, nice preview vid and it is always a pleasure to listen to General Stargazer’s genuine BBC English

  • JZ909

    Cool! I still think these are going to make taking territory a miserable grind until they make them a bit more vulnerable, but cool none the less.

  • Ashterothi

    It is obvious the design goal of XL citadels: Give an amazing backdrop to the largest clashes in EVE. This here is why sov grind isn’t the “big thing to bring fights” it is these bad boys. These XL citadels will be the stages in which the future empires clash (plus whatever crazy stuff they come up with for mining platforms and space elevators).

  • Kostoneld

    Where is the refitting option when you are docked? And inventory/cargo? Just shows what ship you are in in top right corner?

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