CCP Plans Massive Layoffs across New Eden in YC 117

One week before Christmas EVE, CCP RubberBAND rocked the non-capsuleer community by announcing the massive layoff of all Industrial teams across New Eden. This has left many researchers, industrialists and scientists wondering where they will find the income to pay for yuletide presents for their young ones. As many capsuleer industrialists know, teams were introduced in the Crius expansion with much anticipation. The mechanic allowed for teams of NPC specialist workers to boost industry in various ways. Marketed as the Research and Industry equivalent of boosters, the teams were supposed to provide bonuses to material efficiency, production efficiency, and research time efficiency, as well as several other related bonuses, for a limited duration. Both CCP and the Industrialist community believe that the core idea was strong. However, after six months of data showing the usage of the teams, it was determined that it was time to pull the plug on this new mechanic. CCP RubberBAND stated that while the idea was good, “it is apparent to us that usage of teams has been very low relative to the goals we set for it–with single figure percentage use in manufacturing jobs and near nonexistent use in research.” This tends to coincide with player opinion on the usage of teams for manufacturing and research. The percentage increase to efficiency was often less than the hassle it was to operate the teams. The possibility of last-minute auction sniping meant that only the very best teams were watched, and it also meant that certain time zones were exempt from the possibility of competing for a team. CCP has announced that the industrialist teams will be slowly phased out over the next month or so. Currently the plan is for no new teams to appear by the end of the year, and the teams that are available will just naturally fall off when their work cycle completes. At the earliest expansion, the UI for Work-Teams will be removed from the Industry panel. CCP rubberBAND has also stated that during this process, the ‘topography’ and landscape of industrialization will continue to be monitored and corrected should something unexpected occur. [Read: A bug is found]
The most interesting thing about this announcement, is that it shows CCP is now confident enough, and mature enough, to look at a process they implemented, determine it wasn’t working, and remove it. In the past, this has been sadly lacking. It was far too often for CCP to state things were “working as intended” when they clearly weren’t, or just simply ignore the issue altogether. Unfortunately, in the announcement, CCP RubberBAND did state that it was unlikely that work teams would be visited again in the near future. Hopefully, teams will not be shelved entirely and will make a triumphant return. One such idea, as a correction to the ineffective auction system, would be for players to create teams themselves utilizing the slaves, scientists, tourists, homeless and the various other NPC populations. Planetary Interaction could also be brought into the mix, allowing players to select certain people-classes to “hire” from terrestrial planets, based on skill and population density. An entirely new economy could arise, allowing for human resource managers to collect and create work teams, similar to how Boosters/Drugs are player-created. In fact, through the utilization of slaves to improve production efficiency, or time efficiency, CCP could bring about a moral dilemma of capsuleers-turned-slaver. This action could bring about slavery/smuggler paths through low-sec, or attempt the much riskier activity of slave-running through high sec, where CONCORD and three of the major empires find the practice illegal. Much like minerals are racially divided, perhaps also NPC workers could be divided among the different areas, with Caldari having a high percentage of scientists, and Amarr a much denser slave population.
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