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The paint is barely dry on CCP announcement on their transition to free play, and they are already showing off their marketing prowess. An email offer, and later a full webpage, has been sent out with a loyalty reward for players who stick with EVE until November. While some may see this as an act of desperation, it actually is a bit of clever strategy, that costs effectively nothing.

Before we dissect the offer itself, it is important to understand the rewards.

Players who qualify will receive the following free items:

Additionally there is one item that doesn’t lend itself as a reward, but rather is a tease

  • Rumors from the shipyards indicate a new ship is about to be unveiled

So let’s break down each of these in turn:

Gnosis Battlecruiser: This is actually a huge deal, and a very telling choice. The Gnosis was introduced for EVE’s tenth birthday, and so it is a pretty meaningful ship for the history of EVE. Some was given out to everyone, and extra blueprint copies were given to folks who purchased the EVE Collector’s Edition (still worth it if you are a big EVE fan BTW).

These giveaway items generally can break the game in subtle ways, and the Gnosis in particular was a special edition ship meant to be used. The high distribution count on them ensured their value would stay reasonable for some time, but given they cost basically nothing to build (1 trit), they were always a profitable gift. Additionally, the ship itself is infinitely versatile. It is bonused for every weapon type as well as scanning. Finally, it requires no skills to fly beyond Spaceship Command I, meaning it is the only battlecruiser alpha-clones will be able to fly.

an incredibly important ship in the foreseeable future

All of this makes this ship an incredibly important ship in the foreseeable future, and we are likely to see more giveaways of it as it becomes a ship that is important to the game, but not distributed in the traditional way. I personally expect to see Gnosis battlecruisers as a reward for loyalty in the post “free play” world.


Apotheosis Shuttle: This shuttle was given away for EVE’s 5th birthday, and actually is the ship that thematically decided the Gnosis battlecruisers’ appearance. The shuttle itself is barely noteworthy, aside from its rareness, and thus is often not worth its 14 million or so pricetag. Releasing it again allows CCP to reinforce the Gnosis give-away, as well as really drive home that this is a milestone in EVE’s history.

However, there is another interesting component that makes these two ships interesting: The Society of Conscious Thought. This group in particular are very important to the past years events with the ongoing story of the Caroline Star Event. Additionally, the SoCT are known for their knowledge of the infomorph, and most recently gave us skill extractor technology. This seems to suggest that the new breakthroughs leading to Alpha clone technology will likely come from them. Also, as revealed in Inheritance, the SoCT now has a seat on CONCORDs inner counsel, becoming the first pro-Empyrean member.

Either way, I know one guy who is very pleased by this giveaway.

New SKIN for the Gnosis: This only helps reinforce the signal the CCP wants these things to be flown, and they are particularly interesting for those who do plan to transition to Alphas in November. This could also very well be the only time these are given away, allowing them to gain value over time.

A special edition armor suit and goggle set: This is the kind of thing they do for most giveaways, and there are plenty of good options for suits to choose from. This is likely the only time that these items will be released, and the nice thing about cosmetic items is you don’t ever have to risk them.

Rumors from the shipyards indicate a new ship is about to be unveiled: At first blush some people assumed this may just be part of the announcement of the Porpoise. However, CCP does have a tradition of giving away special ships for special events. With the SoCT theme we could see a third instalment to their fleet. A SoCT destroyer has shown up in the files, and is the most likely candidate to be this item. Given what we know about the SoCT it will offer a very flexible low combat exploration platform, designed to do anything in high sec very well (just as the Stratios is balanced towards low sec combat sites.)

Note: The website does not put this in the bulleted list, so it could very well be the Porpoise, or given its wording, something else entirely. The original email had it as part of the list, but this may have been a typo. CCP Pointybits has confirmed that this model is what we think it is.


It is also worth mentioning that it is almost Christmas, and so in likelihood we will see additional giveaways for that season.

All told, CCP has managed to maximize the value of the choices they have made for this giveaway. The strong SoCT theme fits both the lore, and the mechanics of the event we are celebrating, and costs CCP effectively nothing. While the value of the items will be no where near the two PLEX it takes to obtain them, it gives a reason for anyone who is on the fense to stay on for the remaining two months.

This is the way to use your dynamic universe in a way to get your players behind you as you make a huge transition. It may be a very simple offer, but it shows they at least understand what it takes for us to “get there”.

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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.

  • Good points! love the Gnosis, and can’t wait for the Sunesis!

  • Gumby Roffo

    Just in time as I lost my Gnosis discovering the mechanics of those keen to help Concord folk.

  • luobote kong

    `… showing off their marketing prowess.. ‘ Post modern irony at its best.

    • Bill Bones

      Free skillpoints? Attribute remaps? Character resculpts? And a SKIN unavailable on Tranquility?

      They’re pretty aggressive….

      • luobote kong

        Yes… by CCP’s standards anyway. The rewards are just for having an active account over the holiday period. This is a minor landfill promotion by their standards.

        • Fearlesslittletoaster

          Can you imagine the screaming if they tried that on TQ? Cultural differences are in play I think.

          • luobote kong

            I can imagine the screaming from the usual cultural hegemony that are fully engaged with the game certainly. But it is the one’s who are disengaged that this is aimed to attract and hold. So ultimately it’s either ibad judgement or lack of nerve on CCP’s part if that is really the factor holding them back

          • Bill Bones

            CCP policy since the Rubicon letter has been to keep a little people very happy and nevermind for the other customers. It has worked wonderfully to let go people who don’t care of what CCP is doing and thus shrink their income to the point that some F2P looks like a good idea.

          • luobote kong

            That seems to have been the de facto policy. If it was intentional then it was a bad choice. The decision to go F2P goes back 18 months or so with the commoditisation of SP and the T3 server upgrade. So it is solely about revenue generation not growing the game. Dressing it up as the answer to activity decline is just an opportunistic ruse de guerre. They were always going to do it.

          • Bill Bones

            Well CCP has been increasing revenue per customer by different means like cosmetic sells, but all those means don’t end well when customers just shrink, so F2P was a last bullet that should be fired sooner or later. But IT IS the last bullet. If numbers keep going down after it, it’s game over. And yet CCP haven’t put NPE up to speed to capitalize the F2P second launch of EVE.

            That’s either stupid or desperate, and I’d bet on despair. Maybe social interactions in the server are getting dangerously close to where CCP fear it’s the minimum critical mass below which the game would failcascade. When people log in and don’t meet enough people to play or log in again, that’s death, and in social systems it happens very fast.

            And frankly. After being ignored for years, today I wouldn’t mind to see EVE crash and burn and CCP sink with it, specially since their latest investment on VR is not looking bright as VR hardware market is stalling.

          • Dan Seavey

            Not going to happen. All this F2P implementation is simply an extention of the free trial that they used to offer. Coupled with a do-over of the NPI, it should bear fruit. This shouldn’t even be called F2P anyway as it doesn’t quite mirror the model of other games attempts to Hail Mary up the numbers.
            I think CCP should focus on new blood, because pandering to your classic bitter-vet salt lick of an attitude would be a fruitless endeavor to say the least. Nothing will ever appease you because your negativity prevents it.

  • AkrasjelLanate

    This “a suitable replacement” for referrals will probably be a loyalty program… this is just a thing done because this unlimited trial for whatever reasons. Why would anyone downgrade is beyond me or maybe the Alpha account provides everything one needs from EVE.

  • Viince_Snetterton

    ” This could also very well be the only time these are given away, allowing them to gain value over time.”…You are so cute when you fanboi for CCP. Yup, a one time offer, just like the Gnosis was.

    CCP lies, and will continue to lie, unless people within the CCP media rage and call out these shysters for what they are. It has happened before, with Incarna, but it appears that the current crop of media types are a too far up CCP’s asses to protest like Incarna again. Given that the official Eve forum has been morphed into Pravda where any dissent is immediately quashed, 3rd party sites I would have hoped taken up the mantle of an informed critic.

    But no.

    • Fearlesslittletoaster

      Or alternately, the two situations are completely different and therefor incarna-esque protests are not called for?

  • nathan_binford

    And this is why Ashterothi is my favorite Eve media personality… Upbeat, insightful, knowledgable of lore, and sharing original thoughts. Thank you sir!

  • Bill Bones

    I received the e-mail and pondered to use some of my stocked PLEXes to reactivate. But then I thought to myself: why? Do I *really* care?

    The answer is no. To me, CCP hasn’t made nor announced anything worth playing the game any further.

    • Fearlesslittletoaster

      Your comment made me think for a moment. Maybe the new Alpha clones are CCP finally realizing that they can’t make a feature or announcement that will make the game worth playing further for a lot of bitter vets. Only stuff players do can accomplish that, so they are trying like mad to get players engaged…

      • Bill Bones

        I would sub myself in the blink of an eye if CCP announced that they’re adding new Level 4 missions and plan to keep doing it with every release. And I would resub all of my accounts at once if they announced that they were letting us to invite other players into our CQs.

        It’s not as if CCP /can’t/ announce things to earn us back. It’s more that they’re too busy adding new stuff of which the unsubbed masses don’t give a shit, else we still would be subscribed.

        • Mr Banden

          Yeees, Eve online is know far and wide for it’s amazing quest system and walking in stations feature. 🙂

          • Bill Bones

            It also is growing exponentially fast thanks to all the investment on mass PvP for the control of territories. :/

          • Mr Banden

            The stories of large fleet battles and player led organizations garners quite a bit of interest for the game, the PVE features in the game does not. So when CCP is focusing on the areas of the game that improves the things that interest the most people, that’s just playing on the most winning horse. The fact that the game is on a slow decline has more to do with player-retention and the new-player experience, the same metrics which show the decline also show that every news story about some huge battles in the game coincides with an influx of players. New missions and Captains Quarters improvements would hardly improve player retention. I’m sorry that the things you like aren’t being improved, but maybe that’s just not what the game is about.

          • OneDayContent

            Large battles may create media hype, but as long as there’s no interesting game beyond/behind those once-a-year-battles it’s no wonder new player retention is abysmal.
            It’s like trying to persuade people to settle into a bad neighbourhood for its ‘massive new years eve fireworks show’. Just isn’t going to happen.

          • Mr Banden

            And in that context you think missions is just the thing to focus on? 🙂

          • Bill Bones

            A subscription videogame is about keeping the people subscribed. Thus, development should be prioritized based on what players pay for, proportionally to how many players do it. If 5% of your players pay for big fleet battles once a year, 5% of the resources must go to that. if 60% of players pay for PVe, PvE should get 60% of the development resources.

            A sandbox is what players do with it. For years upon years, EVE has been a PvE game with a shiny coating of glamurous PvP. Yet that coating is just an empty husk without the PvE core.

            In an amazing turn of events, CCP began focusing on the shiny coating of glamurous PvP since November 2013, based on their interpretation of what players enjoyed the most. Ever since, PvE was backburned and PvP was prioritized in a development plan arching for 5 years (2013 to 2018).

            Halfway of that development plan, server population measured as PCU has fallen to 2006 levels and is 40% below that of the start of the Rubicon Plan. Server population is reaching such lows that that the subscription model is going to be reinforced with a F2P model before being ready to capitalize it, since the retention issues haven’t been adressed.

            Maybe someone got wrong what the game was about. Because I tell you: if this game is about PvP, then PvP is doing a terrible job to keep it alive.

          • Mr Banden

            “If 5% of your players pay for big fleet battles once a year, 5% of the resources must go to that. if 60% of players pay for PVe, PvE should get 60% of the development resources.”

            That is a really warped way of assigning development time. Firstly, as I have already said the thing that generate interest for the game is the player driven events, don’t take it from me. That is what the statistics show.

            Secondly I think most people spend time on PVE in the game, that’s because in order to afford PVP, you need to do PVE. That doesn’t mean they play the game FOR PVE.

            Thirdly, exactly which changes have CCP been spending development time on that were expressly a PVP feature? Citadels have been taking up a lot of time, certainly. Is that improving PVP, sure! But it is also improving every other aspect of the game. Likewise the carrier revamp. They just announced another major PVE event. There was the sleeper incursions. There was the Shadow of the serpentis events.

            It would seem that you are not bothered about CCPs development of PVE features because they don’t assign development time to it. By all accounts they absolutely do! You are bothered because they don’t assign time to your particular kind of PVE. The solo quest kind of PVE in eve is lackluster, has always been lackluster and have never been a large pull for players.

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