Capital Focus Group Update: Crash of the Titans


As many of you who’ve been reading the focus group chat logs as they go up will know, the ways in which the game moves forward to encourage capitals and super-capitals to be used in combat (whilst not making them overpowered) has been a hot topic.

Since the outset, we’ve known that risk/reward in EVE will always be a thing, and agreed upon on all sides was that there were two ways to give capitals a breath of fresh air. One solution was to give them a new role, a new niche to excel in. The other, to reduce their cost significantly in order to make them less risky to field, resulting in people being less concerned when one explodes. Or of course a combination of both.

We’ve seen significant improvements to the function of nearly all capital class vessels. Titans and dreads will now be able to shoot sub-capitals with great effect using new High Angle Weapons. Supercarriers will have AoE electronic warfare weapons called ‘Burst Projectors’ and fighters that have significantly improved versatility on the battlefield. Carriers, with new utility and massively improved range will be able to project EWAR and damage across the Citadel battlefield up to several thousand kilometers.

Many would argue that indeed, CCP had succeeded in its goal of creating this new niche role. Despite this, there are a number of individuals whom also considered a reduction in build cost to be necessary. I’ve spent a significant amount of time attempting to demonstrate the many flaws of a change like that. Increased prevalence, reduced significance when one is destroyed, diminished role for subcapital class ships and so on.

CZ Erebus titan
“I’m currently the owner of four titans, which post patch will have a build cost of 15-17b varying by race, supercarriers will be approximately half that.”

Unfortunately, this was a discussion i was unable to sway. I’m currently the owner of four titans, which post patch will have a build cost of 15-17b varying by race, supercarriers will be approximately half that. After putting so much time into the focus group, I am disappointed that CCP would take such a U-turn in their direction. After a little over 11 years, it’s finally time i hung my hat, and gracefully bow out of internet spaceships for good.

I’m gonna write this little extra paragraph so it’s not super obvious that this is infact an April fools joke. I figure if i disguise that revelation in this paragraph, the clever nerds amongst you who like to read all the spoilers don’t just read the bottom first and be super smug about how I didn’t get you. Personally, i blame Jeff anyway.


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  • Rob Kaichin

    I wanted to believe. 🙁

  • Kurbanis Araeleus

    You had me til you said you were quitting ?


    damn it – first of april joke

  • hmmm

    April fools day jokes aside, changing the costs to approx what was mentioned above, isn’t as silly idea as it sounds.
    I know people will disagree, but hell, its about time CCP & others woke up and realised that the only way, you will see these ships used more despite planned changes, is to make them cheaper to build,replace & own for when they go bang in fights.
    It is rather simple, really, if their prices don’t change downwards, why would a sane person risk such a valuable asset given their reduction in EHP & survivability.

    • [SNIGG] Rocket X

      *sigh* lol