Folks over at /r/EVE are at it again. Several people noticed CCP updated their website revealing all new juicy details about what’s in store for the upcoming weeks and months.

This is noteworthy as it comes after a noticeable period of almost no word of what the future has in store post Ascension. Although it was quickly torn down, someone managed to grab an image of all of the updates. Let’s break them down.

Project Discovery – Exoplanets – The previous iteration of Project Discovery involved  a minigame inside of EVE that rewards scientifically minded capsuleers for helping identify protein patterns in real samples of human cells. This new iteration is a partnership with the University of Geneva and is related to identification of real life exoplanets. We have no idea what this will mean as the previous Project Discovery project helped the SOE unlock Alpha clone technology from Jove tissue samples. How will this new PD work, and what will be our reward? The cytoplasm is the powerhouse of the cell? Will this new program unlock more ideas about planets and PI?

Vexor & Ishtar Redesign – The Dominix and the Tristan have both been reworked and now the design efforts land on the Vexor/Ishtar line. While the images we have seen so far don’t show the product, expect to see a more “muscular” design, perhaps with more emphasis on the open vents and drone bays.

Strategic Cruiser Rebalance – One of the most anticipated rebalance in half a decade, the T3C rebalance may see a complete redesign of how subsystems work. The most versatile, and problematic ship class in EVE Online, and the nemesis of any game designer. With command bursts, capitals, and sovereignty at least started in their new functions, it is time for EVE’s design and balance team to tackle their biggest challenge yet.

Asteroid Fields – In the same line, mining has seen major love and refinement in the last several months. With immense effort going into Rorqual and mining it looks like the next thing is a look at how the resources are distributed. They may also include other bits like a visual rework, but honestly the belts already look better than ever.

New Player Experience – Operations Center – The infamous “Phase Two” of the NPE is coming to guide players from the very rails driven starting event Inception, all the way to a well armed capsuleer, boldly seeking their path in the stars. This iteration will see a rework on how progress is tracked, how career agents work, and potentially how players seek meaningful PvE and PvP content at all skill levels.

More Explosions – Pretty things are pretty and the work of the EVE art and graphics team have been incredible. It is hard to say more without more video, but we do know there are new suns coming.

Battlestation Renovation – With tensions rising throughout the four empires, it looks like all sides will be working on remodeling their battle stations. Expect to see some love given to the various equipment and specifically the NPC stations of New Eden

New Forums – This is part of a larger effort to revamp the CCP web presence all together. The new forums effectively kill EVE Gate, but that seems to be less of a concern because…

New Chat System – This has me very excited. The ability to communicate is paramount to EVE, and is a cornerstone of an EVE players tool chest. Having a chat that is accessible outside of the client, or disconnected from the game itself opens up better options for native communication without the need for so much integration with services such as Discord.


Overall these are bold and exciting changes. What is worth noting is what is absent. We know drilling platforms are likely to come after these (likely in fall as mentioned on the page), but these quality of life, and quality of the game changes show CCP’s continued focus to make the game itself live up to the meta game we all have fun playing on top of it.

Interestingly, we do not see any sign of a Factional Warfare rebalance, or the structure changes we have been talking about since late last year. Hopefully that means these issues will at least be looked at, and potentially resolved before the Summer. A man can hope.

In other news, the plague continues to be tackled and it seems the SOCT will be building a Keepstar in Postouvin to be the central hub of the new live event that is playing out leading up to this year’s Fanfest.

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