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Seismic Stan set the following topic for Blog Banter 44:

“The local chat channel provides EVE players with an instant source of intel of who is in the system. With a quick glance you can tell who is in system and what your standings are to them. War targets, hated enemies, friends and corp mates all stand out clearly. Is this right? Should we have access to this intel for free with no work or effort? Should the Local chat channel even exist? Should normal space be more like wormhole space where the Local channel appears empty until someone speaks?”

This one is fairly straightforward from where I am standing. Intel should require some level of effort to obtain and that the quality of the intel should be proportionate to the effort required. The local channel at the moment is far too cheap and easy when flying around in null-sec.


One of the key things I noted from various sessions in the CSM Winter Summit was that all the members appeared to agree that they liked some element of the unknown. One of the easiest ways to do that would be to keep the local channel but you do not appear in that channel unless you meet one of the following criteria:

– As suggested by Stan in the original topic, you appear if you actively choose to talk in local. You can spam the channel with all the shit you want but as soon as you do, you are telling everyone in that system that you are there. If you want to talk to friends / corpies / whatever, feel free to keep that to a private channel. As soon as you leave system, your name would be removed from the local channel list.

– If you engage an enemy. I’m not sure exactly how this one would play out but in my opinion, as soon as you red box someone, you appear in local. From an RP perspective, firing weapons should make you much more ‘visible’ than simply travelling through system. I’d leave it to those who know more than me to iron out the kinks on this one.

– If you pass through a gate with a destructible gate module which has been anchored within a pre-determined distance from the said gate. Soundwave has already tossed this idea around previously and it is a good one. Perhaps limit the number of these modules which can be anchored in each system? This could lead to some pretty cool emergent gameplay such as defending fleets deliberately hunkering down in systems with as few entrances and exits as possible but reducing their own chances of escape in an attack.

Oostre has suggested to me on twitter that perhaps these gate-style modules could be anchored in the middle of system as well with an area-of-effect. Perhaps a 1AU bubble that could be placed around usual routes around a system? I am less keen on this idea personally but I would certainly be willing to see if it could be implemented in a way which wasn’t immediately exploitable.

A typical complaint from high-level players in null-sec is that it is too ‘easy’ and ‘well-known’. This one change would make a huge difference to that. I hope CCP takes a good hard look at this and runs with it.

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