Betrayal vs. Redemption


Monday night, September 11th, “The Judge” – third in command of Circle of Two alliance (a major nullsec entity), enacted a premeditated plan in order to destroy gigX the executor, leader, and public face of CO2. The Judges victory over gigX was absolute and the damage to Co2, beyond catastrophic. The Judge’s actions will forever go down into eve history as one of the most notorious political coups in New Eden. And all of this was planned and worked out in advance at the Council of Stellar Management meeting in Reykjavik Iceland.

 “we’re fucked”

The exact details that led to-, and the exact elements that were involved in, the lead-up to this event are not perhaps immediately clear, although facts, statements and speculations continue to emerge in the community. However, what I personally do know is that sometime last night (at the time of writing) I was sitting in a Discord channel with one of the Co2 corps I am friendly with and saw the message “we’re fucked”, after which I had a front row seat as well as a first person line of communication with the events as they unfolded. The Judge transferred a large portion of Co2 citadels to Test Alliance Please Ignore, stole around 1.5 trillion ISK from from all the sources he had access to, and lastly sold the capital of Co2 – their keepstar, to the Imperium as revenge for gigX’s previous betrayal of the Imperium back at the beginning of World War Bee.

These actions alone ended the so-called “Blue Donut War”

These actions alone ended the so-called “Blue Donut War” and devastated Co2, but this was only half of his victory. The Judge, having spent five years as a loyal member of Co2, and a close supporter of gigX, knew him incredibly well and was familiar with his tendencies and most importantly was familiar with his rash and bullheaded temper. After performing the coup, The Judge immediately began live streaming Co2 alliance chat and just waited patiently for the fireworks to begin. His stream reached near the two thousand mark, and as people freaked out in chat, The Judge would occasionally snipe at someone or post a snarky comment to illicit a response while waiting patiently for gigX to wake up and log in. GigX did log in, and as expected in the heat of the moment erupted and went ballistic all while live on stream in front of two thousand viewers. Asking for personal information and whereabouts, threatening to end his life, and to cut off his hands. All the while, The Judge was delivering slight and neutral comments to draw out gigX into permanently ending his career in Eve online. The Judge’s plan worked brilliantly. He not only single handedly defeated Co2 but permanently removed their alliance leader and figurehead from the game. This was absolute victory.


for many people, Eve is real

As context to those that don’t understand, for many people, Eve is real. You spend years forging bonds and building friendships, working together in an environment where many people are out to ruin you and drag you down, for either personal gain or just for fun. As a result of this, the most valuable commodities in Eve are trust, loyalty, and your individual reputation. An alliance as successful as Co2 required hundreds of thousands of hours of work and gameplay by a dedicated and loyal community to achieve and build themselves a home. The amount stolen was a little north of 1.5 trillion ISK, with assets combined. The total value in US currency (calculated via PLEX) would be around $20,000 (this is an estimate -ed).

But that alone is not why Eve is real. What many do not understand is that the average player makes 60 million ISK an hour in Eve Online. That is roughly 1$ for an entire hour of your life, and if you factor in any western countries minimum wage vs. time spent working towards a goal in Eve then the true value stretches into the millions of dollars range. The sheer time investment alongside other comrades to achieve something and the potential of loss is what makes Eve such a real and very personal experience to many players.

Because of this, gigX reacted badly. There is absolutely no denying it, he made real life threats against another player publically in front of an audience of two thousand other people. CCP promptly and correctly hit him and all his accounts with a permanent ban from Eve Online. GigX was in clear violation of the CCP EULA and ToS and paid the price for it. However, allow me to try and put it in a different perspective.

It is understandable that if any of us happened to be in a similar situation we would react badly, and in this particular circumstance and betrayal even more so. Most people, including me, agree that gigX went well beyond what is acceptable and that he should definitely be banned and even heavily fined for his actions and his words, but it could be argued that a permanent ban is too much. GigX has been a long time content creator, a greatly disliked individual, a personal enemy of myself even. He has rubbed so many people around the game the wrong way that any number of people would gladly get in line for a chance to blow him up. There is nothing I would like more than to go head to head with him and his alliance and to defeat them in a military campaign. But due to his permaban, I, and many others will be denied that pleasure.

Instead of a statement I got a public apology from him personally

The Judge won his victory, but gigX and his reactions leading to his permaban were premeditated and baited. I will be honest, as a first time offender, I personally feel that gigX deserves a long ban and a hefty fine, but not a permanent ban from Eve Online and our community. I personally want the opportunity to fight him again, and I feel that many others would really enjoy having future battles with an alliance leader who has almost zero aversion to risk.

Because of this, I reached out to gigX through a contact in Discord and asked him for an interview or if he had a statement. Instead of a statement I got a public apology from him personally and was asked to post it here at the end of my article apologizing to The Judge, to the Eve Online community and to CCP for his actions. See it below.


Hello Eve community. I am writing this message to explain and apologize for my recent behavior during the events happened on September 11th over The Judge flipping our alliance staging to Goonswarm Federation. I have led Circle-of-Two since 2008 and as I mentioned over multiple occasions, this alliance is all I am playing for nowadays. I have accomplished everything there was to accomplish for myself in the game, and my current goal is to create content and make sure that my alliance members can also accomplish their goals. The transferring of the keepstar and the theft of our assets doesn’t necessarily hurt me as much as it hurts every single member of this alliance that has put time and effort into building what CO2 is today. I am protective over my members and sadly I let my feelings get the best of me as I didn’t want my members to pay for mistakes I have made during our time together these past few years. With that said, I hereby apologize to the everyone in the Eve member community, CCP, and even The Judge for my poor choice of words and my reaction that morning. I am the executive of Circle-of-Two and my members did not deserve this and hope I can be forgiven for my overreactions. I am sorry.




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About the author

Sanai Nobuseri

Playing eve since December of 2006, been around more then a decade, flown with WhySo, Razor Alliance, Darkness, and Test. Creator and destroyer of multiple failscaded alliances along with best friend Rots, experienced skirmish FC, in every major war since the orginal fall of the DRF, and self proclaimed and proud Furry (Fursona is Glitch). Currently associated with Test Alliance Please Ignore and Kick Suad.

  • Neal S. (Driftwood)

    my only question is Why are people not showing the whole picture of the Keepstar that includes a giant penis made of warp bubbles below it???

  • Goschti

    So, the Judge knew that gigX is known to react that way and then gigX is a first time offender? Does not really work in my opinion. Also stating gigX reaction as a plan of the Judge seems to be a bit far fetched. Any proof for this? And just to add my opinion: If you repeatedly threaten someone over the course of multiple hours in livestreamed chat or voice comms you deserve to be banned.

    • EVE Player

      Depends on the media. If it was ingame then sure, we have a case… If it was on mumble or shit like that… CCP has nothing to do with it

      • permabangigx

        it was in alliance chat in the eve online game client, so yes defiantly in game

      • Some random Sperglord

        But then, didn’t the whole “bonus room” fiasco mostly happen out of game?

  • IosifVissarionovichDzhugash

    A player “makes” nothing. All assets are owned by CCP You don’t invest anything, your time spent in eve is spent purely consuming entertainment. So it is not comparable to a real life wage in any way. The rules of this entertainment product also state that pieces can be snatched away anytime by other players if they can do so.

    Now, if you choose to delude yourself into thinking in any other way or imagine that something else is occurring like “building an investment”, that’s up to you, but you are responsible for any hurt feelings that come from detaching yourself from reality like this. No one else. Certainly CCP have no reason to listen to this justification.

    • UrNotRelevant

      If you don’t think Eve is an investment you clearly play this game as an average dude who can probably only get on weekends. Please do not say that, this game is an investment to many players.

    • JumpingJack

      Kinda have no ground in facts, couse half of eve is doing rmt

  • Joe Barbarian

    Bye gigX this community doesn’t need your consistent toxic attitude of stepping over the line of threatening people. This game is better without you.

    • Rutkehle

      pious asshole

    • Viince_Snetterton

      How about this line after the failed lawyer created a slide show to exhort his disciples to drive someone to suicide, at a CCP event:

      “Bye mittens this community doesn’t need your consistent toxic attitude of
      stepping over the line of threatening people. This game is better
      without you.”

      Of course, given the financial connection between the RMT king and CCP, we know that could never happen.

      • Fishbone

        Mittins never received a perma ban, he got a 30 day ban from CCP when they finally decided to act on what he had done, so everyone comparing GigX to Mittins utter crap. GigX stepped over the line, trying to make him into a victim, saying he was baited, by someone merely being in a channel? utter crap. Asking for personal info, and then to threaten to remove someone’s hands, or maim their hands, is not stepping over the line? He got what he deserves.

        Yet everyone seems to have forgotten what happened 18 months ago, CO2 stabbed the Imperium in the back and everyone called them freaking HEROES of the Casino War, and shortly after that, started to get turned on by their new friends? Didn’t see it coming? I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Turn on someone, be called a hero. And when someone finally gets justification for a previous action, they are the bad guys (in both instances) and now the hero is now the victim? *scratches head*

        Bottom line, GigX stepped over the line. He needs to be permanently removed from the game.

        • GetFact’d

          i love the spin on this one.

          A) mittens DID receive a permaban. it was changed after he apologized.
          B) sure. gigx stepped over the line. did mittens NOT step over it? cause from what i saw and remember. he not only stepped over it. he fucking JUMPED over it.
          C) your right. comparing gigx to mittens bullshit is crap. after all what gigx did was the result of being back stabbed by one of his most trusted guys, at 9am in the morning, within 30 minutes of finding out what just happened, he snapped. like literally any of us would do in that situation.

          Mittens on the other hand. planned, made and delivered that presentation. knowing full well what he was doing, and what he did is FAR FAR worse than what gigx did.

          D) who gives a flying fuck what co2 did to imperium. i love watching the goons trying to compare the two, its pathetic.

          One refused to be a meatshield for an absentee alliance and left.
          The other had their staging system with everything they’d been building over the past year (and the stuff they brought from the years before hand) stolen and sold to their worst enemy.

          The spin people are trying to place on this is amazing, tbh its unsurprising from the home of the spinmaster.

          In the end, if one is going to stay permabanned, then the other can eat one too. By ANY fucking reasonable person. GigX’s anger is NOWHERE near as bad as mittens deliberate, planned and callous attack

    • Erik Mensler

      Doesn’t need a toxic cunt like you either. Maybe you should go doxx more people over incursion drama

  • (Driftwood)

    My question is “Why are you not using the whole picture of the Keepstar you know with the giant dick made of bubbles the GSF made under it?

    • Rules are rules

      A giant dick? Clearly this is a bannable offense. File a petition. This is an ESRB TEEN rated game. Im not sure having dicks ingame is within the rules.

      • Joe Barbarian

        “Dick Bubbling” is a strategic bubbling tactic. The bigger bubbles at the base provide a safety area for the friendly fleet to shoot down the shaft providing an excellent offensive position.

  • Joe Barbarian

    Also someone correct gigX
    “I am the executive of Circle-of-Two and my members did not deserve this and hope I can be forgiven for my overreactions. I am sorry.”
    It’s now “I was”

  • Deen W.

    Once the community gets past its Schadenfreude and its FOTM haterade that was Gigx, everyone will realize the community lost more than they won. The game can’t afford to lose more players especially nullsec content creators. Blue Donut wins again, sadly.

    • Joe Barbarian

      So you’re saying that keeping toxic people like gigX threatening behaviour and disrespect for the rules around will be good for the game?

      • Dave


      • uRAmoron

        No he’s not saying that but your stupid comments are not really necessary either looking at the game today. Keep mining in highsec

      • Windsigh

        You’ve completely missed the point

      • darth

        I understand members of a blob coalition wanting to krab in peace, harass small entities or dropping supers on a random neut cruiser in absolute safety (because everything in 50 jump radius is blue), calling a player not bending the knee “toxic”, but he really wasn’t. Blue donut is killing the game, not content creators. As for his threats and bad choice of words, I wonder how you would react after waking up and finding out your friend has stolen your stuff and went to a TV network to talk about it.

        • Death by Snoo Snoo

          You know, it all depends on the person. Personally, I understand the rule of law clearly. This also means that I THINK BEFORE I TALK. If you don’t want to give CCP an opportunity/chance to ban you then you would think about your ideas BEFORE you ask others to start doxxing. Is it really that difficult to think before you say something? I’m pretty sure sending threats and proceeding to ask others to start doxxing is something not accepted.

          I know culture and the like are a huge factor in how you react, but remember YOU AGREED to the Tos and EULA. If people can’t read that and think about their behavior then they will learn the hard way. I can agree CCP needs to be more stream lined in the banning process but it does not excuse gigx. Anyone whom commits to that behavior and accepted the agreement ToS should be punished. How CCP executes the banning process should be reformed but that is not the problem in this case.

          It is a pretty hard line stance, but remember you agree to the ToS and EULA. These are things people need to read an understand. They also need to know if they get banned its reasonable to some degree. Again the CCP banning process is shady, but not the issue here.

          • Misanthropy

            Thinking before speaking is always the #1 rule in life, but what you also have to understand is that emotions in the heat of the moment, especially when delirious from having been woken up in the middle of your sleep, while you have work the next day, and receiving news like that, is a prime recipe for disaster and an over exaggerated outburst.

            To put it in perspective, none of us are saints. Imagine the things you’ve said to your friends in confidence, or even posted publicly on social media, after being fired from a job, going through a severe break-up, or even just after having a bad disagreement with somebody, in public or online. Are you proud of it? How would you feel if it was streamed for thousands of people? If someone called the police and reported everything you said, would you get a knock on the door the next day?

            He deserves punishment, because you can’t just slap someone on the wrist for something like that, but it seems like a pretty clear cut case of getting caught up in the passion of the moment, remorse has already been expressed in the most sincere of ways multiple times. In my opinion, the ToS and EULA are there for the health of the game and for benefit of all of its players to have an enjoyable environment, as well as the long-term survival of the game as a result. Did gigX actually make the Judge uncomfortable with his statement? Clearly not, he was more amused by it and actually happy he made it, because then he could use it as further leverage to remove an enemy from the game. Will removing him provide a more enjoyable environment for everybody and/or help the survival of the game? No, because nobody was actually severely offended to a personal level by his (non-ToS abiding) antics, and the loss of somebody who held sway over roughly 5,000 players and gave reason for tens of thousands more to log in and actively play due to his actions is something you can’t get back.

            What we see is the ToS being used as a weapon of warfare, and not a legitimate framework for the benefit of the players, and that’s what’s most sickening about it.

          • Death by Snoo Snoo

            I can agree that gigx probably didn’t mean it, but as a corp CEO I know the actions I take effect my corp.No matter what, no one should escape the rule of law if you agree to it every time you log in. People in leadership positions especially need to be careful of what they say. Like I said earlier, it all depends on the person. If that was me I would probably have looked for different outlets to let out my anger. I personally would have taken very silent steps and get back at judge if I was really angry. If you’re to much of an idiot to not realize these things can get you banned then that’s on you. If a person can’t deal with situations rationally, that is a personal problem.

            Gigx could certainly use a break here, but he put himself in that position. Anger is a valid and legitimate emotion. Does this mean you can make stupid decisions and not get in trouble for it? No. I hope CCP will look at this later and think twice however, it’s justified. I think Judge set him up, but gigx is the only one a fault here.

          • Misanthropy

            I agree completely with what you’re saying. But at the same time, gigX is a known hot head so I don’t think anyone was expecting him to take a ‘slow, quiet revenge’. But the thing with the ‘rule of law’ is that it’s very broad in this game. Technically, I could be permabanned just for saying ‘fuck you’ in chat through the same rules gigX was banned through. Just as in real life court, mistakes are made and sentences can be paroled. As I said earlier, I definitely support him being punished, but at the same time I believe they need to take 30 days and re-evaluate the situation, and think about the health of the community and the game, and the purpose for their laws existing.

            Also regardless of setup or not, what we see is, like I said earlier, bans being leveraged as a tool of warfare. False cries are not only morally disgusting, but crimes themselves. Not just in real life but in EVE –

            ToS: Sec. 1 & 2 “You may not… (file) support tickets with false information in an attempt to gain from it or have someone else suffer for it;”. By this logic, even if gigX’s language should be banned for his choice of words, then perhaps we should ban the Judge as well because it’s clearly obvious through his statements and actions that he in no way felt threatened but petitioned that he felt such in order to topple an in-game political rival.

    • Marik Ishtar

      Id agree with you but then we would both be wrong. He literally asked for a guys name and location IRL over a game of Pixels. It’s a Game to some or a Hobby. Not for someone to ask for someones IRL details.

      Yes it dose not mean gigx was gonna go fight the guy but the harassment alone from having his home address is fucking outrageous, he could literally SWAT the guy, Send abusive letters to his home and cause him IRL issues. Over Pixels and Spreadsheets.

      Fuck Gigx

      • Nikolai Iversen

        Doesnt matter what it is, if you put enough work and dedication into it, it will start to matter. This it’s just PIXELS argument is fucking stupid

    • Ew Eww

      Yeah, we lost a good CSM guy, he wont ever contribute to CSM even for the remainder of his term, and we lost Gigx, we lost a war (quite literally the war just went away), we lose a lot of active players. And CCP are losing face due to their biased protection of CSM people that go rouge, banning people for minor offenses. as they are letting major offenses just slip by.

    • Bad

      “, everyone will realize the community lost more than they won”

      Nope. Fuck anyone who makes RL threats and calls for RL details. I’d rather every single person in the game got permabanned and the game died, than have people be allowed to play after pulling this sort of shit. This is a game, and there is no excuse whatsoever for what gigx did.

    • Nikolai Iversen

      Look at all these moralistic morons commenting about toxicity. If they were even a fraction of eve’s population nothing would ever happen. it’s like a world full of oversensitive sjw retards

  • Windsigh

    gigX literally apologizing for 9/11


    • Niden

      LOL, good one

    • bad

      And yet still no apology from George W. :THOINKING:

  • grr pl

    gigX was set up.

    • Shegunna Blow

      Yep. So?

    • Death by Snoo Snoo

      Also was an idiot to let judge play him like that.

  • Dirk MacGirk

    The perma ban is excessive. It just is. This is not to discount the nature of a threat, or the fact that we should not want that sort of behavior. However there are a multitude of punitive measures that can be taken that do not always need to begin with perma ban. While many of us truly enjoy the finality of such permanent decisions, I keep hearing from so many of my liberal friends how sometimes we need to be more understanding. Is there no case here for restorative justice? Is there no need to understand the humanity or culture of the person and the context of the moment? I get that gigX may not be on your Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa card list because he wronged your tribe. I understand his actions may make you seek out a special snowflake SIG to seek solace and comfort in. But maybe there is a way for a person to make amends earn back their right to be among the community. If not here, then why should we expect it anywhere else? Personally, I like the idea of public shaming, executions and islands filled with outcasts. But I’m also trying to be a better person by accepting that we are all flawed. gigX should be banned for a time. He should perhaps be penalized in some other way, perhaps the execution of his characters. But a lifetime IP ban is excessive.

    • A.D. Sixx

      A long temp ban, a bit of public shaming, some groveling & no chance of ever sitting on CSM would work for me as punishment for gigX completely twacking out in chat. After all, if The Mittani can be ‘redeemed’ from his rather extreme drunken fiasco, why not gigX?

      • Dirk MacGirk

        comparisons to the Mittani in 2011(?) are invalid. Different time, different EULA, different views by CCP and society in general back then. Context and timing matters no matter how much whataboutism people want to engage in.

        • TeXen

          I’m a goon and i think a Permaban is too much , also reddit would feel empty without “WTF did Gigx do today” posts.

        • Xolve

          Sure Dirk, it wasn’t until recently ‘society’ decided that encouraging others to urge someone towards taking their own life was a horrible, shitty thing to do. Threatening people in real life has always been a no-no, CCP is just extremely selective in their enforcement.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            I don’t care what “society” tolerated back in 2011. Gaming culture certainly tolerated a lot more than society in 2011, and continues to do so today. It was still the wild west when it came to concern and enforcement in this area. All I’m saying is that Wizardhatgate didn’t set a precedent for how today’s events should be handled. I wouldn’t go back and re-review it based on today’s standards, but I also wouldn’t use it as a reason for leniency today. Society has become more aware of cyberbullying and gaming culture has become less tolerant, albeit still not to the same degree as broader society. As a result, CCP’s EULA has changed since then and that is the only basis on which to evaluate the current situation.

          • Daniël van den Hoek

            Gaming culture? The fuck has giving away personal information and telling someone to get himself killed on stage (you know, in real life, not in game) to do with gaming culture. What gigx did was in a game, yes… What mittens did was acutally in real life, he knew the other dude he was referring to whilst gigx actually had to ask personal info on someone he’d played a game with for 5 years.. Whatever drugs you’re on, if mittens can be pardoned for what he did, gigx should as well. If you don’t agree you either sucked mittens dick or have a personal grudge against gigx, making your reaction biassed invalid.

          • Dirk MacGirk

            I think I generally stated what has subsequently said, or at least Falcon said. Times have changed to what even the community is willing to tolerate. The Wizard Hat incident might even be seen as the beginning of that to some degree. But more importantly, CCP’s attitude, as well as their policies, have also evolved since that time. I would wager a guess that the same behavior from March 2012 would probably be treated differently today by CCP because of their changes. It’s not a defense of Mittens, it’s a realistic evaluation of the difference in when both incidents occurred. And since I’ve regularly been in contact with gigX, and stated I think a permaban is excessive (unless there were prior warnings for similar offenses), I’m fairly doubtful I’m biased in the least. My comments on the matter are all very on record.

        • boxxer221

          Lets be real though. Out of the two incidents, The Mittani’s was the type of incident much more likely to have real life ramifications. No matter what the EULA was at the time, there are many instances where people have been pushed to suicide by other enticing them online. So I genuinely believe The Mittani’s incident was more serious.

    • the vet

      i agree Dirk, perma ban is too much. I think what “The judge” did was disgusting. Its one thing scamming someone in jita, but to shit on 1000’s of alliance members and sell alliance assets is a new low of lows. Then baiting him on live stream, knowing his temper so GiGx gets perma banned, its just beyond belief to me. Well “The Judge” has ruined his own game, no Alliance will ever trust him again.

    • Dirk MacGirk

      I should note that we are all without complete information here. If we come to find out that similar issues have been addressed by CCP in the past i.e. warnings or the like, that changes the equation of whether the severity here is excessive.

    • Bill Vesée

      When you run such a big alliance and have so many sidekicks willing to brownose – How long do you think it will take CO2 to inject isk into the exact same charactere ? Yeah not long . And things will be at the exact same point as it was before he lost his mind over pixels in public.

      The guy pushed it too far too many time- he got caught once – let him go.

  • Illutian Kade

    I don’t see the problem. GigX deserved to be banned for making a RL threat.

    By reversing the decision, you send a message that all you need to do is be “really super sorry” and you’ll get your shinies back.

    People make mistakes, sometimes those mistakes are permanent. Welcome to Life.

    …that said, there’s nothing stopping the person behind ‘gigX’ from making a new account funded by an alternative source if you want to be paranoid about being caught by CCP.

    • tiredofthisshit

      Except that has ALREADY happened with fucking mittani, And enough of this “oh the eula was different” or “oh the internet was different”bullshit. fuckoff. his was pre-fucking-meditated, where as gigx was baited into acting out by what is rather extreme circumstances.

      CCP needs some fucking consistency on this.

      either both are permed with no chance of return (mittani was originally permed, but that got changed, we’ll see if gigx gets the same treatment), or both are temp banned at most. this double standards is horseshit.

      • Illutian Kade

        It’s my understand that Mittani was sloshed when he implied people should go after one of the players in, I think it was, there name shame segment of his talk with the playerbase.

        Doesn’t make it right or different.

        • tiredofthisshit

          sure. he was drunk when he delivered it
          What about ALL the days before when he planned and made the damn presentation.
          At no point did he think “hm.. maybe i SHOULDNT do this”

          Atleast gigx has the fuckin excuse of not being premeditated. If gigx is gonna stay permed. then mittani should be long gone.

          • Illutian Kade

            I can’t speak for Mittani. We’ll see if CCP enforces the EULA or not this time.

  • T99

    Someone that make such horrible real life threats must be kicked out of our community. Period. No half measures, what GigX threatened to do is too much.
    CCP can not lift the ban on this guy. He is clearly deranged. Stopping EVE Online would be the best thing that might happen to him.
    Get outside. Meet real people. Learn what is acceptable to do and say in a community.
    Fuck “content”. Fuck GigX. The game will be better off without that kind of lunatic.
    His hypocrit apologies, hoping that CCP will “just let it happen” is stupid. And yes… The Mittani should have been banned too when he mocked the suicidal guy in public. The eve online community has a poor reputation because of those kind of persons.

  • Gunner Cael

    In the grand scope of things, the fact that he was ONLY banned from a video game is something he should be thankful for. Actions like these are disgusting, and what he attempted to do was in fact criminal. The fact that The Judge goaded him into acting the way he did is nothing that hasn’t been seen in a criminal courtroom IRL. There needs to be a precedent set, and in today’s age forgiving someone for such a despicable act would be tantamount to encouraging others to emulate his attitude and bullying. People are quick to defend him saying that he has been unfairly punished for this offense… well who says it is the first complaint? There are multiple reports floating around to the effect that this is normal gigx SOP. not the exception that people are claiming it to be, and if this in fact the case, then his fellow leadership and alliance members should have tightened the reigns on his actions the best they could have, encouraging him to think before he spoke.

    People can say this is killing a game… People can say it is hypocrisy based on others’ previous actions… people can say whatever they like, but ultimately the decision comes down to CCP, and I hope they don’t cave in. I’ve listened to their (CO2) Alliance meeting from last night, and it is sad that no one on those comms had any common sense to be the voice of reason, but they instead, as a group decided they would spam forums, support tickets, etc. until they got their way, which in my mind, is equally as childish a reaction as gigx initial reaction.

  • Lunoh

    Not a first time offender.. sadly…

    [19:43:48] Darko Subotic – gigX: we checking one more thing
    [19:43:53] Darko Subotic – gigX: but anyway
    [19:44:04] Darko Subotic – gigX: we will visit him soon
    [19:44:49] SaraRae: irl?
    [19:44:56] Darko Subotic – gigX: ofcourse
    [19:44:59] Darko Subotic – gigX: he is close
    [19:45:19] Darko Subotic – gigX: We cannot punish him in game
    [19:45:24] Darko Subotic – gigX: but irl we can

  • Alison King

    i no fan of co2 but a perma ban , just shows you how ccp is so anal

  • Knobber

    Such a bunch of SJWs in the comments. Get over yourselves and your faux outrage. Losing a guy like gigx from EVE is a huge blow.

  • Neil Stehr

    Badly researched article, Gigx is not a first time offender and did not only makes these threats a single time in the heat of the moment. The game is much better off without this type of person. I flew with Gigx, I respected Gigx, I no longer do. His actions speak for themselves here, the ban is justified.

  • Vojax Rheinheld

    Can you site your sources on that isk amount please?

  • Dustin Clark

    I see this hurting goons in the long run all these members or a lot will likely make it over to panfam corps and it won’t be pretty for goons.

  • PermaPermaBan

    Judge did a bad thing, but it’s a bad thing that is entirely within the scope of what is okay to do in eve. Judge did not force gigX to do anything further. The fact of gigX being poorly disciplined and a bully is not Judge’s fault. The fact of gigX being so much a bully, and so poorly disciplined, as to seek another player’s RL details and threaten their dismemberment is not Judge’s fault.
    Eve is a better place without gigX, and the likes of gigX. No amount of post hoc revisionism is going to change that.
    Keep the ban. Standby the message it sends. Move on to the next eve-drama.

  • FAQ

    I would like to hear the positives about what the Judge did. How can discouraging regular game players from continuing to play help CCP? Note that the Judge was at a Csm meting (when angry) with the members of Alliances that received assets from his actions. There should be a rule that Csm Summit can’t be used to facilitate in game co ops that benefit a player that only likes to watch things get destroyed or ruined. How will CCP handle the ever lowering player base if Csm members are given ultimate power in there game? Did CCp want this to happen to create attention to the game again?