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Sindel is back once again and this week she is discussing one of the most difficult parts of Eve – the concept of ‘career’ and the associated skill training needed for it Meet Sam. Body Image Sam is my newest character, started with the 60-day code I found on the back of my Eve Online Collector’s Edition. Pretty cute, huh? I had all kinds of grandiose plans for Sam when I created him. It was my intention to train him to PLEX his account so I wouldn’t have to pay for him. A girl should pay for many things; a man should never be one of them. *cough* You know when you have multiple toons all training for different things? You train your alt to do specific things and once they’re accomplished, you just get… stuck? This is me right now. The worst thing is, I only have three accounts. This should be easy! But I’m me, so it’s not. I can’t imagine what it’d be like if I had to train on more than this. I’d go batshit insane trying to keep it all straight. Just so we’re all on the same page, I’m going to list everyone out for you. Sindel is my PvP pilot. Duh, right? I created her in February of 2011 and she has about 50 million SP, most of which are in Spaceship Command and Gunnery. I don’t ever worry about what to train on her because PL constantly changes doctrine so I have to train accordingly. It’s especially easy when you have someone like Hedliner make a list of skills to train in order of importance. He’s nice, that one. Great hair, too. Angel is, obviously, the character who holds my charity. Angel is still in an alpha clone because the only things I trained on her were Corporation Management and Contracts. She never undocks and is strictly administrative. I don’t ever worry about her, either, as her main ride is a shuttle. Cae, the other half of the Angel account, is a different story. She is the cause of 99% of my training woes. Currently, she is training Advanced Mass Production V. I had originally trained her as an exploration alt. She can pilot a Tengu and uses a decent fit for running sites. After I got her into a tech III, I trained up probing. I then decided to train her to fly a freighter so she could move assets for The Angel Project. Her usual ride is a Charon or Rhea. Now that she’s got all her freighter skills (JDC, JFC, etc.) to V, I need a new project for her and I have no idea what to do. I can’t sell her; no one would want an indy/exploration/freighter pilot. Her skills suit me fine, but anyone else would think she’s schizophrenic as fuck. Plus, she’s kind of busy right now searching for an impossible planet in a dangerous location with the help of some unlikely friends. I’m on my honor not to launch probes in their home system so I am stuck there until they help me find my planet. Or, you know, until she loses her ship. Whatever. This brings us back to Sam. In addition to a stagnant Cae, I’m also having issues with him. Sam is a good guy, he just needs guidance and direction. He’s got the beginnings of a nice indy toon. Industry, Production Efficiency, Adv. Production Efficiency, Mining, all to V. Here’s my problem, though: I. Have. No. Fucking. Idea. What. I’m. Doing. Seriously, this is a bad idea. Industry is one giant spreadsheet after another. I’m not a spreadsheet girl!!! I’m a shoot-people-in-the-face-then-buy-them-ice-cream girl. After two months of trying and failing to get this manufacturing shit down, I had to surrender and use a PLEX on him, which really pissed me off. Honestly, though, I’m also more-than-a-little relieved to be giving up. Eve is hard. That’s kinda the point of all this. I need y’all to help make this easier. I tell you what I’d like, you tell me what you think I should do, I try it, immediately fail and hilarity ensues. So, here we are, dear reader, doing a Choose Your Own Adventure of sorts. Oooooh! Or Eve Dirty Jobs. I could totally be Mike Rowe, just not a dude. Here are my desires: enough isk to PLEX at least one, but hopefully two accounts, minimal time commitment (I am fighting a war, after all), and a straightforward skill set. No manufacturing – unless someone can point me in the general direction of a tutorial that doesn’t make me want to scoop my eyes out with a molded plastic Rifter. No blob warfare (I’d be happy if this were the only wish granted). Empire space preferred. I should say now that I don’t have any specific time this needs to happen by and I can continue to use a credit card for Eve, but I don’t want to if I don’t need to, you know? I want to do those mythical things I’ve only ever heard about: paying for Eve with fake money and becoming independently wealthy. I just don’t know how. It’s funny. I’ve spent the last year and a half trying to take care of everyone else in New Eden and I’ve forgotten to look after myself. Well, I can’t take care of others if I’m so tired and irritated that I don’t want to play anymore. Here’s to a new approach – looking after myself too. Oh, and for all those people who are grumbling that I’m asking for help with something as simple as finding a profession and sticking with it, please don’t. I openly admit that I have no clue what I’m doing. I have the attention span of a caffeinated Chihuahua and very little patience with myself and my abilities. This translates to a bunch of half-finished lists and a lot of frustration. I’m asking for help because there are a lot of people out there who know a lot more about this game than I do, not because I’m a damsel – even though I am most certainly distressed. I don’t want to be bailed out; I’m asking for advice. Please list suggestions and/or links to resources below. TIA.
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