ATXIII Team Summaries Part VIII


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Together We Solo

Seed: 28
Formed: 04/08/2014
Flagship: Bhaalgorn
First match: PE1-R1 18:40 vs. Gone Critical

Together We Solo is a young alliance of only 66 members at the time of writing. That means you need a third of their characters (ie a larger proportion of people assuming they have a few alts in alliance) to run a full in-house practice. If they’re going to do anything at all in the AT, they need the whole alliance to be motivated as all hell.

From zKillboard, it looks like they’re a fan of small gang supplemented by links and Rooks in FW space, i.e the typical cancer a lot of low sec residents complain about and want to have nerfed. This may be the kind of alliance their neighbours love to see in a more restricted or “fair” environment, assuming they’ll get crushed because they don’t know how to do “real” PvP. However, TWS won their first match against Gone Critical and then lost against The Afterlife. (a damn fine team) so they seem to be doing alright so far.

TWS’s next match is against Project.Mayhem., an entirely reasonable fight for them to go in with some confidence. I’m not saying Mayhem are terrible, more that they’re not a PL/Camel/Nulli whereby only a small number of teams don’t immediately have to look at who they’ll be facing in the loser’s bracket.


Seed: 21
Formed: 14/07/2006
Flagship: Bhaalgorn
First match: PE1-R1 19:20 vs. Dream Fleet

Triumvirate are one of the less known nomadic PvP groups that follow the sov hotspots for fights, though they usually stick to the east to fight the other predominantly russian alliances. While not especially well known for their PvP prowess year-round, they have kind of a weird AT history. All the way back in ATV, they came second to Ev0ke, the potential kick-start to an amazing tourney team. But then… nothing. Tri then didn’t compete in the alliance tournament until last year in ATXII, where they did damn well. I haven’t actually looked at it, but that may be the longest (seven year) gap for a single alliance to compete in the AT in its history (cue CCP Fozzie listing off the top of his head all the alliances that break this rule).

last year was a great run for Tri’s return from retirement, even if it started off somewhat poorly. Tri drew HYDRA in the very first match, something that would cause any alliance to immediately groan and facedesk. They didn’t kill a single ship in HYDRAs Sleipnir/damp control team and lost the match, but seemingly undeterred they hit the loser’s bracket with a vengeance.

First, they dumpstered R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N’s weird, undermanned Navy Raven plus Scimitar team, then went on to again not lose a ship against SYJs Navy Raven team. Agony, Gorgon, Outbreak. and TNT all fell before Tri, who were finally stopped by The Afterlife. As it happens, Tri are about to face The Afterlife. in round 3 of the winners bracket at the end of Day 3. Will Tri get their revenge or will The Afterlife. halt their progress once again?

The Tuskers Co.

Seed: 4
Formed: 14/04/2014
Flagship: Bhaalgorn
First match: PE1-R1 17:00 vs. Quebec United Legions

The Tuskers Co. alliance was made (to my knowledge) purely so they could start playing in the AT. The Tuskers have been a byword for small gang and solo excellence for years after their formation on 19/08/2008. Tuskers came out of the gate last year and most people expected they’d do well with their small gang experience, but unlike Camel who we knew were full of tourney vets, they were in my mind the true breakout new alliance team. As well as their AT performance, they’re the current champions of EVE_NT after a super close match with WAFFLES.

So, let’s look at their ATXII run; Tuskers made their way through their first three rounds without pulling too much attention. They were winning convincingly, but we expected them to be alright from their TQ small gang prowess and CFT/Initiative/Feign Disorder were not teams that scared people.

Tuskers then ran into Exodus., which is where a lot of people expected them to be stopped. Instead, it was an armour team face-off where Tuskers won without losing a single ship, not even a Maulus. This is when everyone really started taking Tuskers super seriously. In the next round Tuskers lost to the eventual winners, The Camel Empire, 1-2 in a pretty reasonable series. Any doubts about Tuskers strength were gone by the end of that, even if they were dropped into the loser’s bracket.

Dropping down, the Tuskers faced THE R0NIN, who were fresh off of eliminating HYDRA RELOADED, one of the two favourite teams to win Alliance Tournaments for the last two years. The Tuskers put them down hard, killing the whole R0NIN team in exchange for a Scimitar and a Crow. Next up was Nulli Secunda, where in match one of the series Tuskers traded their core ships for all but Nullis Paladin, which meant they had only a few frigates which could avoid dying, but not break the bastion tank and thus lost on points. Game two and it was ten man tinker versus six man tinker, and the ten man tinker won, ending Tuskers run.

Tuskers are a damn dangerous team, and as I write this I am super excited for their upcoming match against HYDRA (Warlords of the Deep) as you can be damn sure they want revenge for being knocked out so early last year.

Verge of Collapse

Seed: 45
Formed: 11/04/2012
Flagship: Barghest
First match: PE1-R1 18:00 vs. The Methodical Alliance

Verge of Collapse, home of the esteemed reddit mod and CSM member Gorski Car, are a group of wormholers who make up a large part of T H E R A B O I S. Small gang roams through their connections are super fun and awesome. VoC railroaded their way to victory back in ATX. Let’s go through the whole list:

ATX: Won, beating Manifest Destiny., Darkside., losing to Capital Punishment., then going on to beat Goonswarm Federation, FEARLESS., Rote Kapelle, Mildly Intoxicated, Exodus. and finally HUN RELOADED in the finals.
ATXI: Beat Outbreak., Sleeper Social Club, lost to Rote Kapelle, beat Clockwork Pineapple, YOUR VOTES DON’T COUNT (WAFFLES.), The Initiative before finally falling to Darkside.

Despite only entering two tournaments so far, Verge have a pretty damn impressive track record. In the first weekend they were allegedly DDOSed and got knocked into the loser’s bracket from where they were knocked out by M.I.F.

Vox Populi.

Seed: 26
Formed: 04/11/2014
Flagship: Armageddon
First match: JB-007 15:40 vs. 404 Alliance Not Found

Vox are (I believe) a predominantly Japanese alliance who I fought a few times during my time with WAFFLES. in Black Rise. It’s always a little weird being an off-timezone on TQ as you’re at your strongest when everyone else is asleep, and specifically with the Alliance Tournament you can have matches at ridiculous times like 4am. That’s what I call commitment.

Vox so far have done pretty damn well for their first time out. They started by beating 404 Alliance Not Found and then the always underrated Test Alliance Please Ignore team. Their run through the winners bracket was stopped by the magical Tactical Narcotics Team and at the time of writing they are about to face the winner of Nihilists Social Club and Hard Knocks Citizens, which i think should be a pretty good matchup for them based on what we’ve seen so far.


Seed: 55
Formed: 23/08/2013
Flagship: Armageddon
Formed: JB-007


Warlords of the Deep

Seed: 52
Formed: 29/01/2015
Flagship: Scorpion Navy Issue
First match: PE1-R1 17:00 vs. Black Legion.

Okay, so I know their name is Warlords of the Deep but in your mind whenever we say “Warlords of the Deep” think “HYDRA”. It’s the same team under a new name for ~reasons~ that would cause Chessur to strangle me in my sleep if I shared them. They are a hardcore AT team who for a period of something like four years were paired with PL as the people you would expect to win the tournament. They were almost the only ones knocking each other out.

ATVIII: Took second place, losing to PL in the finals.
ATIX: Won, beating Outbreak. in the finals.
ATXI: Took second place, losing to PL in the finals.
ATXII: Knocked out by THE R0NIN (Not Tuskers, my bad) on the penultimate day.

WotD are a group of badass killer nerds who can and will merc anyone unless they play perfectly. They have exceptional theorycrafts and an almost incestuous relationship with their practice partners Camel, which is why we see them bring exactly the same teams as each other, including their choice of flagship. HYDRA are the original Camel and if that doesn’t scare you, it should.

The WeHurt Initiative

Seed: 34
Formed: 11/04/2015
Flagship: Bhaalgorn
First match: JB-007 14:20 vs. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork

WeHurt is the home of SirSqueebles/Ceofore Aideron/CCP Mad Ani, one of the ATXIII player commentator team this year. Formed after a not exactly pleasant split from Exodus., while very interested in EVE tournaments are very much about the social aspect of the game and streaming rather than being especially technical players. That said, they do have some talent and should form a lower mid-tier team for this years tournament.

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