ATXIII Team Summaries Part V


You can read the previous parts here: one, two, three, four.

The Methodical Alliance

Seed: 20
Formed: 15/04/2011
Flagship: N/A
First match: JB-007 18:00 vs. Verge of Collapse

The Methodical Alliance own a little pocket of Querious and present themselves as an accepting, multicultural alliance who go against the grain of standard EVE culture of being unrelenting assholes to each other.

They first popped up into the alliance tournament last year, where they started off reasonably well with a Paladin/Rattlesnake/Wolf team against End of Life’s early-meta Eos/VNI team. As we saw later in the tournament, Marauders are pretty good.

Unfortunately, The Methodical Alliance then ran into Gorgon Empire, who I have spoken about as one of the teams with the most potential to make a breakout performance this year. They brought another Paladin team, this time with three whole Armageddons, a Damnation, a Thrasher and two… Bantams? Okay, shield Amarr team. They faced an Astarte team from Gorgon, and I have a few points to make.

One, If you’re shield tanking, bring a Vulture rather than a Damnation, or maybe even commit to an armour tank on all those ships that can armour tank really well rather than suck with a shield tank. That would require armour logi frigs. NOT BANTAMS. Secondly, three Armageddons are a bit much. If you have two Armageddons, they can neut pretty much the entire enemy team, the third doesn’t really gain you all that much and it’s a pretty big point sink. Instead they could have had a nice T2 logi or a much larger support wing.

Anyway, they lost to Gorgon and dropped in to fight WAFFLES. in the loser’s bracket. Waffles brought a slight variant on the Sleip/Gila/Worm team by using Claymores instead of Sleipnirs, but it’s effectively the same team that has just a little more focus on kiting. The Methodical Alliance brought their first round team of Paladin/RattleSnake/Wolf, losing everything but the Paladin while not managing to break anything but a single Worm. They struggled to apply their DPS without any painters or webs and their tackle got nuked off the bat, costing them the game and thus their place in ATXII.


Seed: 12
Formed: 13/10/2013
Flagship: Armageddon
First match: System 1 19:00 vs. Nerfed Alliance Go Away

This is M.I.F’s (not to be confused with Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork below) third endeavour in the Alliance Tournament. They’re another Russian alliance who, from what I can tell on zKill, are wormholers? Not speaking Russian makes it somewhat more difficult, but I’m sure I’ll be corrected in the comments.

We first saw them in ATXI where they made a great little run for their first time out, beating SOLAR, Shadow Cartel and Angell Mortis, while losing to Darkness of Despair and Agony Empire. There may not be any super big names on their kill list, but multiple wins on your first go is fantastic.

ATXII saw an even better run from M.I.F, requiring the tournament winners The Camel Empire and veterans The R0NIN to take them out. In their first match M.I.F brought a weird TFI/Sleipnir/Worm/Merlin team with Osprey logi that punched their way through Disavowed’s tinker team, taking advantage of the Raven’s T1 resist profile. I get the feeling that the TFI was their go-to replacement for the Gila ban that occurred. Round two against SSC M.I.F brought the full Sleip/Gila/Worm comp, again favouring the Basilisk over the more standard Scimitar logi, demolishing SSC’s Stratios/Eos team.

Unfortunately for M.I.F, they had to face the wet embrace of Camel’s control play, and their run through the winners bracket was brought to an abrupt halt. In the loser’s bracket they brought their first Marauder team out: a Vargur/Ishtar core with Vulture and Tengu. Swatting aside The Devil’s Warrior Alliance’s Rattlesnake team, their final match was against The Ronin. M.I.F brought a very odd variant on the Marauder comp: Vargur with Eos and mixed Vexors and Ishtars. The R0NIN brought a variant on the Sleip/Gila team, swapping the T2 logi and some of the frig support for a third Sleipnir and frigate logi to make for a more aggressive team.

I fully expect M.I.F to make another solid run this year, their goal should be taking a match from the top-tier teams. They shouldn’t have any trouble in their first match against Nerfed Alliance Go Away, but will get a good shot at really establishing themselves as they’re likely to face Triumvirate. in the second round.

Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork

Seed: 31
Formed: 29/11/2009
Flagship: Typhoon Fleet Issue
First match: System 2 14:20 vs. The WeHurt Initiative

The team captain of KICK (their ticker, easier than calling them MIF and getting mixed up with the team above) is Bei Artjay, one of my #EVE_NT buddies. On TQ they’re primarily wormholers but KICK’s tourney origins go back to fanfest 2012. They participated in the tournament there and were hooked. Outside the AT they got second place in SCL 4&5 but lost two matches straight in NEO2. Both 2nd places in SCL were to Verge of Collapse, so here’s hoping we see a rematch somewhere in ATXIII (even if they’re on the wrong sides of the bracket).

Anyway, back to the AT. KICK’s first go was ATXI where they had a blisteringly good run. Beating Kill it with fire, The G0dfathers, Sadistica, Darkness of Despair and Late night Alliance. It took the combined powers of Agony and HYDRA to stop these guys.

Last year, KICK pulled WAFFLES. in their first round. WAFFLES. brought a pretty common sight for early ATXII: an Eos/Vexor team with Heretic support, but with some bad split damage they didn’t break KICK’s Eos/VNI armour tinker (or meepo) with Proteus logi. In round two, they brought almost the same setup, swapping a VNI for Hyena/Punisher/Maulus to have a little more control. COVEN brought an Eos team and it fell just as hard as the WAFFLES. one.

In round three KICK hit Rote Kapelle, their first tournament big-name opponent and switched things up by bringing their variant on the Sleipnir/Gila team, focusing heavily on damps from three Maulus and anti-support from three Heretics. In a seriously close match, Rote edged the victory out and KICK hit the loser’s bracket, unfortunately into the loving embrace of Outbreak. Outbreak. were a seriously good team and have since been absorbed by Hard Knocks, so sadly KICKs run was cut short.

I really want to see how KICK have improved and if they can take a match from a badass old school team. Thankfully, they’ll get their chance as they’re likely to meet Nulli in the second round.

Nerfed Alliance Go Away

Seed: 53
Formed: 09/08/2013
Flagship: N/A
First match: System 1 19:00 vs. M.I.F

At the time of writing Nerfed Alliance Go Away hold four systems in Delve. As far as I can tell they’ve never done any tournament stuff before and don’t do anything particularly extraordinary on TQ. Best of luck gentlemen.

Nilhilists Social Club

Seed: 30
Formed: 08/02/2009
Flagship: N/A
First match: System 2 17:20 vs. RAZOR Alliance

Nihilists present themselves as oldbro CVA pilots who do their dirty work. It’s not really a secret that they’re pretty tight with Pandemic Legion, BlOpsing and hunting other targets with the small group of guys that keep characters/jump clones in their undisclosed hunting grounds.

Despite being over six years old now, Nihilists Social Club have yet to enter the Alliance Tournament, which makes me interested as to their motivation to enter this year. Despite their affiliation with PL, don’t expect that to be any guarantee that they’ll be a strong team. Older experienced pilots for sure, but not necessarily tournament aficionados. I’m not saying they’re guaranteed to be terrible, more that I don’t have any solid evidence as to whether they’ll be great, middling or dismal. Given that they forgot/didn’t bother to submit a flagship, that’s the kind of thing that pushes one’s opinion towards the latter.

Northern Coalition.

Seed: 22
Formed: 12/08/2010
Flagship: N/A
First match: System 2 19:20 vs. PIZZA

Northern Coalition isn’t the same thing as the old Northern Coalition blah, blah, lots of space politics that I wasn’t around for and don’t understand, so if you want to know that bit you’re better off speaking to my esteemed colleague, killer of alliances by posting prowess, rightful emperor of the Amarr, Elise Randolph.

Aaaaaaanyway, these days NC. are PLs foreverbros, pretty much the only people we haven’t reset because we genuinely get on rather well and we don’t want to start fishing each others supers. In terms of AT, this is NC.’s first stab and from what I’m hearing they’ve got some solid, but out there, ideas in terms of their comps.  Their leader, NSA Bivas, was on the winning Verge of Collapse team so tehy certainly have some good talent and experience to drew from for this year. It’s going to be interesting to see them up against PIZZA, who they will hopefully at the very least be able to give a good run for their money.

Nulli Secunda

Seed: 2
Formed: 02/08/2010
Flagship: Bhaalgorn
First match: System 2 14:00 vs. That Escalated Quickly.

Oh boy. A PL member writing about Nulli. I’ll do my best not to have too much bias and work solely on the facts of the matter.

Nulli are in the shitter.

Most of their leadership has quit the game, they’re dropping members, they’ve dropped all their sov after fleeing PL for the past half a year, and it would not surprise most anyone if they closed their doors after the AT, unless they actually go ahead and win it or something spectacular like that happens. They are a long way from the major power they were as a part of N3, holding most of the south of the map as renter space.

Am I doing okay so far? Excellent.

Let’s talk AT results:

ATIX: Beat Lack of Imagnation, lost to BANE and Black Legion.
ATX: Beat Babylon5.., FEARLESS, Black Legion, Choke Point and Shadow Cartel, lost to HUN RELOADED and Exodus., finishing them in the Ro8 with a solid performance.
ATXI: Beat Surely You’re Joking, Exiled Ones. and Rainbow Dash Friends, lost to Transmission Lost and WAFFLES. (Then YOUR VOTES DON’T COUNT).
ATXII: 2nd place to Camel Empire, beating FCON, Surely You’re Joking, Red vs Blue, HYDRA RELOADED, then losing to Pandemic Legion taking them into the loser’s bracket, going on to beat The Afterlife., The Tuskers Co., Pandemic Legion in the rematch and then losing to Camel in the finals.

“But Apoth” I hear you say, “How did a lower-middle tier team suddenly get second place?” Well, I would of course tell you (as any Nulli member would) that it had absolutely nothing to do with Nulli absorbing the guys from HUN RELOADED, an outstanding tournament team between ATs XI and XII.

But for all my jesting, Nulli put in a seriously good performance last year. They sailed through their first four matches using a dual Eos plus T2 logi core supported by varying drone boats, losing against Pandemic Legion having switched to a Loki/Golem tinker with Ishtars in spectacular fashion by having their Loki bombed in our first view of Golem painter + bombs vs. stationary starget = good.

For their next matches they reinvented their Dual Eos core, mixing things up a little by throwing in a Paladin or Armageddon, switching up damp vs ECM frigs but still largely staying on theme. I may sound derisive, but they beat seriously good teams by using essentially the same team with different auxiliary ships thrown in for variance. That’s seriously impressive stuff, one might even say analogous to the way that HUN RELOADED were never really a team that reinvented the wheel in terms of what they brought, just executed it better than most everyone else.

This brings us to the finals, where Nulli brought more Marauder focused versions of their setup, but unfortunately for the spectators and despite how much I tried to keep the energy up, Camel picked them apart and it wasn’t close at all. Hopefully this year we can see more than one team out of Nulli with a shedload of variants, as that strat will get you far, but not far enough to take the gold. Regardless, it’s a fairly safe bet to say they’ll get at least top 8.

Out of Sight.

Seed: 25
Formed: 07/08/2011
Flagship: N/A
First match: System 1 15:40 vs. Alternate Allegiance

From their killboards we learn that Out of Sight. live and PvP in northern FW lowsec and the adjacent Nullsec, namely Venal, Syndicate, Pure Blind and Outer Ring. They appear to be a primarily Russian TZ alliance, but I’m only basing that all their contacts are listed as Russian speakers. That said, most of their killmails tend to be closer to EU than pure Russian TZ, so let’s say RUS/EU.

No previous tournament history that I can see and they’re up against Alternate Allegiance in the first round, who I would give the advantage over purely because they seem to do more PvP on TQ, though neither team appear to be anything special. Of course, nothing would make me happier to be proven wrong and see two fantastic AT teams come out of nowhere!

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