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As I already mentioned in Crossing Zebras episode 45 I spend most of my EVE-related time doing testing for Alliance Tournament XII. Pandemic Legion‘s tourney team has used Singularity to shake off some rust in the last few weeks. Flying in the tournament arena is quite different from doing casual PVP on Tranquility as there are far more limits you have to overcome. Regularly we find ourselves being followed by spies, unfortunately for them however we only used setups we from last year and really just had some great fun on mumble while shooting each other. As CCP finally fixed Duality for all registered teams on Tuesday, we switched to the new meta. Our current schedule has four training sessions, with at least two hours during the weekdays and probably up to four hours on the weekends. This will increase as we get closer to the final weekend, no doubt about that. Even though most of our time is focused on our team we still have to look outside and gather information about the competition. While I won‘t give out any :opsec: details there are quite a few teams vying for the trophy this year. EVE_AllianceT_XIIPrizeGraphics2

Here is my personal watchlist for ATXII:

A-Teams Besides HYDRA RELOADED and Pandemic Legion, there are two other teams that are in the highest ranking category: The Camel Empire and TriumvirateDOT (formerly Verge of Collapse). B-Teams ExodusDOT put a lot of pressure on Pandemic Legion in ATXI. The final match in the losers bracket against them is considered the hardest and toughest of all the last year‘s matches amongst the PL tourney team for a reason. HUN Reloaded and THE R0NIN are also veterans of final rounds and they will go far. Although Ripard Teg claimed Rote Kapelle‘s team is not on a level to compete with other teams I still expect them to do very good this year. Any of those four teams has the chance to come out on top given some luck and easy brackets. C-Teams Teams in this category can probably make it to the quarter- or even semi- finals, depending on their bracket. In alphabetical order: Agony Empire, Choke Point, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, Dead Terrorists, Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork, Outbreak., Shadow Cartel, Test Alliance Please Ignore, The G0dfathers, The Gorgon Empire + The Gorgon Spawn, The Initiative. + Initiative Mercenaries, The Kadeshi, The Tuskers Co., Ushra’Khan and WAFFLES. It is going to be interesting to see how this group turns out, new champions might come from these teams in the near future. Teams that I have not mentioned are in my opinion either too young, too inexperienced or currently tied up in deployments on Tranquility – draining important manpower from testing. Good luck and have fun testing!
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