ATXII: One Day Left

This Saturday my personal highlight of the 2014 EVE year starts. Even bigger than B-R5RB. It will be a very interesting day as the Pandemic Legion tourney team will be able to see and validate if we tested for ATXII meta correctly and if our assumptions were on target. We got a first glimpse at that when CCP released the list of submitted flagships. vX0kJUQ In a previous post on Crossing Zebras I categorized all the tournament teams. Now, with the flagship data, we can already compare how far into the meta the other teams were able to dive. This is also handy when you are figuring out how to place your bets. A-Teams: HYDRA RELOADED – Rattlesnake Pandemic Legion – Rattlesnake The Camel Empire – Rattlesnake Triumvirate. – Rattlesnake B-Teams: Exodus. – Armageddon HUN Reloaded – Armageddon Rote Kapelle – Armageddon THE R0NIN – Bhaalgorn C-Teams: Agony Empire – Bhaalgorn Choke Point – Bhaalgorn Curatores Veritatis Alliance – Dominix Dead Terrorists – Rattlesnake Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork – Bhaalgorn Outbreak. – Bhaalgorn Shadow Cartel – Bhaalgorn Test Alliance Please Ignore – Rattlesnake The G0dfathers – Armageddon The Gorgon Empire + The Gorgon Spawn – Armageddon The Initiative. + Initiative Mercenaries – none The Kadeshi – Bhaalgorn The Tuskers Co. – Armageddon Ushra’Khan – none WAFFLES – Armageddon As expected, the A-Teams figured out the upcoming meta in ATXII and and have all picked the Rattlesnake. Both the Armageddon and Bhaalgorn have been very solid flagship choices in past years, their ability to be a strong neuting platform combined with good tank and DPS benefit from the current rules for flagships. While the flagship does not guarantee success in a tournament match, it helps avoid ship bans and allows tactics that are not possible with a pure T2 fit. At this early stage I will not go into details about what the audience will see often during the matches and possible alternatives, so please bear with me and wait for further articles. I will however point out matches that you should watch if you cannot watch the whole two days. The schedule has its fair share of rather uninteresting bouts – when a top 8 team meets an AT newbie the result is predetermined. Most of the matches in my list on the other hand are should be quite even and might swing either way, so don’t miss them! Saturday, August 16th Series 9 18:00 THE R0NIN vs. Dead Terrorists Series 11 18:40 Ushra’Khan vs. Test Alliance Please Ignore Sunday, August 17th Series 19 15:40 WAFFLES. vs. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork Series 25 18:00 Agony Empire vs. Circle-Of-Two Series 31 20:00 HYDRA RELOADED vs. Triumvirate. The last match between HYDRA RELOADED and Triumvirate. is the highlight for the first weekend. One of the top teams will drop down into the loser bracket, crushing dreams and hopes on their way to the finals. A similar situation occurred last year when Pandemic Legion was forced into the loser bracket. The question remains if another team has the stamina to be able to repeat our success. Good luck to all teams!
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