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Pandemic Legion, the most notorious and arguably success null-sec PvP alliance in EVE history, have a very unusual application process. This includes normal things such as minimum SP limits, being able to fly particular fits and having a vouch from someone already in or connected to PL.

What is a little alternative however is the requirement to provide an Arts and Crafts Project under certain circumstances. These often find their way onto public forums such as kugu. This evening, PL tweeted the following:

@PLIRC: arts & crafts project from a HABIT applicant. #taylorswift #eveonline #tweetfleet

One of the most famous members, BR writers and theory-crafters of PL, Elise Randolph is well-known to have a fixation with the singer Taylor Swift and this can only be the very best type of pandering to him. Simply fucking genius:


Elise confirmed that this piece of art includes Cheerios (normal, honey nut and whole-grain) along with Fruit Loops. There are no words.

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