Announcing #EVE_NT Collides Monthly Tournament

We have talked a lot about tournaments and EVE as an e-sport in general here on Crossing Zebras. Last week’s CZTV focused on the subject with experts on the field. Bei ArtJay, who was on the show, and Crossing Zebra’s own and #EVE_NT organiser Nashh Kadavr, have now released a press statement, announcing a new monthly tournament: #EVE_NT Collides! This amazing new venture by #EVE_NT, which is officially sanctioned and sponsored by CCP, will give viewers regular tournament content as well as shiny prizes from EVE Bet. It also provides a great venue for tournament teams to practice their sport. Aside from expert commentary, you will also get a CCP dev commentator for each event! Learn more about #EVE_NT Collides, and see the first event on May 3rd at: You can also start betting on the event already at EVE Bet here. Here follows the press release from #EVE_NT: ANNOUNCING #EVE_NT COLLIDES #EVE_NT Collides is collaboration between various EVE tournament enthusiasts headed up by project leader; Bei ArtJay. Our goal is to create entertaining eve-online exhibition PvP matches using the Worlds Collide format developed by CCP for Fanfest 2015. Our first official instalment will be on the 3rd of May at 19:00 eve-time please check out the stream here On the first Sunday of every month EVE Online tournament teams will be invited to take each other on to retain the title of #EVE_NT Collides champion, for nothing other than space honour and bragging rights. Our goal is to create an enjoyable viewing experience with expert commentary, post-match analysis, VIP guests, and fancy graphics. Co- owner of the tournament is Nashh Kadavr from  #EVE_NT, now the biggest and most popular UK based EVE-meetup held in Nottingham UK, who is giving us some tickets to give away and heading up the marketing and promotion. We also happy to announce EVE Bet as our sponsor who will be literally throwing ISK at us to give away to our viewers; no less than 5 billion ISK will go to viewers! EVE Bet will also be taking bets so definitely check out their website here; Additionally we are super stoked to have Twitch and CCP as official sponsors who are giving us some branded goodies to give away to viewers on the stream! We started this project with The Tuskers vs. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork, two established tournament teams who fought it out in style, The Tuskers won the best of 5 series 3-1 and are the first holders of the title. The Tuskers made a big splash as newcomers in last year’s Alliance Tournament and managed to get all the way to 4th place, knocking out big names such as The Ronin and Exodus. Their focus on solo PvP means they have lots of talented pilots, and their team Captain Suleiman Shouaa pulled them all together into a force to be reckoned with. Challenging the The Tuskers to the title of #EVE_NT Collides Champion in this instalment will be Hard Knocks Inc. HK is a corp that has both individual pilot experience plus experience flying under the banner of other alliances in tournaments, but is now is its own entity and determined to make a name for itself. Hard Knocks base out of wormhole space and are renowned for hitting hard and fast, raiding any sector of New Eden and w-space. They have recently become particularly notorious for hunting and slaying numerous nullsec super capitals. The only change to the Worlds Collide rules that Bei has decided on is the switch to Bob Shaftoes points structure proposal for Alliance Tournaments. You can read more about the proposal and specific ships points costs that the teams have to play with here (link).
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