Amarr Unite!

On 27 June at 16:00 EVE time, Amarr roleplayers and many of their affiliates and allies gathered in Sarum Prime at the site of the Battle of Mekhios to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Imperial Dreams. This is one of the oldest still existing corporations in EVE, if not the oldest, and one of the founding members of the oldest sov-holding alliance, the Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA). The event was not only a celebration though. It was also used to address several ongoing issues that can potentially affect the Provi Bloc—lead by CVA—and are significant for the Amarr loyalist roleplaying community. To quote one of the main organisers of the event Cardinal Kahar Dex:

“At first, the event was to be a 12 year celebration of the anniversary for Imperial Dreams, who, together with PIE Inc. founded the venerable Curatores Veritatis Alliance. However, as news progressed [of] the existing Drifter Threat, as well as the Empress’ Call for capsuleers to Unite and give their support to the Amarr Empire, [a] discussion with leaders from the Amarr loyalist bloc [followed, and] it was decided to expand the scope of the event to demonstrate the capsuleer community’s will and desire to unite for their Empress.

At the event, we will have three prolific speakers addressing the times, Amarr faith, and the existing Drifter threat. We have also been in contact with the Imperial Navy by way of expressing a desire to contract a gift to the Empress and her Navy.”

Obviously, as a member of the Gallente Militia I could not fly to that event myself, so I sent a neutral alt to act as correspondent. Funny enough, this is a Minmatar character but the Amarr RP contingent, represented by Kahar Dex, treated me with the necessary respect. As Kahar Dex told me:

“The reason why it was decided to allow the event to be “open” to neutrals, and even hostile parties, is based on the firm belief, that in obedience of the scriptures, we give God glory. When a seeker, or even a doubter were to attend and see the majesty of gathered Amarrians under God, it would be a testimony of grandeur, and would perhaps even result in their final willingness to submit themselves to God and convert to the Amarr faith. We are, and always have been open to other races wanting to witness the glories of the Empire.”

He even offered—or rather insisted—to send an escort which would bring me from Orvolle to Sarum Prime. That escort was a detachment from The Shadows Of EVE (TSOE), a small Provi Bloc alliance living in a few systems of southern Providence called the 2V Pocket. According to their leader 5hadow 1, they are like a tribe of natives living off the land and defending it from whomever encroaches upon it, if they must. Taking their assignment quite seriously, they took me through a dozen jumps of highsec with the caution and diligence one would apply to moving expensive or important cargo through nullsec, including scouts all along the route and cloaked warping. I was even told to fit warp core stabs, something I otherwise only do on my blockade runner which is supposed to get valuable cargo past gate-camps in lowsec and nullsec. During the flight, 5hadow 1 elaborated further on the TSOE philosophy, which emphasizes casual gameplay without the CTAs and political metagame often found among null sov alliances. They also value mature conduct and decent behaviour highly among their members, including a strict adherence to the NRDS rule that applies throughout the Provi Bloc community. Upon arriving at the Mekhios Graveyard, I was invited to two in-character channels. One represented the public assembled inside the Providence-class freighter designated as the Starliner Regency Amarr. The other channel represented the speaker’s podium. There was good attendance from a large number of Amarr loyalists, roleplayers and some Caldari allies including our neighbours from Templis CALSF. There were fireworks, conga lines, and casual RP going on while different players took the stage and gave speeches. As one would expect, the loyalist luminaries Rodj Blake, Lord Hardin, and JedsZero dealt with congratulations to CVA and Imperial Dreams, and the current in-game events. Here are some quotes:

“In addition to being the 12th anniversary of the CVA, we are also celebrating the 11th year of ‘Operation Deliverance’—a project that remains close to my heart and the heart of many here. […] Today Amarr and the Deliverance Project face new challenges and new enemies—many of which are formidable. But I have faith in the Empire—and more importantly, faith in the pod pilots to continue protecting Amarrian values throughout the galaxy.” —Lord Hardin

“Our Empire, and our Empress, are currently being threatened by forces from both known and unknown space. There are reports of a new Emperor laying claim to the throne, there are Drifter battleships patrolling our space, attacking our fellow citizens. Amid all these threats, our Empress has called for unity…because she knows that unity will make us all stronger. Unity will enable us to prevail over any enemy. Especially the presence of Drifter battleships in the most secure…and most sacred…areas of Amarr Space cannot be allowed. This is why the Empress is attempting to bring unity and stability to New Eden.” —JedsZero

The Empress herself did not make an appearance, but CCP actors did their part standing in as Admiral Ren Karetta and Commodore Taidis Rolti of the Imperial Navy.

“Grand Admiral Sundara and Her Majesty Empress Jamyl I offer their most sincere thanks to CVA, PIE, and all other loyalists who stand in support of the Golden Fleet in service of God and Empire during these troubled times. And of course, the Imperial Armed Forces offer our most sincere congratulations to Imperial Dreams on this, their twelfth anniversary celebration.” —Ren Karetta

The Imperial Dreams delegation offered Admiral Ren Karetta a contract for 1000 golden hulled ships as a gift to the Empress during a ceremony that marked the high point of the event. When JedsZero was coming to a close with his speech, the proceedings were suddenly interrupted by a system-wide alarm. A fleet of more than 100 Drifter battleships had appeared seemingly out of nowhere and were warping in on the assembled capsuleers. OAiQbKT

An Amarr ship under concentrated fire from Drifters

I could not see who shot first, but the grid lit up with laser flares and the green fire of Drifter weapons. Soon the ominous sound of the Drifter main cannon could be heard as they obliterated ship after ship with single shots. Despite the confusion, the Amarr loyalists and Caldari supporters rallied their forces and began fighting back. When it seemed that the Drifters would overpower them, yet another contingent of Amarr loyalist capsuleers warped in and the tide of the battle turned. The judicious use of ECM and sensor dampeners proved to be effective in containing the Drifters to some extent. Despite suffering heavy losses, the defenders were eventually successful in holding the field against the Drifters who were all destroyed or routed within twenty minutes of heated battle. C74nhn7

The Amarr relief contingent warping in

Small skirmishes carried on when several players gained suspect timers for looting. In the meantime, JedsZero returned to the podium channel to conclude his interrupted speech:

“Although I believe the Drifters are the biggest threat to the Empire, they are not the only threat we face. We have all read the reports and heard the announcements made by The Imperium, and they can only be interpreted one way. They mean to remove our beloved Empress from her rightful throne, but even more importantly, it stands in the way of a Unified Amarrian Bloc. It threatens to divide us at the hour during which unity is of the utmost importance. The Drifter threat is real, it is immediate, and it will not go away… in fact, if we are to believe the most recent reports, what we have seen of the Drifters so far is only the beginning. If there ever was a time for all of us to stand united in the defense of all that is Holy…in defense of the glorious Amarr Empire…then that time is now! We need to set aside our differences, and stand together!”

This was the most direct statement against The Imperium during the whole proceedings. It was followed by the presentation of a propaganda art-piece by Vaari of Silent Infinity that showed Max Singularity as a tentacled monster. dNZhehW

Vaari’s propaganda artwork

Contrary to my expectations that they would make an appearance, the Amarr roleplayers from Deklein did not show up, but Max Singularity appeared in full cosplay regalia on TMC’s The Meta Show later the same day. He did not comment on the event itself, but he did re-iterate that Jamyl Sarum fails as a leader, and that the great houses of the Empire should, “rein in their wayward child.” Despite the fact that The Imperium has both issued a roleplaying-related challenge to the Amarr Empire and announced that they would attack Providence as soon as the sov mechanics change, the Amarr loyalists do not appear overly concerned. Kahar Dex had this to say:

Max Singularity, as an Amarrian, has been invited to attend as an observer. He has given us assurances that the Imperium that backs him will not make hostile moves against us. If this does happen, then the entire cluster can take him as a harbinger of lies. The reason for issuing an invitation to him in the first place was the need to draw closer together for dialogue, for perhaps the impending Drifter threat is a test of God to see that we as loyalists can put aside petty sectarianism, and stand behind the Empire in its time of need.”

Corebloodbrothers of Volition Cult—another Provi Bloc member—has said in an interview with EVEnews24 that the attacks by the Imperium will most likely function only as a test of the new sov system, and that he is confident the Providence residents will be able to return even if they are initially evicted from some systems. The Imperium leader The Mittani stated on The Meta Show that he does not intend to completely destroy Providence either. He does however expect the Jamyl Sarum loyalists to “bend the knee and kiss the ring of the true emperor.” Maximilian Singularity himself said that The Imperium are liberators who want to free the “brainwashed” from the influence of their false Empress. In the end, it was a nice enough way to spend an afternoon, and the event created enough new material to expand on for lore fans and roleplayers alike. Why did the Drifters attack? Where did they come from in such force without anybody noticing them? Why did the Imperial Navy not respond? Why didn’t CONCORD either? How will Amarr loyalists, the Empire, and The Imperium proceed after this? As the echoes of “Amarr Victor” cries subside, those questions will surely be on the minds of many players, and hopefully the CCP members who drive that story forward as well.  
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About the author

Tarek Raimo

Former nullsec spy (no not under that name of course) and current failure at lowsec solo PVP, Tarek spends his time not logging in to the game as much as he keeps thinking about its social and metagame nature and sharing some of those thoughts with the CZ readers.

  • Kamar Raimo

    Unfortunately the screenshots from the escort fleet did not work out. If anyone from TSOE reads this and has a nice one I will add it to the article.

  • Druik Arbosa

    This was a pretty neat about role play in Eve, cheers.

  • Samira Kernher

    A few corrections: CVA gave Ren Karetta 1000 ships, rather than 100. Also, the relief fleet was actually the CVA fleet. They had just warped out temporarily to regroup. The Imperial Navy did respond as well, although it was somewhat limited to only the present dev actor characters (so around 4-6 Navy ships).

    Other than that, it’s a great article. Thanks for writing it up. 🙂

    • Kamar Raimo

      Sorry. Fortunately my editors are much more on-the-spot and actually correct those things while I just lean back an sip from cocktails after having done my piece.

  • Juan Thang

    You used my screenshot 😀 (Fleet Warp), this makes me happy.

    • Kamar Raimo

      Glad you like it featured. I had a few with the ships warping in but nothing beats that perspective.

  • A fair and just accounting of the events at hand. A rare journalistic treat in these days of misinformation. Well done sir.

    Our assurances, our word of honor were kept, for both I and the Imperium as we recognize the Amarr people, the Amarr Institutions, and even those contributions of Imperial Dreams and CVA for the Good of the Empire. This was just cause and reason to celebrate without distraction. Congratulations.

    We ask that logic… not emotion… hear our call. Our concern is for the fate of New Eden, for our Golden Amarr Empire is the hope for all humankind. The Harbinger of Hope has not delivered that hope promised, nor is there hope of true leadership. We raise legal query to Jamyl’s legitimacy due to our second concern. We raise ethical concern for our citizenship that has become overly devout. Not all True Amarrians have been mentally effected by this extremest devout loyalty, and they too are legally questioning what is happening to our Empire.

    We are not invading Providence militarily. We would not announce a time if we were. We are asking the Capsuleer Residents to simply wake up from their imposed Sarumite slumber and take the needs of the True Amarr, the True Golden Empire first. Capsuleers are the Sixth Empire rising, and we shall follow the Drifter storm… so help us God. May the blessings be.

    • Kamar Raimo

      Then the question remains: Why did you not send a diplomatic detachment to make yourself heard on that day?

      Believe it or not, there were actual anti-Sarum activists present who publicly challenged the Empress’ legitimacy.

      You and yours could have been part of that!

      • Why should I not believe it… this is not just my voice. Many True Amarr are immune to her ‘persuasive’ powers that don’t work on us.

        But the reason to not make ourselves herd… is one of class, for the day was for Imperial Dreams.

        I gave my word, and Imperium’s assurance was honorable as good citizens of New Eden they are ‘becoming’ during this Age of Redemption. I deemed it inappropriate to soap box our wake up call.

        I find it amusing that Sarumites presented their vitriol, but then again, I can only assume she fills their weak minds with ghastly images of one-eyed giants with a floating drifter station over his head, while towering above unarmed ‘little people’ dressed in black with a black ‘cape of tentacles’ emerging from his stance while two fisting his long hard sword with his back to the valley of Providence. LOL

        I like it. I’m getting that one framed for my office.

        Yet still, inappropriate for the celebration at hand. I may hold a contraversial point of view, but Imperial Dreams deserved a modicom of class, that I afforded.

    • Kahar Dex

      The difficulty in the Amarr bloc seeing you as credible Max, is the organization you have espousing you any sort of “Pope” or “Harbinger”. If you are the Pope of Goonswarm – the very organization that launches terrorists attacks on our home system (Imperium’s BURN AMARR), it is now at this point, very much near impossible that anyone will bend the knee after that fiasco.

      You’ve said yourself I am a reasonable man. I think the test is now yours to see if you can see how my words ring true.

      • I am already credible to the Sarumites in Providence, for they are already preparing, talking, planning. I think you have the word credibility confused with validity. I seek neither validity or credibility because the wake up call is going to happen.

        Kahar. You are a Capsuleer Sir… lately your talks have the values and morals of a baseliner. Terror? This is baseliner talk of tears and whines. Those baseliners that join Capsuleer crews are gamblers. Their greed for riches make them bet their life to fly with a Capsuleer, like you and me.

        Terror? What terror? Other than the greedy gamblers no one died. The Capsuleers of Amarr and especially Providence seem to be asleep, oblivious to what is happening around them.

        Case in point… Burn Amarr. Entire fleets of freighters set on autopilot… autopilot man… transiting a well advertised in advance area of operations. Why were they surprised and cried walls of tears? Because they are asleep. They don’t read meta news reports, just going about their days in a haze. Do they even have a right to live as a Capsuleer? I wonder.

        Something other than your mind is at work. Something other than common sense is in peoples minds. Wake up Capsuleers you are living in a trance of some other making than your own. Wake up… it’s time!

        You have disparaged me puritanically by calling me the “Harbinger of Lies” when I… by your request, honored our accord. By your request, The Imperium (bless their hearts) honored their accord with me and you. We demonstrated truth and honor… and you talk down to me of credibility?

        • Kamar Raimo

          I guess what Cardinal Dex wants to say is that he has his doubts about following you, a recently self-declared leader of a young Imperium when he and his companions have served an organisation that existed long before the first Goon ever flew a rookie ship and follow a tradition and religion that is thousands of years old.

          • Your bias is showing. So much for ‘fair and just’ reporting. Too many inaccuracies and misinformation garnered from these comments have proven valuable. Your bias is clear.

          • Kamar Raimo

            I reported what I saw happening, comments are my personal opinion outside of that, which I am entitled to as an individual in a society that values free speech and open discourse.

            On a personal level it makes no difference to me whether you or the Amarr empire prevails. One autocratic and despotic regime is as bad as the other. I do have to say though, that I have yet to meet a representative of the Imperium who will guarantee me safe passage through their space. At least Kahar Dex and his compatriots have done that and acted honourably despite our differences.