After Hours Episode 9 with Apothne


In this Episode of After Hours with Rixx Javix, Rixx welcomes Apothne to the Stay Frosty Lounge for an evening of conversation about the upcoming Alliance Tournament, trombone playing, improv theater, and ongoing improvements to Eve Online. Join us for another conversation in this episode of After Hours.

After Hours Episode 9 with Apothne

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Rixx Javix

Artist, video maker, blogger, lowsec pirate and overall a pillar of the EVE community for years - Rixx Javix wears many hats (and makes them!).

  • Blaster Boat

    Another Great show, and great talk. The attention whore thing is crazy, the community needs people in these roles. Hell we need more people doing the same. There was talk of eveNT doing a stream of the first weekend of the AT with commentary. I really hope we see something like that still.

    • Apothne

      Can confirm

      • Blaster Boat

        word sir.

  • callduron

    I love the show in general and Apothne in particular but I’m going to take issue with something he said.

    Apothne said no one in the community is creating content about the AT and that’s not true. Last year there were several AT themed podcasts and Cap Stable gave it much better coverage than Apothne claims, including an interview with me. I was captain of the Brave team last year and saw it as part of my role to demystify the AT for newer players and went on 4 podcasts (Cap Stable, High Drag, Jeffraider +1). High Drag’s co-host Random McNally is an AT enthusiast who flew for the End of Life alliance last year.

    More, the entire first weekend was covered by the community. ISD provided footage of the whole thing. SirSqueebles streamed expert analysis covering both days and Elise and Laz streamed the Sunday too.

    This year most of the regular Eve podcasts covered it in depth back when the rules were announced. The Jeffraider show on the AT was outstanding.

    In addition Bei Artjay has been recording the Test public scrims and discussing the meta with some top notch AT participants like Hoodie Mafia. Search youtube for Artjay’s Proving Grounds to find them.

    • Apothne

      You’re right, I was exaggerating pretty greatly when I made that statement. I don’t really think I’m the only one doing EVE tournament coverage, that would be dumb and a lie. Compared to when I started AT commentary the coverage has exploded, with the exception of really good technical analysis which no-one really talks about because the people who know enough to do that are on teams and don’t want to spill secrets. That all said, I really wish there was more coverage and it was more at the forefront of discussion in the weeks and months of training as well as the off-season. Some of my frustration came from when I mentioned the criticism I get for not knowing enough about what I’m talking about, by people who aren’t contributing to the public discussion.

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