After Hours – Episode 4


In this episode of After Hours, I talk with Spanky Ikkala about Eve University (which is not associated with Trump University, so stop asking!), Broadcast4Reps, the lack of Rixx at Fanfest this year, and Bio Breaks. Join us for another great conversation about Eve and our community.

After Hours Episode 4

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Rixx Javix

Artist, video maker, blogger, lowsec pirate and overall a pillar of the EVE community for years - Rixx Javix wears many hats (and makes them!).

  • Jare

    Eve is an amazing escape imho. I get completely absorbed and forget about the bipolar women (yes plural) in my life and the crazy crap they do. Since I’m stuck living with one and seeing the other on a nearly daily basis, eve is a stable understandable safe place, untouched by their lack of logic and constant screaming and emotional abuse.

    • rixxjavix

      Oh man I feel for you. I have an extremely crazy ex-wife that continues to try and make my life hell. Keep the courage.