After Hours Episode 15 – With Manic Velocity


Join me in the Stay Frosty Lounge as I sit down with Manic Velocity and talk about Eve Vegas and the upcoming Ascension Expansion, Twitch Streaming, hanging out with CCP Mimic and much, much more, in this episode of the After Hours Podcast.

Be sure to check out Manic Velocity’s Twitch stream at:

Music by Barry White “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” All Rights Reserved.

After Hours Episode 15 with Manic Velocity


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  • I’m being dense, but how do I download this? I went the soundcloud site and it only seemed to have options for playing it in browser.

    • Cosmo

      Fixed. Try now (the three dots, once you opened the soundcloud page, next to the share/like). We’ve moved very temporarily to Soundcloud for this particular edition but we should be back to our own hosted solution soon enough.

    • Zerpico

      Dame boat here Cant download from soundcloud

      • Cosmo

        Solved #2. We’re back on our own hosting solution with the download link as per usual.

  • Loved the episode. AND applied to the Stay Frosty corp!

    • ALSO, you mentioned some top EVE streamers you follow. Could you post the list here?