After Hours Episode 12 – With Lenny Kravitz2


In this Special Episode of After Hours, I sit down with Lenny Kravitz2 to discuss the lowsec citadel trade network, Care4Kids, IWI, Chribba, and all your Reddit concerns.

After Hours Episode 12 – With Lenny Kravitz2


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Tags: Care 4 Kids, IWI, Lenny Kravitz2, rixx javix, trade, World War Bee

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Rixx Javix

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  • Martin Scoff

    Great show, and a great idea for the keepstar network. An engaging guest.

  • DustVet

    Is he suggesting that the network of planned citadels has now been deployed? Or just the start of that operation?

    • rixxjavix

      I believe it is just beginning to be deployed.

  • Jare


  • thrasher

    Is this an infomecial ?

  • Ocean FC

    How can he not mention NC. Yet mention all those other scrub alliances