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So, I spotted this short bullitin from CCP Sreegs this afternoon.


Dearest Internet Spaceship Pilots,

It has come to our attention recently that there are pilots in New Eden engaging in AFK Complex farming. Specific examples of this include such activities as warping into a particular room in a complex, dropping sentry drones, then going to do your laundry or perhaps watch a 24 hour Lazytown marathon. While this activity does not necessitate the use of a 3rd party program in order to carry it out you ARE generating income in an automated fashion while sleeping which is not being present playing the game. As such our automated systems will continue to detect and institute administrative actions for this activity. We do not find this to be acceptable gameplay.

All accounts which were tagged prior to this notification will be given the benefit of the doubt and a one-time “amnesty”, removing the offending marks from the account. Going forward any administrative actions will remain in place. Game Design will also be looking at changing our complex systems so that this is no longer possible in the near future.

Thank you for your time and attention,

CCP Sreegs

Go to Jita and undercut someone on the market. Within a fraction of a second someone will undercut you. Try creating an order in that sort of time and it quickly becomes apparent that there is an automated system there. Half of the local spam in Jita is auto generated from disposable characters almost definitely using some sort of continuous external program.

AFK mining has been around for an incredibly long time. In fact, as far as I am aware, most mining is done semi-AFK simply because mining is not the most engaging activity out there.

Moon mining is generating ISK mostly AFK.

PI is mostly AFK ISK generation.

So why is it that running a plex AFX is “bad”?

You are running the same plex in the same way regardless of being at the keyboard or not. You have the same (or potentially higher) likelyhood of getting ganked.

Sorry CCP Sreegs, I think you have this one wrong. That’s not to say you’re doing a bad job, but you have made the wrong call here. I think the fact you are offering some form of ‘amnesty’ against the perpetrators of this crime suggests you realise you are at least partially responsible.

This is a problem with the game design and the dev blog basically says as much. Redesign the complexes, improve the AI and fix the problem but mark players as cheating the system. To suggest as much given the other examples I have listed here is weak. There is no exploit being used here and no clear flaw in the system outside of bad game design. And please note the difference between bad game design and game design which is obviously a mistake such as the Goons / FW fiasco from a few weeks back.

There is another quote from a recent dev blog available here:

The Retriever and Mackinaw are specifically designed for autonomy purposes, as their large ore bays allow their pilot to stay inside an asteroid belt for longer without having to dock.

Mixed signals much?

Just to clarify AFK missioning has been around for a long time, this post here is from 2009!

I have myself fallen asleep while undocked and running complexes. How does this affect me? How does it affect you? Let us know in the comments below.

Fly safe (but stay awake) – Jeg


I am aware that its the fringes being targeted by Sreegs posting, but the point remains, AFK ratting has been around for a long time. If you leave a tap dripping gold then your going to attract people to collect it. Do you punish the person, or do you fix the drip? Sreegs specifically says punish the person in the meanwhile and we will get round to the drip at some point. Its worth remembering that not everyone reads the news and dev blogs though!

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