A Higher Class of Gentleman


It has been a bit of a hectic time with our corp as of late. Our old alliance Cascade Imminent (FAIL) decided to cascade (yeah, you think we might have seen that coming) and we have been in a limbo the last week trying to find a new home that ticks the boxes for us as a corp. Bundle that with Xander being called to an oil rig for the last few weeks and it meant that there was a distinct lack of updates. However today that changes.


Historically Zebra Corp has followed the fights, being involved in most of the major wars in New Eden in the last few years. At our core is a very PvP oriented group of people who in recent alliances have been promised many things. For the most part at least we have seen some ‘gud fights’ but life in the SoCo has not been without its drawbacks. Generally morale is low and as we have discussed in our previous episodes, AAA don’t treat their allies with the level of respect we would have hoped for. It is with that in mind that we look forward.

We as a corp, and indeed Xander and I, have been offered many opportunities to move to various areas of space with various alliances and corporations. Thanks for all the interest, it has been massively appreciated. In the end though we were been won over by Kesper North’s Gentlemen’s Agreement (GENTS). As part of the CFC they are heavily involved in all the major wars and skirmishes in null sec, they are a Tech moon holding alliance and they have made promises to help Zebra Corp grow in ways that we have been trying to achieve in previous alliances. Their primary focus is similar to ours and they have the means to allow our membership to support themselves financially as well as on the frontlines both in terms of logistics and personnel development.

On to the drawbacks, if you can call them that. Since we started this podcast we have been aligned very much against the CFC. While our attitudes towards them have generally been appreciative of the content that the various alliances create, we have generally struggled with the mentality of the ‘average Goon’. I don’t expect that to change, but obviously our reporting from here on in will be from the other side of the fence. Hopefully however that should mean that we can generate more interesting content in the form of guests since, based on past experiences, the SoCo membership tends to be more reclusive (with the obvious exception to Rundle Allnighter), and far less open to debate – “You don’t talk back to AAA”.

The decision was not a simple one, we had old friends and allies calling for us to fly with them. Indeed there was even whisper of a move to AAA that was being heavily considered given our previous ties with them. Personally, I was pretty sold on the move to Gents, as was Xander, but that was far from a decision maker. A lot of the corp members had reservations on moving to a coalition that we had been effectively at war with for over a year. Our leadership and membership discussed the pros and cons of Gents policy at length, and really struggled with some of the differences in how things work in the north compared to the south. In the end it was down to a lot of work over the week on the part of our diplos and Gents members Helios and Zakn that made this happen, so a massive thanks to them for the work they put in. I know our CEO is old and sometimes a bit slow, but generally he is a good guy, so thanks for sticking with it! (We still love you Zeb!)

So once again, we fly to a new home, a new fight and new friends. To those we leave behind, fly safe, and see you on the battlefields.

Jeg o/

Oh, and as a side note. Zebra Corp is recruiting! Check out the in game channel ZC Pub for details.

About the author

Jeg Elsker

Jeg Elsker is the brains behind the Crossing Zebras team. While Xander may come up with all the fanciful ideas, Jeg was the dude with the technical ability to create the Crossing Zebras site and all the technical infrastructure required to go with it. On top of this, he somehow manages to temper Xander’s enthusiasm on the podcast with some tempered reason and sense