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It’s time for the debut column from the head of RvB and CSM8 delegate, Mangala Solaris! Make sure and give him a warm welcome as he takes us through some FCing essentials

Picture the following scene…

Joe “I need a lot of ISK to PvP” Missioner is PvEing in Osmon while on his other screen he just happens to be reading an excellent piece about lowsec that he found on the CCP Certified Crossing Zebras blog.

“Mmhh, FW lowsec doesn’t sound so scary. It sounds awesome!” Joe thinks to himself. “Maybe I ought to take a trip out there, I can afford a cruiser or two because of all those chumps buying my Nestors”

A couple of Joe’s corpmates log on, he tells them about the article and they read it too, sharing his enthusiasm. Joe, being a bit of a leader (he knows all the best mission strategies!), forms a fleet, gets those corpies to join it and off they go on a lowsec adventure.

Inside of five jumps they are all dead having traded killmails with some locals, and they retreat back to high sec with Joe wondering if he is cut out for leading at all due to being a nervous, frayed wreck, despite his fleet being enthused over getting a couple of kills.


To the Joe’s of high sec, I say you are all capable of leading – you just need a few basic tips to get you started. Some of these are pretty common sense, but you would not believe how many times I managed to overlook them in the early days of my FCing career (and still to this day on occasion).

1. Stay calm and confident at all times. There is NEVER a need to rage at your pilots or question yourself out loud, regardless of how bad a situation looks.  You want people to have confidence in you, to believe you can keep it together whatever the situation.

2. Understand that ships will be lost, people will bitch about it and you will be blamed. Go out on fleets with the thought that you’ll all die, so that when good things happen, you can keep yourself and your pilots motivated.  Don’t take losses personally and dont let whiners get to you.

3. INTEL INTEL INTEL. Know who or what you could face in a given area. Dotlan is a great tool for this. Understand how certain mechanics work such as FW plexes or gate guns and how those mechanics will affect your group when in your target area.

4. Make snappy decisions. Situations change too quickly in Eve to do otherwise. Never leave silence on comms while making decisions either.

5. Start cheap. T1 hulls are fine, and with the past couple of years of rebalancing work, have incredible utility.  Do not jump into T2 hulls unless you and your group really knows what they are doing.

6. Don’t be afraid to take risks. People would often rather have a reasonably :gudfite: than sit docked for hours. Even if you all die horribly, you (and hopefully they) will have learned something from the encounter you can carry forward to the next fleet.

7. Solo PvP. Do stuff by yourself and get used to knowing your own strengths and weakness. Learn from every loss and every victory. If someone fucks you over in a gang or solo, convo/mail them and if they are normal you may get some advice you can then use in a group situation.  However you do it, gain experience.

8. ‘JUMP’ IS A STUPID WORD AND WILL CAUSE YOU TO RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE AT HOW DUMB SOME PEOPLE CAN BE. Live with it. They’ll eventually learn the hardway. One misjump is forgivable, two is asking to be popped by the camp on the other side while the fleet goes somewhere else. It is a great way to get some intel on enemies though!

9. Link this repeatedly in fleet (related to point 8):


10. Speak clearly at all times. Follow this up with broadcasts. When calling targets, be clear on ship type and player name. Repeat if necessary. Repetition can be annoying but it makes up for comms lag when using any voice tool.

And we’re back to Joe.

He went out again after looking closely at Faction Warfare and general aggression mechanics. He took out a fleet with a few friends all willing to fly with him. This time he was more confident and sure of what they could or could not take on. They scored many kills, even finding some Clone rats and looting a few tags to help repair their security status hits.

His corpmates are already talking about joining FW with Joe there to lead them to victory.
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Mangala Solaris

Mangala Solaris has been playing EVE since 2006. In his time in EVE, he have been a missioner, a miner, a scammer, a trader & even a null bear, however over the past 4 years or so Mangala has been heavily involved in Red Versus Blue, and more recently has become one the key figures in the NPSI communities of EVE. Somehow in addition to all of this, he finds time to represent the players as a member of CSM 9.