Project Prometheus: Revealing the Secrets of Thera

This month, capsuleers of the New Eden cluster witnessed a star go supernova, traversed wormholes to strange ‘shattered’ systems, and discovered the Sisters of Eve colony in Thera, a system ravaged by a solar event that destroyed many of its planets and stations. The headlines and news channels have been filled with drama and intrigue about these events, but the players of Eve Online have been left with few solid answers as to what, where, when, and why these things took place. The Arek’Jaalan channel is a place where players of diverse backgrounds come together to share and discuss topics about wormhole space (called Anoikis by those who study it). The events with Thera and Caroline’s star revitalized that community, and last week I announced the beginning of Project Prometheus within Arek’Jaalan. Its purpose is to investigate the circumstances around the Thera colony’s destruction, the appearance of the shattered wormhole systems, and other anomalous events that have taken place in the past several weeks. The end result should be a credible theory as to the cause to these happenings which also fits in the lore and backstory of the game, with information known to us as capsuleers. This past Sunday, the Arek’Jaalan held a special conference inside the Multidisciplinary Division for Project Prometheus. The preliminary findings from the conference are here. I won’t go through the items of the list right now, but there are a number of interesting theories that intertwine and come together to form a cogent hypothesis as to why New Eden is being rocked by these events, and what it means for our future as capsuleers. First, we must begin by outlining some facts. The Thera system has been colonized for several years. Stations of the size and quantity as used by the Sisters of Eve in Thera take a number of years to construct, even with extremely generous amounts of funding. As these stations were constructed covertly, it is even more unlikely that they were built in any kind of quick timeframe. The population required to man these stations also speaks to an incredible level of logistical effort, not to mention the amount of colonists that may have populated the Thera system’s planets before its central star detonated. Next, the wreckage of the Matyrhan Lakat-Hro, a Hel-class supercarrier and flagship of the Lakat-Hro Grand Caravan, at the ruins of the Thera Command Station. This indicates that the Caravan was present inside the Thera system, and was operating alongside the SOE as equals That ship being at the Command station points to a level of partnership and deference between the Thukkers and Sisters. Furthermore, the Lakat-Hro Caravan was present at one of the sites where stellar main-sequence events occurred during the Seyllin Catastrophe of YC111. ( Ed.: Five years ago when the Apocrypha expansion of Eve was released). During this event, nine stars detonated and destroyed the inner planet of each system, causing massive damage, and allegedly causing the destruction of the Lakat-Hro. A0TrYii Now, finding remnants of this Caravan in Thera after the star’s detonation this past few weeks, a new theory may be advanced: the Caravan may have travelled to Thera using wormholes which appeared in the immediate wake of the main sequence event in the Great Wildlands system SL-YBS. After finding Thera, the Thukkers began to settle down, and sought ways to set up a stable logistical supply line to this resource- and planet-rich location. The Sisters of Eve, with their vast experience in exploration and research of the Eve Gate, seem to have been enlisted to support this effort. Using data collected from the Zephyr-class frigates given to capsuleers in the wake of Seyllin, the SOE built a knowledge of wormhole mechanics and Sleeper technology and likely used this to facilitate their construction of the Thera colony, alongside the Thukkers. Finally, consider the detonation of Caroline’s Star, and its resulting supernova remnant, calculated by both Caroline Grace and myself to be several light-years across, using relative angular diameters of known celestial objects and the cloud. CONCORD has determined Caroline’s Star to be within W477-P, and the supernova remnant is large enough to engulf several adjacent star systems. As of the time of this writing, the star within the W477-N system is no longer visible to telescopes or other visible light spectrum sensors, leaving the possibility of a black hole, or the unusual possibility of 100% of the core of the star being ejected into space which would not be an expected outcome in any known stellar evolutionary path. The supernova of Caroline’s star is likely an artificially triggered phenomenon. The stellar fragments of the explosion had a peak velocity of around 100-1000 times the speed of light during the formation of the supernova remnant, which indicates the possibility of a ‘warp ripple’, or moving contraction in spacetime, that allowed the fragments to have a relative velocity which bypassed the laws of physics. Several scientists present at the Project Prometheus conference suggested that Isogen 5 may have been detonated inside the star to disrupt the fabric of spacetime and allow for the formation of wormholes into Thera and the Shattered wormhole systems. It is possible that one of the entities involved with wormhole space – the Sleepers, Talocan, Sansha, possibly even the Sisters or Thukker – may have accidentally or purposefully triggered the stellar explosion, thereby opening up access to these dozens of systems and enabling capsuleers to investigate or infiltrate this territory. This hypothesis, above all others, is the most speculative, and is the currently the subject of much debate and continued discussion. Regardless, Project Prometheus and the Arek’Jaalan program at large is actively recruiting volunteers and continues to collect any interesting information regarding these events. If you wish to support or participate, contact myself, Julianus Soter, or join the Arek’Jaalan chat channel to learn more.
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